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  1. idk why they made ranger skill melee !!! ranger isnt a walker like bd... its a runner!!! omg
  2. bow kick can be used with xbow? and how it works exactly?
  3. i am hunting pteriks everyday for long hours i always drop bars def essences ... but today i hunted and i got belt lv24 in my 1st kills however i didnt get anything els no bars no def nothing for all the day hunting and my party always drom bars def... i dont know what's the problem it sems i am banned to drop or somthing like that mybe bcs i am hunting since update and i hunt too much so i want to know if its bug or there is a limite times for kill the boss pteriks pls reply me
  4. mcs all of them op in 1vs1 but in elf side only bd ,druid and priest can go 1vs1 others so easy to kill idk when will this gm do somthing for the rangers
  5. Devs pls do somthing to dgs if u make bosses make hight dmg reduce dodge and critic state ,i am a ranger lv26 +8 i can do dg but the boss dodge alot and hv hight dmg: 500 normal dmg+ skill dmg +hight critic +hight dodge, boss can make 2k dmg and can dodge 6successive times ,and to kill boss i hv to use 3-4pot hp while 1set pot hp 2-3k and stam 6-7kpc and very low drop rate and after all this u get 1drop after spending 100k then that drop worth 50k...i just ask to reduce boss dodge and critic state so we can kill boss atleast with 1pot hp max
  6. Who hv tried up bitterness new ranger skill to 3/4? I need ur help to know if skill at 3/4 can evade some hits and how it evade like rogue skill or increase dodge?
  7. Over 30-50player near flag cant stop hassn with his 1k dmg rogue he super fast 1-3k dmg every 5sec and with other 3rogues u think its possible to stop them
  8. All know how mcs winning war in Eu-ermerald.so i am here like all elves to ask gm to ban using ls in wars or do somthing bcs this is so noob thing that gm making war to win money from somone who buy 2-3k pc life scroll from him and his guild mates and 4guys take 3flags alone easly and they hv so op net they never had a lag so they can hit flag easly and destroy it in 10-20min each flag. I am asking this gm to tell me if we hv to give them money to enjoy playing or leave this event bcs most of us are not mcoins users and let this 4-5guys wining war.do somthing and change this duck war rules or make new map for war and ban using ls in war or pls delate war event
  9. I am sure u r mc . and i just want to ask u when did mc win any war without hassn ? When hassn dont go war u lose war easly or u just try to make draw so just close ur mouth we all know hassn and his dogs spam ls and take the flags and mcs just defanding and blocking caves and log with elf chars to know our plan and use all shit things to win.duck hassn and the war ...
  10. Elf are overpopulated but not in war however mcs in war are overpopulated and elfs just afk bcs they know its useless to go war when 3-5ppl spam ls and u dont hv skill like warlook skill to stop them and mcs defanders much more than elf in attack,if we go to legion we hv to fight 20-50mcs before u reach legion then u find warlook cercles if u lucky u can hit flag however hassn dont need to do all this he just stay near flag with his members and spam . today all elf afk bcs none want waste his time so mc won 3-0 easly and i think as many elfs i wont go war again better spam dg
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