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  1. Ok, I have been using this skill for almost a half year now. I just have to say that in some cases, like when playing solo, it's so useless. It healed me with around 250-300 (dependent on your magical power), but the cooldown is low. If you are in a "party", It will heal all people that are close to you. With that being said, therefore is the skill good to use when you are in a group/party.. Also the skill description does also say that it gives some energy points, but I haven't noticed that... But it might have given me without me knowing o.o To make this s
  2. They buffed it . Worth buying? Or?
  3. True tho. With all those relics, even mages which was bad at pvp can finally become pro. Relics will be a huge change. And maybe the funniest also.
  4. True. The game focus alot in pvp, but thats the funniest part of the game. Pve and dgs n stuff is just boring.
  5. Yeah true. Forgot that. Btw does a new skill slot unlock at update? Like lvl 30? Or do I have to replace the new skill with an old?
  6. I got an idea. To unlock a skill slot costs 399 mcoins. What about those non-mcoin users. They should get a chance to unlock slots too. Like you can make an item like pocket/bag that is tradeable and can for example cost 100k or 200k at NPC! Let it be fair. Mcoin=time only.
  7. Well ehm.. counter will be nerfed. So I think locks finally can beat bd.
  9. Druids is fantastic and good with so many and lont stuns! Plus druids getting a new healing skill / shield which could be useful in pvp and pve! And of course druid is best in pve with the Aoe stun and link that can heal 4k in 2 sec at 4/4.
  10. Why can't I pay with play store? What happend? Do it get back? Could it be something with that I installed the apk from Warspear sites?
  11. So if arena axes is all u have. I think u got to spend some earned cash as someone mentioned.
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