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  1. I'm not sure if criticism is allowed here, but it's purpose is to try spark up some conversation, so here goes nothing.
  2. Spent way too many hours sat in that cave back in the day.
  3. These kind of stats always interesting to see. 1634 ppl in one event stage at once is crazy.
  4. It's a nice idea, but it'd only really fit pure tank classes imo. Palas have high support from heal/aoe stun, barbs have good stuns and dmg, and bds nowadays mostly build for damage. For dk and warden it makes sense since they're the most "pure tank classes".
  5. It's been a topic for a while that a new system to transfer guild leadership is needed. As far as i know, it's in the works, but there has been no word about how it would work. Either way, it would have to be a system thats not easily abused, would be forgiving enough for just being busy and one that would not lead to scams by a random leader being selected. So, my suggestion is a voting system. A fair way to even start the process would be needed. Someone being busy for 2 weeks and losing a guild they've worked on for years isn't exactly fair. One way this could be done, is implementing a box, for the lack of a better word, for the leader to sign off on, say, once per month, to confirm they still wish to keep the lead. If this "box" would not be checked after a month, or however long time is seen fit, has passed, the option to start a vote for new leadership would take place. This vote could happen during a week or so, in which the heirs of the guild, could vote for another heir, who, with the majority of votes, would receive the leadership. This would not only prevent scams, but also allow the members of the guild to choose a person, that they see fit, to take on that role.
  6. In these pics ur changing between a ring and an amulet. The difference of flat damage between an amulet and a ring is higher than the 1% dmg difference between these 2 gears. So basically removing an amulet lowers your dmg more than removing a ring. This is also the main reason why % dmg rings are alot more preferable to %dmg amulets.
  7. I mean one might call a heavy armor and shield using character with an agro skill a tank, but maybe im mistaken. Mans still ignoring everything thats been said. Or is actually incapable of understanding.
  8. How on earth is rage hard to activate. Theres relics to guarantee it, theres a group rage book, theres a charmer hitting things with a mace and skills, each of which can keep rage active? No other class has that advantage. No minions get crit dmg from their user, or activate the users rage. Even without 100% crits charmers have extremely high dps. I would argue they do around same dps as bds and rogues even without the relic. The fact that you want a healing tank class to also beat pure damage classes is a bit off.
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