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  1. Guess people got to amp 3 sets of weps from now on🤢
  2. You can safely assume that any and every hp/dmg buff in this game that comes in % form is calculated based on their base amounts
  3. Asking the devs to change something, in one server, in one level bracket, in one category just for you and your friends seems a bit absurd.
  4. Most of the people who actively rank are involved in rule breaking, one way or the other. Whether it’s sharing, bought accounts, autoclicking. But this is just simply wrong. The dude rarely even ranks, I’ve seen him do it once before, which he lost fair and square. This time, prepared, had time, and used it well. Elf side even won the 3 day war. Could log throughout the day, say something in finnish, and it was always him on the account. Whether it was at 10am, 5pm or 2am. Not to mention hearing stories of his studies abroad months before this season. The system is just simply wrong here, and seems they have no interest in even trying to solve it. In a game where people spend thousands to play, you should atleast have some interest in communicating with the accused players. Ask them to prove their side, investigate a bit more, but don’t just take away all the money and time spent by people on YOUR game. Not without giving them a chance to defend themselves atleast. At the current state of the game, all it seems to take is a bunch of people who are tired of being beat to mass up, and report someone. And if theres anything even slightly controversial on the account, like studying abroad in this case, it gets banned. It’s going to end up costing the game it’s most loyal players, the same players who are making it a profitable business for aigrind.
  5. Any chance for a resi belt with parry too then?
  6. Theres only really a few players that clearly stand out in terms of skill not gears. Also the complexity of a class comes to play when trying to rate the user. For elves sleepercell, soulreaper, babocool, denchheal and imawizurd come to mind. Arguably theres a load of bladedancers around, but you can get the basics of the class down after a while fairly easy. Once you learn who to sap and how to place rushes you’ll do fine. The little niches of the class that you can try and perfect after come to play so rarely that they don’t really have a major effect. Mc side is far more interesting, in my opinion, when it comes to skilled play. Way more classes that require timing and accurate clicks to do well. Teyo and dodgers, who both play a class that requires alot of timing and thought, clearly stand out. There are alot of good charmers and locks out there, but since the game is what it is, you do need to have the gear to back the skill up in order to do well. Now there is alot more people that are good, don’t get me wrong, but these are the few that clearly stand out. In my opinion atleast. Some other people worth mentioning are voldemorn, a shaman; sherrlock, a lock and broke/darkscum for paladins.
  7. He asked me for a pvp, lost the first one. Then decided to just attack while im talking, and proceeded to kill me while i stood doing nothing. So i returned the favor. We warred for a solid 20-30 mins, until he got that one clip of potting. Long story short, nothing new here
  8. The relic ”icy relic of ruthlessness” doesn’t seem to work at all.
  9. Obviously you’ll post this one. Just ignore the previous one startin next to each other lel
  10. Hey. Since the new update to damage reflect it seems to react weirdy with shamans lightning shield. The reflected damage can trigger it, which causes damage, that reflects again, and can trigger the shield again. This chain reaction can reach pretty dumb heights. I’ve seen the shield damage trigger as much as 7 times after a shaman basic hit a player with some reflect. I can’t imagine this to be the way its intended to work, since you can literally 1 hit players by poking them once with a basic hit. I was wondering if this was just something that was overlooked. And if so, it could need a fix, because right now you just cant use any reflect vs shamans.
  11. Damage reflect stat seems to trigger shaman lightning shield after event update. It can chain together and cause the shield to activate 5-7 times per 1 hit. Any chance this could be looked at?
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