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  1. no no , dont tag other mod, tell him to write emaio to support like u tell people when they report cheaters
  2. Or... 40min to afk and 5min to fix it, cos b4 pandemic devs were slow with bug fix or installing events too... Events 6-8h Fix upto 1h
  3. Everything is allowed till devs get money from game, when they start losing players. They will notice cheats n bugs, until then, they dont care
  4. Will sound nonsense. But some forums u dont need to create account to say whats on ur mind, here if u create acc u become brainwashed n agree to rules
  5. I understand, its like china, u cant say negative stuff here, u can read for urself n dont say anything at all
  6. Jesus, devs have entire moderator team and they dont have imagination? You guys out of ideas or what
  7. Nah. I get only when i buy mcoins so idk how u get. Maybe people get different
  8. Buy mcoins and ur chance will increase automaticaly, 5k coins = 4-5drops/week
  9. So better lose weekly ranking while losing last 2weeks to people who shared their accounts, than use parallel n keep spamming legit
  10. Use parallel app to login ur banned acc or other device
  11. Now wait till morning for unban, we gonn lose rank:(
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