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  1. So if you take 10k dmg through your defs during dd buff, it will hit you for 4x 2k damage after it ends? No matter how much def or dmg reduction you have. Sorry if im being repetitive, but I want to make sure i understand how the skill actually works in practice before making any uninformed comments about it.
  2. Can you explain thjs scenario to me? I'm curious how it works but can't really test it myself since i don't have a reaper. You're a reaper with delayed death active, lets say you have heavy mm/resi gears/good defs, and a bd walks upto you and does the 10k dmg. So with DD you take 2k damage. Now, when the DoT effect starts, how much does it hit you for? Does it do 2k per tick without your defensive stats lowering it? Or 2k which then gets lowered by those defs? It's not the strongest skill, but every class has some non meta skills. Thats still a useful thing to have for mass fights
  3. The skill doesn't say it's a 25% heal, it is a 25% increase to max hp which in practice also works as an indirect heal. Every % based hp increase skill/buff works this way. The ability, even if it is through a talent, to get rid of the DoT effect is insanely powerful by itself. The skill is very tanky with that. Also, for example, let's say a bd does 10k worth of damage to you while you're under the dd buff, which would be turned to 2k dmg by that buff. Does the DoT effect then roll 4x 2k dmg (this being the 8k reduced by the skill), or does this DoT effect roll through your defensive stats again? If the DoT itself is reduced by your resi/heavy mm/def etc, the skill effectively turns into a passive dmg reduction even without the talent, since the dmg you are taking gets reduced by your defensive stats twice. If this is how it works the skill is extremely powerful even without the talent. I'm not 100% sure if this is how it works. Does the DoT effect instead actually roll the 4x 2k as raw damage that isn't affected by your defensive stats? If you're able to clarify this it would be appreciated. This skill is AoE though, making it very effective in group fights, even with delayed death active. It's essentially an improved, guaranteed version of bds counter for mass fights. That's hardly useless.
  4. Weird take. The update boosts the profitability of dungeons no matter the level, while also providing multiple chances a week to do said dungeons freely. Not to mention all these events that f2p players can take part in.
  5. Update looks great; I can't wait for the arena changes. Hopefully, it will finally start breaking the monotonous w/l style arena spams. However, is mythical sea tramps lair not dropping lvl 32 accessories correct? Seems weirdly inconsistent considering everything else in t5 can drop lvl 32 ones.
  6. Sure the range on druids tornado is a big benefit, very hard to get through it. But dks stun zone has benefits too, like the fact that lt moves, while druids is stationary.
  7. I agree, theres no real problem with how the skill works in smaller groups. Just would be nice to have some limitations to it so you can't just sit there and tank 50 ppl if the situation asks for it.
  8. Dks periodic stun skill has the same radius no?
  9. Being tanky is fine, Dks are extremely tanky also, but it isn't a problem because they are killable. A dk/warden can live a few ppl for a while, but they can't run into a town during something like m2 war and tank the entirety of the opposing side. Barbs 8 second window isn't about just being tanky, it's about them becoming literally impossible to kill, no matter how many people are hitting them.
  10. Having a skill that allows one person to tank the entire server if they so choose is dumb, no matter which side it is on.
  11. I don't understand why this always comes up about raids. They're meant to be competitive content, and the vast majority of non class books already come from places that everyone can access. Not to mention raid books aren't even that big of a deal. Theres exactly 2 books from those that set you apart from everyone else and those are octo and orcinus ones. Those books by themselves are a problem, and they should be nerfed simply because they're just way way too large of an advantage from a single item. Auctioning them off to people who pay the most isn't going to fix the core issue those books have. Rest of the books that come from raids really aren't that big of a deal. Like you can't seriously say that someone having 10% more def(which at +10 translates to like 2% dmg reduction) or 10% more crit dmg in PvE is somehow the reason people who don't have access to those can't compete in arena. This is simply just wanting to remove basically the only thing in the game you can't have access to free of competition. It's dumb, why does every piece of content need a participation trophy? Especially when those books genuinely aren't even close to the most impactful ones (apart from octo and orci which, once again, are a problem by themselves and should be heavily reworked). Turning the last somewhat relevant competitive content into another afk/half afk world event is ridiculous. Theres already like 10 different things like that. Also this "selling those books in the black market" - thing is just complete nonsense.
