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  1. Julie mercs skill ofc .. I never take my bd to guild 7+ and i rarely signal with counter as most bds do, i only got time for pvp bc honestly dgs are boring and the items are outdated, time is money and i use my money on my time on the game dont get chippy
  2. And also im everything youll never be so take it as it is
  3. Who are you to criticize anybody your not good at anything in this game besides running that trap you call a
  4. Shaddaap julie before i 3 hit ur noob bd

    Weekly Rating

    This weekly pvp rating update has affected my typing on game so bad that it has delays up to 5-10 mins after i wrote it, chat on the game is messed up i tried other chat and typing methods from my phone, all seem to work fine but in warspear ill type stuff and cant even see what im typing. Or ill type something and not all of it is sent then ill write something 2 minutes later and it finally shows up fix this please
  6. Bone wing is an add on from previous event the only costume worth looking at is rag king and thats pushing it, owl is just a bird costume.. And the instruments look like crap as well, and the fact they postponed the arena season back from what i heard is absurd, having to wait longer for an award bc of this event is delusional and plus theres nothing good from drops just in terms of accesories weps or armor, all of this is the same we already have it
  7. add 22 cc items add level 9-10 guild better tournament awards and abolish this spring event. But i do like the little pvp area if you can somehow place something like that on islenort id be fine with just that, and yeah this event is horrible man with no name.. If you took a poll youd see an overwhelming dislike of this event drops suck items suck skins ugly. rant done

    new ideas?

    Uhmm could we possibly get level 9-10 guild or have new cc items possibly level 22 or add costumes and new coffers for guild tournaments, maybe update nadir dungeon also... Instead of making horrible spring events

    Im an idiot.

    That sucks man hope everything works out
  10. VOOONZ

    Be a MERC!

    Some have to work harder than others i get that but dont frown upon people that actually fuel game
  11. VOOONZ

    Be a MERC!

    Pfft and buy chests from events and sell costumes from the mcoins i sold em yeah i see ur hustle and i could easily do spam dgs all day but id perfer not to, rather use my time doing other things
  12. VOOONZ

    Be a MERC!

    What an utterly false statement, could've sworn i sold mcoins to myouren and swaga:P
  13. Level 20 arena i go random half the time and win 98% of the time.. Only use lose pt for gp for guild not see problem there
  14. Hehe its not my druid but just saying hah winning all arena items will have over 600 magic att without guild skill
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