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  1. Bring back the possibility of your target going negative mana when using skills during word. Thats about it.
  2. Distort of life is still a strong book though. Worth easily 10m in my eyes atleast. Only thing that was removed was immortality whenever you were stunned. It's still a great utility that gives the user anything from 1-5k extra hp per fight(depending on luck and class). Hardly bad for one skill slot, especially when the comparison point is books like 4% accu, 3% pene or 6% ls.
  3. Idk, reflex gives a dps boost and a dodge boost to a class that already has guaranteed dodges, while reserves is immortality and a 2nd life for an already tanky class. Idk if 40% auto attack for a class that has no way to catch half the classes is THAT strong in comparison. I mean, in practice it translates to doing 150-200 dmg more than rangers per hit, but without the range or blessing. However some form of mana cost could be kind of fun. Or making it an active skill that can be removed by dispelling relics for example.
  4. In gvgs, wars, or anything 5v5 and above in numbers locks are insanely strong. Constant aoe silence and stun. Only fair that they lack a bit in 2v2s 3v3s imo. And even then a skilled lock can make a huge difference in those too
  5. I mean, i have 55 resi and +10 mdef, while theyre basically 0 pene
  6. Bro, that is with +10 arena weps. The damage isnt that much though. Yea bds single hit dmg is the highest in the game, but thats about it. Rangers do maybe 150 less dmg, but have blessing that can double their hits, and can do it from far away. Rogues do about same as rangers, maybe a bit less, but with stealth and max speed.
  7. You're literally just lying. This is with 4/4 pob and +10. Also got 10 books. Also keep in mind this is with no buffs, since mutual buffing usually results in net negative for damage. You've just been killed by people who heavily outgear you 460036019_Screen_Recording_20211017-084103_WarspearOnline_1.mp4
  8. Idk about competition changing, people still fight for engi books even though they are relatively useless. It's much better to be changed now, when servers have between 3-8 books, than when theres 15-20 or more of them. It's just a gigantic F#@$ you to everyone. People learn to play their class, spend thousands of dollars and countless hours getting books awards and everything, then theres just this 1 item that says "nope, none of that is relevant anymore". Literally, even if it was cut down to being 10% from all control effects, it would still be a good book. Most books are nowhere near that versatile or strong even then. Theres what. 3% pene, or 4% accu, or 7% speed etc. Idk what would be the best way to change it, but saying it having counterplay would ruin the book is a weird thing to say in a game where most arena fights etc are based on exactly that, knowing your opponent and outplaying them in one way or another
  9. Im sorry, but no bladedancer with this book would struggle against a barb. And only way a barb would struggle against a druid is he was using some low dmg build. Ofc if you put it on a trash arena class it wont do much. Using it on a barb or warden is just stupid, that doesn't mean anything. Ofc a warden wont kill a healer. We have 2 of them at elf. One on a ranger and one on a bd. They dominate, everyone. No matter what class, they will always win 85-90% of the fights. Because of 1 item. Only ones they go 5050 against are each other, or the other people with the book. Besides 1v1s are irrelevant. Arenas the real problem. If you put a team, with 1 or 2 of those books, in any mode. 2v2, 3v3, seals, 5v5, crucible, they will win the other team almost always, even if otherwise equally geared. Especially whrn buffs are involved. Having a shaman/druid or pala in ur team, with castles resist scroll, buffs the % to like 65-70%. Thats 10 second stuns, being 3 seconds long. 5 sec relics being 1,5 seconds. Its just nuts. And yea, idk if 4 is the best option. But it needs a major nerf.
  10. I don't understand how rarity is the biggest point. Elm books, engi books are rare, the drop rates cant be that far apart. Same with orcinus. You say that its rare, people paid alot for it, etc. What if we flip that. You put 2 ppl, both fully awarded, fully amped, fully booked. Both people have spent thousands of $ on their chars. Then one of them drops this book. It goes from a 5050 matchup, to literally like 90-10. Completely disregarding the other players spent money and time, with one singular item. You could cut the book in half, and it would still make it like 75-25 matchup. It's absurd compared to anything in this game
  11. It would still mean that on average every debuff is cut by 25%. Which is still insanely strong, and in eu atleast, that book would still fetch anything from 30-50m if sold.
  12. You can't fight the book without having it. And when your one suggestion is to make it a 50% chance to ignore stuns, to NERF it. Let me say that again, a suggestion of a NERFED version of the book, is flat out 50% resist. Equal to 12,5 normal resist books. Doesn't that itself speak volumes about how absurd the book is. And once again, only reason it is that expensive is cause its broken. Same way when ppl made loads of bds cause counter, or ppl paid 15m+ for distort. The unbalance makes the price
  13. Being expensive isnt a justification for something that has 0 counter play. Thats the definition of overpowered. Orcinus book is its counter part, also expensive, but is nowhere near as impactful. Having a single item that makes any form of counter play impossible is just poor design. And about your 4th point, you literally say yourself it has NO COUNTER. Having some way to counter it is just logical. Only reason it is that absurdly expensive, is that its so obviously game breaking.
