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[2020.03.27] Contest "Mystery of Wisdom". Results

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Dear friends!


We're very pleased to announce the winners of the Contest "Mystery of Wisdom" 2020. Your never-ending kindness and willingness to help others by sharing your knowledge is simply priceless! We wish you are able to embrace these qualities and join the current battle we're facing around the world by staying safe at home and helping your community!  


Am I looking at some of our future Magisters of the School of Magic just blossoming?! Ah, what a bright future awaits us!  - We're proud to announce the “Most Noteworthy Publications” from our long list of prestigious International Scholars:


1st place: “Ayvondil T5 Guide and Useful Information” by Ichigo - For the topic originality and universal usefulness, as well as perfect guidelines, the participant receives 10.000 Miracle coins and 1 non-class book of your choosing


2nd place: “Seeker Guide 8.3” by Zurpi - The flawless content presentation, user-friendly design, and content expertise, gives the participant 8.000 Miracle coins and 50 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs”.


3rd place: “Journey how to become a PRO PvE barbarian” by Wrathodead -  For the friendly guide structure, detailed statistics, unique formulas, and data volume, the participant receives 7.000 Miracle coins and 40 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs”


4th place: “DeathKnight - From Zero to Hero!” by Higgings - For the tidy construction and eloquent writing, as well as expert knowledge added value, the participant receives 6.000 Miracle coins and 30 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs”


5th place: “Thunder Guide” by Zeus - For the excellent visuals, content uniqueness and various ways of accessibility, the participant receives 5.000 Miracle coins and 20 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs”


In addition, each non-winner participant will receive 10 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs” as Incentive prize. Prizes will be deposited next week!


We thank every participant on behalf of the citizens of Arinar for the extraordinary dedication and time spent into creating such magnificent and useful guides. Your content will surely be useful for others, independent on winning the competition.


And remember, Arinar has a whole new world of fun activities to entertain you during this period of quarantine! :smile:


We're in this together,


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13 minutes ago, Akasha said:

In addition, each non-winner participant will receive “Caches of the School of Magic” as Incentive prize. Prizes will be deposited next week!

 can we have the knowledge of how many Caches of the School of Magic the losers gonna get?

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Yeeey thank you!


The aim of my topic was to give new players a little look to the class they're approaching to. Aside the topic, I believe to have perfectly reached my aim and I'm glad that many liked it, despite the little time had.


I bid my sincere congratulations to every winner! Use your rewards well! 


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Some of you have asked me in private, so I'm going to quote it again, just to make sure everyone reads:

20 hours ago, Akasha said:

Prizes will be deposited next week!

I'm not officially working right now, so you can expect your prize on Monday or Tuesday, but If something goes wrong, it should be anytime between 30.03.2020 and 04.04.2020 (I'm not depositing them myself, that's why). If you forgot to write your nickname and server, send it to me in private or anywhere else.


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On 3/30/2020 at 9:14 PM, Akasha said:

We decided to send 10 “Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs” as Incentive prize to everyone, instead of Caches. I hope you don't mind 😇

if i didnt read it here i would have never notice! haha! thanks that was nice😅

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