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  1. Dk has all op skills and u want to add another op skill? Its too much favor for mcs
  2. Really gm? Try to balance the skill dk got increase dmg + def pala only increase def? Shaman increase heal? Wtf shaman already got op totem of heal..next time try to balance
  3. But devs pls dont forget with pala's skill..'sacred shield'we ask many times to fix it
  4. maybe i should say goodbye to the game for now ..i play again if my keyboard work again ...i really love this game but i have no choice
  5. i still cant chat...maybe i quit playing if my keyboard still wont work
  6. Device: Android 2.3.6 MODEL=GT-S5360 PRODUCT=GT-S5360 DEVICE=GT-S5360 Game version: 5.7.0
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