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  1. Then you just lie, or go in arena with no buffs against fully buffed people. Screen_Recording_20211214-034351_Warspear Online.mp4
  2. This is beautiful. One click aoe stun, with a low cd, that can hit 5-6 ppl with 0 chance to fail. Out of everything in this post i hope this one stays the most, druids lacked decent control skills.
  3. All in all decent changes imo atleast. Couple things seem weird though. Making forest song 100% chance is a huge buff. Basically nullifying root cd increase completely. Aoe stun with 100% chance to work is insane. Also why wouldn't barbs stone skin have any mana penalty? Its stronger than wardens forti for 0 cost Also the magic resistance change is nice but kind of meaningless. The book still counters relics saps roars and everything, getting 1 more bleed hit does nothing really. Atleast making it work only on controlling effects, not on every possible debuff would be fair.
  4. Idk about balanced or being biased, i just know the dmg numbers are a lie. Screen_Recording_20211017-084103_Warspear Online_1.mp4
  5. Wonder when ppl will realise that their +8 arena set isnt supposed to be great against a fully booked fully buffed +10 char. You'll never hit that high vs anyone equally geared. It's same as saying a +10 char killing a +5 one fast is unbalanced.
  6. Oh. So you're just asking for a handout because people spending more getting more is unfair. Gotcha
  7. Chance based system is just smarter. Even when it doesn' really bring in more money (if the chances are never tampered with). Over a period of time it will average out between people getting lucky and people being unlucky. Im sure if the devs really wanted, they could get the statistics and find an average amount used to amp any given item, and use that as a set amount without really losing out on alot of profits. Personally i think its more about it being exciting. Being unlucky will make people talk about it, creating more conversation about amping, while getting +10 randomly with tour signs or whatever gives you that dopamine rush that keeps you playing. Being a set amount just wouldn't create those experiences. And if there is or has been some tampering with the amp chances, it makes even more sense to keep the chance based system. Obviously don't know if they do, but it could be done and we would never really know. One example would be (once again, this is purely speculative for the fun of it) during events such as halloween that is coming up. You give separate double drop rates for items per week. For example week 1 is armors and weps, week 2 id accesories. On sunday of week 1, you make wep/armor ampli chances 20-30% worse, while keeping accesories the same so it doesn't seem obvious that theres less amping happening. Then next week the other way around etc. You could probably get away with it without any trouble. Firstly it would be very difficult to prove, and secondly russian law is probably a bit more forgiving abt these things. But this is just a speculation, I doubt its the reality. But got to wear the tinfoil hats sometimes.
  8. Any well geared damager can tank, not just bds. It's an issue with ls, not bds.
  9. Maybe a different version from the miracle coin shop that saves the skin. Would be nice for achievement skins especially.
  10. Shamans already one of the strongest support classes for both arena fights and high number fights such as gvgs. Earth protection thingy is kind of interesting, although the same should probably be added to druids barkskin too then. Cleansing is already a get out of jail free card, but resist would make sense. If the number of debuffs the skill can remove was limited, or the dmg reduction made less it would be balanced. Really like the totem idea, as long as the amount of ppl affected had a limit.
  11. Items rarity or source isn't a justification to be game breaking. Even you, as someone who has one, have aknowledged multiple times how busted it is. Also, orcinus is a newer boss, arguably harder to kill, but the book from there, arguable octo books counterpart, is nowhere near as powerful. Octo is so incredibly out of proportion to anything else the game has ever had. It could be straight cut in half, and would still be the best item in the game. Saying there aren't many is also completely irrelevant. There are servers with 6-7-8 of these, and those numbers will only keep going up. Octopus as a boss isn't going anywhere, more and more books will just come. It would actually make more sense to aknowledge how broken it is now, rather than when there are 20+ppl with it everywhere. If the number 1/180 is close to correct, there should be an average of 6 books per server. Assuming the boss has been killed daily for 3 years. Go 3 years forward that should be an average of 12. Having 8-10-12 or more of these books per server can literally be damaging to the games longevity itself (if nothing is changed). New people will come to the game, spend loads of time and money improving their chars. Then one day they get the idea they want to fight for arena ranks for example. Oops, you can't, because you havent been in a guild thats farmed a boss for 3 years. You don't have this singular item that can't be countered, and stand no chance. Having an item be so broken, that it's a requirement to have one also if you even want to have a chance to win, is just stupid. It may be rare now, but down the line it can literally discourage new players from trying their best in the game. It does that even now, in EU nobody fights for ranks, they know they can't beat the few ppl with that book. And thats only from 3 books. How damaging will it be to servers to have 10 of them, or 15? Also once again, the rarity and price of this book don't matter. It's so badly out of proportion, that nobody even tries to defend its power. They only say its rare. Chance was just one idea. Another could be limiting on what it works on. For example, make it so it ONLY works on stun and root SKILLS. Leave silences, saps, bleeds and relics alone. Atleast that way, you can lower the persons dps to counter his immunity to stuns. Yea, ofc would be quiet. I'd run around tormenting the whole game, knowing nobody can counter me except 2 guildmates. Thats the whole problem. Also this goes the other way around too, if you didn't have one, or access to get one, you would probably agree too. The only ones i've really seen defend this book are people who have it, and want to keep abusing it. I'd do the exact same thing. Knowing nobody has any chance to ever counter me without having this one rare item would be great, but also really really broken.
  12. It's a bit of a tangent, but distort is a really good comparison point for octo book. It's the only non class skill book thats been nerfed, afaik anyway. Distort only affected true stuns, a small subset of skills, which is like 15(?) skills i think. And it didn't make them useless, just meant you can't really kill your targer during those, they would still be unable to fight though. And it still got a HEAVY nerf. It wasn't just the cooldown between heals, but also castle healing buff/pot stopped working with it. Magic resistance works on like 70 ish different effects, which is ridiculous. I'm really failing to see how anyone could defend it. And nobody really has, don't think i've seen more than 1 person ever say it's a balanced item. The only defense people have for it, is that it is rare, and expensive. Its basically a priceless item, the only one in eu that was sold apparently had offers as high as 100mil. That alone should speak volumes on how busted it is. The price is direct consequence of it being a game breaking item. Using that, or its rarity (which really should not be relevant in a discussion about an items balance in the first place. Especially when they will only get more and more common as time goes by), as an argument to defend the books power seems a bit flawed.
  13. 1. Nerf bds resistance skill, it is way too abusable and hard to remove. Bds kryptonite is any distance over 2 tiles, and an opponent who can count to 2. Resist makes using that weakness next to impossible. 2. Lower charmers dogs defence a bit. Not too much to the point that theyre 1 shot, but enough that one can be killed before 2 more spawn. 3. Buff rogues viability in dgs a bit, for a damage class they lack behind a bit. But tone kick down a bit, having a 90% chance to dodge on a 8k hp rogue is 80000 effective hp. Thats alot. 4. Give dks a sap kind of skill. Something that lowers their targets dps in one way or another. Almost every other tank class has one. 5. Increase druids roots cd. Being able to permanently cycle a single skill for perma stun is stupid. Every class can perma stun nowadays, but doing it with just 1 skill, while having 4 other cc skills to fall back on, is a bit nuts. 6. Nerf octo book, it breaks the game and has 0 counterplay. Ty for coming to my TED talk.
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