  14. This thing. With the upcoming skill balances, theres been alot of discussion about skills, but not so much about passive skill books. And there is one thats in desperate need of some reworking. This monster of a book dropped from raid boss giant octopus in t5, is easily the most broken, overpowered and busted item the game currently has. And heres why. Lets start by comparing it to its counter part "magic extension", dropped by the other raid boss in t5, orcinus. One of them extends positive effects, while one of them cuts down the duration of negative effects. In paper, it makes sense, but in reality these 2 things are nowhere near equal. While the book from orcinus is insanely strong, and makes a huge difference (as it should), it can be countered with the right play. Octo one really cant be. How this book works right now, is that it cuts down ANY negative effects duration applied to your character with the amount equal to your magic defence %. So this is usually about 50%. It already sounds strong, while assuming it would be just stuns, but thats not what the reality is. When I said any negative effect, it means all of them. Relics, saps, roars, silences, slows, stuns, roots, bleeds. Anything you can think of, it effectively cuts in half. It works on so many things, that theres 0 counter play to it (Except having the book also). I understand that it's rare, and should be strong, much like its counter part is, but strong shouldn't mean straight up making you almost immune to any negative effect. I have a few suggestions how this could be balanced, while still keeping it equal to magic extension one. 1. The % could be cut in half. So for example, if you have 50% magic defence, it would lower the duration of negative effects by 25%. This would still be strong, and make a huge difference, but would atleast allow for bit more counterplay. 2. Make it chance based. So 50% magic defence, would mean you have a 50% chance for it to activate, and cut the duration in half. 3. Its effectiveness could be limited somehow. For example, let it work only on stuns and root type of skills, while relics saps etc stay unaffected. Something along these lines. 4. Give it a cooldown. For example, every 3rd negative effect would be effected, or that it couldnt be triggered more than once every 5 secs. This one is a bit risky in my opinion, because if the timer is too long, it would be way too hard of a nerf. Haven't seen this book being discussed in english forums atleast, so figured might aswell bring it up.
  15. Look what you're saying tho. "This full book fully awarded char hits high on my not as well geared char". Im sure a bd, with equal gears as you, wouldn't be hitting that high. Dumb to compare with someone who heavily outgears and outamps you with more books to boot it.
  16. Would love to see some pve buff for druids. They're currently hands down the most useless class in anything pve related.
  17. vavavi


    Giving rogues increased resist stat during stealth might be a nice buff. Or a chance to not be instantly revealed by the first hit to counter detect pots. Something like, 5-10-15-20-25% resist per point used in stealth. Or 30-40-50-60-70% chance to not be unstealthed after first hit taken while in stealth. Some way to counter detection pots, that doesn't make them completely useless anyway.
  18. Resist skill should be reworked a bit. Maybe make the cd of it longer. Currently 20 sec cd for 3 resists is a bit overkill, and it pretty much makes bds weakness, which is the inability to close gaps effectively, barely relevant. Also some counter rework would be fun to see. Possibly instead of dmg reflected being based on the bds damage, it could increase the characters damage reflect stat for a while. For example 20-40-60-80% from 1/4 to 4/4. Would give it some unique uses, and allow for different builds from the somewhat boring meta. Saying bds hit 1400-1600 is a gross over exaggeration though. Yes you hit that on weak geared people, but any rogue and ranger vs those same gears does basically the same damage also. Properly geared people barely get hit 1k . Atleast max i can hit on people with actually good gear is around 900-1,1k, even less if theyre using heavy mermen gears. If you use a non awarded non amped char, ofc you'll get destroyed by any damager with ferocity weps.
  19. One solution could be rewarding people with arena points equal to the amount of PvP-rating they get for killing people during wars. The whole pvp-rating system is a bit pointless at the moment, this could be one use. It has a daily limit for killing a single char, and level differences are also considered. It wouldn't be so easily abusable, and offers some incentive to take part in the battles. It could also work as a new way to go for your arena gears, instead of mind numbing afk spams. And if not gears, then a way to have some fun and make a bit of gold couple times a week.
  20. How would it be better for the player base if new players came in, played for a while and quit once theres nothing left to do? Besides, the reputation/knowledge caps are there to support playing for shorter periods each day, which kind of fits your idea of a mobile game.
  21. Well yea its situational obviously. But for example in chaos gvg its a really good class for picking off late arrivals or people respawning.
  22. Properly geared rogues can be good in gvgs too. There had been a few who are amazing at picking off people in the outskirts of the fights. You can't just run in like a tank and expect to live. And im still convinced the creator of this topic has never even touched a properly built, actually maxed out rogue, cause those are borderline unkillable, especially on the outskirts of gvgs while pot spamming.
  23. I mean, 4/4 tt, 4/4 absolute reflex, 4/4 throwing knife, 5/5 kick, 3/5 dodging, 5/5 gouge is literally max stuns and max dodge
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