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  1. its not about how many players, its about how many points they get, and same rewards for each divisions
  2. SUGGESTION ! Leagues: Iron 0 - 999 points Bronze 1,000 - 1,999 points Silver 2,000 - 2,999 points Gold 3000 - 3,999 points Platinum 4,000 - 5,999 points Diamond 6,000 - 7,999 points Master 8,000 - 13,999 points Grand Master 14,000 - 24,999 points Challenger 25,000+ points Ranks: Iron I Iron II Iron III Bronze I Bronze II Bronze III Silver I Silver II Silver III Silver I Gold II Gold III Gold IV Platinum I Platinum II Platinum III Platinum IV Diamond I Diamond II Diamond III Diamond IV Master I Master II Master III Master IV Master V Grand Master I Grand Master II Grand Master III Grand Master IV Grand Master V Challenger I Challenger II Challenger III Challenger IV Challenger V Challenger VI Challenger VII Challenger VIII Challenger IX Challenger X
  3. 5 meant to group the same sold items in mailbox, rather than one by one
  4. 1. Auto unequip all equipments button. 2. Auto demand arena. 3. Guaranteed drop every 10th run. 4. Auto re-sell item in market. 5. Grouped redemption in mailbox. 6. Personal Map marker/pin. 7. Add one more skill set. 8. Higher chance to amplification every signs used. 9. Close new craft updates in Info chat. 10. Kronus dungeon new equipments.
  5. i think you should add the Time on chat box when using fullscreen on pc, cause unlike in mobile, u can see the time on the upper right of the chat box
  6. how much data do warspear need?
  7. Where will extra points in battlepass go if you have already at the max stage/points ?
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