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  1. This is sick. Love the key talents for most classes, will be extremely itneresting to see them in action.
  2. Have you figured this out yet? It´s most likely due to something else than a bug, but it´s possible it would be bugged ofc.
  3. This is a fun one, can´t wait to see what people come up with
  4. Putting people on ignore to avoid any competition is ridiculous.
  5. Rampant was 2m ish last year at eu elf atleast. You're probably being lied to. But yea alot of books have insanely high prices, having these weaker versions would make them more accessible, and wouldn't devalue normal ones.
  6. If the suggestion is 1 book per year, the topic should be called "i used a sea book on a bad class". Would be pointless for any other books at that point. One idea could be to sort of downgrade the book if they got unbound. Kind of like you lose amps and break the item when unbinding a piece of equipment. For example, having the effect of books get halved by that process. It would still allow people who truly want to get something out of their books to do it, but wouldn't be abusable. It would also give new players access to these cheaper, weaker versions of books.
  7. This would firstly be way too abusable, especially with sea books. Those books are already borderline game breaking, and should be toned down harshly, but atleast they're rare. Being able to pass a single one around to every possible class, depending which one of them just happens to be the best after any given balance change, is way too powerful. Outside of that, having this possibility would completely devalue the time, effort and money that people have put in to building a character. Currently fully booked chars are usually stand out cases, they're still somewhat rare, and are something to strive for. They're something that put you a step above the rest. The game needs to have something like this, for there to be actual end game goals. If this got implemented, those end game goals would be kind of gone. Owning a single set of books would mean you can have one of these rare, stand out chars for every single class available to your faction, making them alot less special, or unique. Instead of them being this end game peak to work towards, it would just become the standard for any character, even possible new classes (Kind of like how arena getting easier over time turned awarded chars from rare, stand out cases into a minimum standard to even be able to compete) As for the newbie friendliness, i don't think this would make those books more accessible for new/returning people. With unbinding being there, suddenly every single book is useful. For example, caster players might not feel the need to get a speed book right now, since it doesn't do much for them. But if this made its way into the game, that book is now a permanent, transferrable asset to any class you might happen to switch to at any point, making them even more desirable and driving the price even higher.
  8. It truly is rare to find such a gem of an idea that almost everyone can unanimously agree that it would add value if it were to be implemented. This should definitely be made a priority.
  9. You can always use a detect pot, or buffs, to counter said seeker. I'm however starting to see that you probably are someone to just stand still and die to seekers without even trying anything to counter them. Couple simple buffs or using your aoes to not let seeker catch you invisible goes a long way.
  10. I mean you can get annoyed all you want, but these damage numbers you're throwing around are just straight lies.
  11. If you're genuinely dying to a seeker on a booked and amped shaman, i think the problem is you at that point. Also you won't get hit 1800 through full greatness, unles the seeker ur fighting is fully buffed, and you're refusing to do the same. At what point the problem is again you.
  12. The pvps at the end showcase a few working strategies to beat a seeker. Even shows a non booked druid managing to do so. Maybe should check there.
  13. Yea 45% resi is plenty to survive a similiarly amped seeker, maybe you're just not using the best strategies to counter them.
  14. I mean, you said it yourself, you're not properly geared while most likely facing people who are. What you're doing is essentially the same as a +8 badly geared druid getting killed by a fully booked,awarded and amped rogue, and then calling them broken. 1,6k on a fully awarded caster, thats just a lie. They don't even hit my lvl 28 priest that high, you're just making stuff up at this point. Also you can so easily counter seekers, just use a detect pot and a scroll that lowers auto attack dmg. Or buff up hp/resist. Or do anything else than standing still waiting to die, because thats the only way a fully amped and awarded caster would die to a seeker.
  15. I mean people just complain about it because instead of them taking advantage of someone underpricing their items, they're getting their need for said items abused.
  16. No proper pvp char gets hit 1800 by seekers. It's one of the worst pvp classes easily, i don't understand how people complain about them. There is no way this many people are incapable of beating a class thats only way of killing you is auto attacking at melee range.
  17. 1329007540_Screen_Recording_20230209-002215_WarspearOnline.mp4
  18. Those are some pretty hefty nerfs. Don't know much about bms so can't comment on the numbers, but moon is insanely abusable at low levels atleast. Like to a point where no other class can even come close to competing. Would love to see something tweaked there personally.
  19. If this screenshot showed what that damage was dealt to probably could. I have a lvl 28 priest, its +9 but full resi, and even that doesnt get hit 4k vortexes.
  20. I mean the barb who posted this is using a very low resilience setup. Heavy mermen, before stacks, is paper. On top of that he is using a 2 handed weapon, with probably a more offensive than a defensive build. He would get nuked when caught by any damage class the same. Number of books doesn't change these things.
  21. I wasn't answering to you, thats probably why. Nor did i say its not fair, i said its behavior is inconsistent. You, as a person who is actually answering, might want to read the comment you're answering to. Okay, there are 2 skills that stack, theyre also very different. Swooping does dmg alot faster than banner, while reducing dodge. It's alot closer to blazing than banner in damage capability. But sure, 2 different, equally as inconsistent skills. But theres also like 6 other aoe damage skills that don't work this way.
  22. Personally think this would be way too abusable. Transferring strong books around to other chars, even if bound to same acc and costing mcoins is ridiculous. Having one of each sea book would mean you have 12 characters with access to those, allowing you to turn any class you feel like is the best at that current time into one of the best of its kind, without any effort. Meeting every possible class combo with octo/orci books from 2 ppl, in any given arena level at basically anytime, just from 1 book each, seems dumb. These books are meant to be rare, not something you can toss around to any char at any given time. Feel like ranking in lvl 18 arena? 20? 22? 24? No problem, throw couple sea books on those chars making them unbeatable, and when you're done abusing them for everything you need, just put them back. Whether this scenario speaks more about the absolute joke state of those 2 books and them still not being changed, or unbinding books as an issue dunno. But at the current state of affairs it would just get abused.
  23. The skill itself might be fine, but the major issue here is the inconsistency. Swooping is currently the ONLY aoe damage skill that stacks in that way. It is weird that ONLY ONE skill of this type would behave like this, seems like an oversight more than anything else. Either have all skills of this type stack similiarly, or have swooping behave the same as other skills of it's type. That way things stay consistent. As for the drama, babos not wrong, it doesn't concern this topic. He has very clearly showcased an inconsistency in swoopings mechanics, that is what should be discussed here, not who wins what.
  24. That's mainly because the average bd just dies. There are alot of fully booked bds, who will obviously kill lesser geared people easily. The surplux of these makes bds seem insanely strong, while in reality you're essentially fighting a 15 book char on a badly built or less booked acc. The "average bd" with not all books, even at +10, usually just dies.
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