  12. Crit book being available again is nice. Miss chaos gvg
  13. This was cool to read. Reminds me of that comic app that used to exist for some lore.
  14. Yea, exactly. That's the exact thing that separates cloth users from tanks. You're not suppoed to be one. When you put these % of dmg reduction on a class meant to do that, they're massive. In other words, the issue isn't withing the skills itself, just that you're trying to get perks for locks that contradict the classes design. Reading that was like a bad poem, idk what you're trying to say. But I didn't say locks damage reduction is op, just that comparatively the dmg reduction skills the class has are pretty strong. Also, bracelets affected every magic user, not just warlocks. Maybe the issue once again isn't in the class itself, but rather the core design philosophy of the game shifting a little. Clearly the developers felt magic damage and control effects being lowered as something that was necessary. If thats the case, then buffing one class over every other affected would be weird at best.
  15. It's not like locks don't already have lots of defensive skills, they're extremely tanky for a cloth class. Tankier than most of them. Having to exchange some of their offensive capabilities for defensive ones, like locks 3rd brsnch, is normal. Most classes have this option. Why should it come for free for locks? Locks already have so much damage reduction, if you add even more you'll soon turn a cloth user into a tank class. Locks can already reach warden forti levels of damage reduction (Fortification is 30% at 4/4, locks get 20% passive from power of relaxation talent, and 12,5% at max from draining life skill) and get passive heals. How is that not enough survivability for an offensive cloth user?
  16. Give locks a talent that gives them a 6 sec resist, but forces them to use circle/silence zone only on top of their own character.
  17. I said single target for a reason. Also resisting and jumping in isn't that viable. Resist is only 6 secs, barely enough time to get another jump ready. And even if you do manage that, you still have to go close, locks don't. They can just use their stuns from miles away without ever having to step into the fight. Hence having far less need for defensive capabilities, they are supposed to be at their weakest when caught. I didn't complain about rogues. I was saying they aren't as bad as everyone kept saying while using clips of being deleted to back that up. Theres a pretty clear difference between saying something isn't bad and saying something is overpowered.
  18. There really isn't some high chance. Not missing circles, or any other "on the floor" - type aoe is not that difficult. Never has been, never will be. You shouldn't be comparing locks dmg to dedicated damagers. Bds, seekeers, rogues, reapers and whatever else are in a comoletely different category. A cc focused class using them as a comparison point for their damage is just simply looking at it wrong. Compared to their closest counterpart, mage, locks do far more single target damage. Also, once more, doesn't sound like its an issue of not having defensive utility. It's you choosing to not sacrifice any offensive capabilities to use it. The tools are there, you're just not using them. You think defensive skills like mages barrier or sun armor come free with no skill points used? You have heals instead of skills like a dodge buff? And once again, there is a passive dmg reduction available, but according to your own words, you're just choosing to not use it. A mage can't be played from a safe range though, what are you talking about? Their single target dmg isn't that great, and even to do that to an effective level, you need to get within melee range to use your skills. These defensive buffs are required when your range is taken away. If warlocks could only cast circle and silence zone underneath themselves, would agree that they need a def buff aswell. It's only "over' against damagers that resist. Same goes for basically every caster, if your stuns are resisted at a bad time by a high damage class, you just die. This isn't a lock specific thing. Besides, you have a passive dmg reduction in the form of a talent, that can't be cancelled by resists. On top of having a panic button in stone. Even if such a defensive skill would be added, it would require an investment of skill points. Which would cause you to lose out in offensive capabilities. And judging from what I've read from other people in this thread, having to sacrifice any skill points or offensive utility to use your defensive tools is a big nono. So I guess you want locks to get yet another defensive utility buff, but it has to be completely free of skill points/changing any offensive utility? Crazy.
  19. Thats true, they don't have a skill like mages sun armor. But in my opinion they honestly don't need it. The impact the class can have in fights of any size (except like 1v1/2v2s where it isn't the best) is massive. A class with such high impact, that can be applied from a safe range, shouldn't also be a tank.
  20. Oh come on, if you genuinely cant aim a 3x3 stun with a talent that even gives you a chance to extend that range, thats a issue on the players part, not the class. It really isn't that difficult. And yea it isn't the same thing, but both points of view are equally as important. If you only ever asked the users of one class if its balanced they would always just ask for it to be buffed. Both perspectives are required. You have passive dmg reduction from power of relaxation talent, that doesn't count as defensive? Also skills that boost your heals, and stone? You're exaggerating alot. You have a class that can become the highest single target magic damager, or a class with best crowd control in the game. You think just because you cant have both at the same time it makes the class weak? That's crazy, you're not supposed to have everything at once. You talk like no other class relys on their stuns and debuffs to be viable, like it's just a warlock problem. Templars, druids, priests, palas, reapers, rogues, hunters, charmers etc etc all suffer from people having high resist. This isn't some class specific thing. Locks just happen to be the only class that has actual tools to counter it.
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