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  1. Theres still slots on the side of the skills, pls put it the new slots there so it will be easy to click, than double click it
  2. hahaha thanks, my mom loves doin puzzles.😂 and we have alot of puzzle picture frames in our home.
  3. maintenance still on-going 😞 i hope drop rate/chance could be fix too, we are getting double chance of Common Craft Materials 😅
  4. ''10 Steps To Become OP Without Money" This guide is perfectly made for those players who want to start the game and to become rich and OP without any money being spent. Note: Focus on 1 character at a time. This guide wont work without Hardwork. STEP 1: Questing. This is the most important way in Warspear to level up and gain more golds as you do higher quests. Focus on Yellow Quests. STEP 2: Sell all Scrolls & Potions that you don't need. Doing quests will sometimes award you with Scrolls and
  5. it does, there not even a 1% chance of getting Rare/Legendary/Unique items. Plus its "2x" and theres still none
  6. @Cardinal @Peony @Akasha @Reivenorik any answer?
  7. this event is definitely scam, im not even getting 2x equip drops, not even a single costume or book meanwhile a player who just did 20 runs got a book. sounds fair?? so heres the logic? more runs, Less chance. 95% of runs i only got common craft resources and some bs mana pots sounds fair for 100+ runs?
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