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  1. Hello, i've recently become interested in speed running certain dgs. Im not sure if anyone shares this interest, but figured i'd give it a shot. So the base line is, if anyone is able to beat our time of completing mythical sea in 4 minutes by the end of this week, I will pay them 500k. Obviously anyone can take part in this, but since the prize money will be paid at eu elf side, figured i'd post this here. Im a bit skeptical about the interest for this, but figured why not. And if this does get some people participating, will do more of these in the future. Good luck. ps. Sorry for the scuffed screenshot, craft job got in the way.
  2. Part 1 Part 2 Sadly had to cut the video in 2 parts since the boss fight took long.
  3. The buffs part is a visual bug. You only get the effect from the original stacks, noticed it aswell. As for rush delay, it's probably bugged positions causing it
  4. Botting really is a problem i wish would be addressed more by the developers. It's a daily occurance by now and has been for a long time. It's not like they aren't making it obvious either.
  5. Dude. I meant the damage tick from hamstring triggers the relic. Which is the resist, as seen in your video.
  6. This same thing also happens with the relic "magic relic of deceptive control". Resisting the relics effect doesn't remove it. Here i resist the relic on rush stun, and get stunned on hamstring. Theres no mention of these relics being unavoidable. And being able to resist them in the first place suggests so also. Screen_Recording_20200608-180740_1.mp4
  7. Hamstring triggers the relic there
  8. There seems to be a bug with the relic "ice relic of captivity". Even if you resist the relics effect, it stays active until the effect works unresisted, or time runs out. In the clip you can clearly see me resisting the relics effect, and getting stunned by it after. Screen_Recording_20200608-171031_1.mp4
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