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  1. Theres still slots on the side of the skills, pls put it the new slots there so it will be easy to click, than double click it
  2. hahaha thanks, my mom loves doin puzzles.😂 and we have alot of puzzle picture frames in our home.
  3. maintenance still on-going 😞 i hope drop rate/chance could be fix too, we are getting double chance of Common Craft Materials 😅
  4. ''10 Steps To Become OP Without Money" This guide is perfectly made for those players who want to start the game and to become rich and OP without any money being spent. Note: Focus on 1 character at a time. This guide wont work without Hardwork. STEP 1: Questing. This is the most important way in Warspear to level up and gain more golds as you do higher quests. Focus on Yellow Quests. STEP 2: Sell all Scrolls & Potions that you don't need. Doing quests will sometimes award you with Scrolls and Potions. These things give you good numbers of gold and it gives more golds depends on quest levels. Always sell these things to NPC. STEP 3: Reach Max Level. Questing is the only way to gain Experiences for you to level up, as you level up, you will open up higher quests that will give you more golds that lower quests. Reaching the max level in-game will allow you to be unstoppable in questing and the key for you to have one of the best character in game. Max Levels have more opportunities than lower levels. STEP 4: Do all Quests everyday. As you reach max level and completed all Yellow Quests, you will have everyday quests. By doing all quests everyday, you can earn and bank more golds. STEP 5: Hunt Bosses. Having a low amplified equipments or being low equipped character is not a problem. By doing completed boss quests repeatedly, it will allow you to get more drops from these bosses and sell them to players who is willing to buy your drops. It is one of the major ways to earn high numbers of gold. STEP 6: Save up your Golds. As you earn more golds in-game, be sure to not spent them with not important things or things that you dont really need! Note: Use your Golds for important matters only. STEP 7: Buy Equips that you will use for a long Time. As the game goes on, many updates will come and things might change, there will be more new equipments to be released. Be sure to only buy equipments that will lasts for long time, be sure to buy the high levels equips as it gives more stats than lower equipments. STEP 8: Amplify your equipments Wisely. As you buy equipments, you will have the lust of amplifying these. Be sure to amplify the most needed equipments first before the other things. For Dmg Class / Mgc Class, be sure to amplify your weapons first before your armors. For Tank Class, be sure to amplify your armors first before your weapons. Note: Be sure to spent your golds wisely, Better don't spent all your golds. Tips : Save up gold and put your goal to 20 sets Signs of Imperishability for each equipment. STEP 9: Spam Dungeons. As your character have a good stats, start going dungeons that gives expensive drops and do it repeatedly. Sell all those drops to players that is willing to buy it. It is the Most Highest way to earn gold. Note : Be sure to join Dungeon Events as it give you more expensive drops. Note : Best to find a Guild that helps you for your Dungeon Spams and sells you cheap or give free supplies. STEP 10: Reselling in-game items. As you earn more golds, having a business will help you to grow your golds higher and higher. Reselling is not illegal, don't be afraid to do it. Note : Be a Business Minded Person, always seek for things that you think you can earn gold. Set your Goals, Achieve it with hard work, cause always remember that "Hard work pays off" "I'm a living proof that everyone can be OP and Rich without spending any real money with these steps, I maybe poor in real life, but in Warspear, I can make history and compete with rich people across the globe" - Rapagilaz, EU-Emerald.
  5. it does, there not even a 1% chance of getting Rare/Legendary/Unique items. Plus its "2x" and theres still none
  6. @Cardinal @Peony @Akasha @Reivenorik any answer?
  7. this event is definitely scam, im not even getting 2x equip drops, not even a single costume or book meanwhile a player who just did 20 runs got a book. sounds fair?? so heres the logic? more runs, Less chance. 95% of runs i only got common craft resources and some bs mana pots sounds fair for 100+ runs?
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