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  1. vavavi

    7.7.2 Bug Reports: POST HERE!!

    The relic ”icy relic of ruthlessness” doesn’t seem to work at all.
  2. vavavi

    Barbarian Vs Blade Dancer strong pvp

    Obviously you’ll post this one. Just ignore the previous one startin next to each other lel
  3. Hey. Since the new update to damage reflect it seems to react weirdy with shamans lightning shield. The reflected damage can trigger it, which causes damage, that reflects again, and can trigger the shield again. This chain reaction can reach pretty dumb heights. I’ve seen the shield damage trigger as much as 7 times after a shaman basic hit a player with some reflect. I can’t imagine this to be the way its intended to work, since you can literally 1 hit players by poking them once with a basic hit. I was wondering if this was just something that was overlooked. And if so, it could need a fix, because right now you just cant use any reflect vs shamans.
  4. vavavi

    [2018.06.22] Game servers restart

    Damage reflect stat seems to trigger shaman lightning shield after event update. It can chain together and cause the shield to activate 5-7 times per 1 hit. Any chance this could be looked at?
  5. Great. Now that you cant sit in pvp cave and have a chat with people theres no reason left to play
  6. vavavi

    The over powered classes

    Can everyone just agree that charmers are a joke? Thanks
  7. I’m sure the developers are doing their best and none of this was intended, but it did happen. People spend alot of money on the game and should have every right to express their frustration in situations like this. Clearly even aigrind themselves aknowledge that a mistake happened since they’re compensating for it.
  8. vavavi

    Problem with newest update

    Im using ios. I can only download it from the app store
  9. vavavi

    Problem with newest update

    Hey. Im having a problem with the newest update. I was playing the game as usual, decided to relog, and got this message. Didn’t think much of it, clicked it to update. But turns out the version in app store isnt the latest available. It is supposed to be 7.5.2. So basically now im completely unable to log on to the game. Theres probably other people experiencing this aswell, since app store has a delay with updates.
  10. vavavi

    Best pvp class?

    Charmers man. Perma stun tanks with heal.