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  1. hentbank

    Castle Throne

    Guild skill ''Guild blessing'' should be banned from Guild Castle Wars, its so op that everyone is invulnerable and the whole guild members can directly attack the throne. @Reivenorik
  2. hentbank

    Unbind Scroll

    Unbind Scroll -This allow players to unbind their equips to allow them to sell or transfer equips that they are not using. -To prevent bag slots to be filled with items that is not important. This should be added on mcoin shop to allow non-mcoin users to also have the opportunity to sell or trade their stuff that they dont need anymore. LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SOON THANK YOU !!
  3. hentbank

    Affordable and Same Mcoins Prices

    Minimum wage here in Philippines is 500 php, and maximum mcoins costs 3,950 Php.
  4. hentbank

    Affordable and Same Mcoins Prices

    so just lower the prices of mcoins here in Philippines, cause in that 3,950 Php in my country, you can live for months or buy new phones or do shopping alot, cause its really high amount of money. Even 200 mcoins - 79 Php is expensive, other games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Ragnarok, Rules of Survival, Pubg, etc. They make affordable prices like 20php to 1000 php, and that is affordable for us.
  5. hentbank

    3 Features that should be added in-game!

    im currently waiting their replies, tys
  6. hentbank

    Affordable and Same Mcoins Prices

    its not. its so expensive here, even workers with good jobs cant afford to buy mcoins.
  7. hentbank

    3 Features that should be added in-game!

    we got scammed earlier, we lost our relics and no one knows who stole it, so this should be really needed, TYs
  8. So alot of players across the globe is using a vpn, the reason is because other countries like China and Russia has a cheaper Mcoins than their own country, not because of currency. So I'm suggesting developers to Make Mcoins Affordable for every country. Me as an example: " I live from Philippines, and mcoins here is really expensive, 10k mcoins here is 3,950 Php. For us this is really a pain, Normal worker earn around 2,000 Php - 4,000 Php per month, how ever government employees and others business owners earn around 5,000 Php - 10,000 Php, and students are mostly the players of the game, and have allowances around 50 php - 100 php per day only (school days). So it is really not affordable for us cause it costs alot and 90% of players in my country can'not buy mcoins because its a big expense for us. We are Hoping for a Affordable Mcoin rates not just for China and Russia, but for every players across the planet Earth. Thank you !!
  9. So based on my observations, i saw most players really needing this stuffs, and i think the game developers should add these features to help players and satisfy players. 1. Sale Calendar - This allows players to know what date items will be on-sale and it makes easier for players to plan things to buy the items they needed. 2. Party Search - This allows players to search more easier and join easier to any party in the location where they standing at, it also allows players to see who is the party leader and how many members he/she has on his/her party. 3. Castle's Warehouse Logs - This allows guild members to know who is accessing the Castle's Warehouse and to see who's withdrawing and depositing. I hope these helps alot, I'm looking forward to see these features to be added soon. Thank you !!
  10. hentbank

    How to report a player ingame?

    thank you to everyone who responded.
  11. i need the step by step process of how to report a player. where to go? what to do? which one should be? how to know if the report is verified?
  12. Is this a bug or u really made bosses and mobs to resist Sap skill ? if yes, this is really a bad thing, nerfing bladedancer's skills. what a shame
  13. hentbank

    I need reason why.

    I need reason why GM banned me? is there anything i have violated ? i think i did not violated any, im appealing this unfair banning.
  14. hentbank

    Another Bug Found

    another bug i found, hp bug, look at his/her hp, already 0 but still can heal and make action.