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  1. Thought it was my connection, now I know the real reason.
  2. I don't think it's a bug to fix it, the skill not made for that achievement but mc used it correctly.
  3. Abit not fair because chieftain is the only class who using 2x maces, so it's the only class that feel the pain of less magic dmg or am I wrong?
  4. Dual Wield Specialization already decreases the physical damage caused by the offhand weapon by 40%, is that means -30% of magical damage plus -40% of physical damage? Or just -30% of magical damage instead of physical damage?? I just can't understand! @Holmes
  5. Means what? it can't even buy 1 set of halloween chests that cost 1.5k per set
  6. 1k cc for full bp tasks, ain't it so low since I get 1k cc already every week?
  7. Thanks guys, I wish I can see that change soon before next event.
  8. For long decades, even before the Defenders of Arinar discovered the Ship Graveyard itself, sea creatures lived peacefully, calmly and without trouble. Everyday , I remember when inhabitants of Arinar began to come to the seashore to enjoy the view of the sea, and make some diving trips. The vast seas have different effects from person to another, some feel comfortable while listening to the sounds of the calm waves, while others like adventure when they imagine what might be underwater from creatures we know nothing about. Every creature has a suitable environment in which to live its natural life, even if it is the most dangerous creature in the sea. Many stories were told on whole Arinar about monsters of the dark depth, which made the Defenders of Arinar prepare to discover these secrets, imagining that they could be a danger facing the land of Arinar someday. Danger for humans may be good for other creatures, and this what exactly happened, everything was fine until the moment when the Defenders of Arinar started to discover the underwater mysteries, the Defenders of Arinar started to attack my kingdom, so it had to be defended. I rule my world firmly and consider all underwater creatures as my children, even the monster creatures, just try to touch them and you will face your inevitable fate, which is perdition. Ships are docking all over, I can hear them clearly, but not louder than the screaming of my children who are asking for help, the Defenders of Arinar have already started to hunt with no mercy. What have I done for all this destruction!? Why do they hunt my sons!? Is this all because of my scary look!? Or they just like killing!? Why they coming to my world!??? I just live in my dreadful cave and rarely crawls outside. "LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE"!, I'm shouting but they didn't understand me. Just a few seconds and the water is red with blood, they killed all my children, not even one left, all my children gone. Now they must see my anger, I'm the most dangerous creature underwater, I will revenge for them. I feel a volcano of anger inside me, my eyes have turned red and the water around me is boiling. "GRRRAAHHHH"! "FEEL THE ANGER OF THE ANCIENT ORINCUS"!, I'm shouting. I started to attack the ships with my hard tail, also all warriors around me with no mercy, they were too many, but I was able to eliminate a large number of them. For a long time fighting they were trying again and again, but finally I won the fight. Just few injured warrior still alive, only one ship can sail, they have scaped for their lives, I wish they never come again, that's what I thought. Just few hours later, I heard the sound of the ships docking again, a large number of Defenders of Arinar, too many weapons of all kinds, they are everywhere. I'm looking in their eyes, I felt they had a plan to defeat me this time. It's time to change my plan, I possessed special magic of the underwater world bound to my scale, now it's extremely hard to hurt me. Indeed, they had started penetrating my scales, too many arrows, bolts and spears hitting my body, I can feel the blades on my skin, even the magic staffs. I'm so sick of these miniature warriors, they always spoil all my plans! How do they even manage that?! As soon as I try to enslave and give the eternal torment, they always united and fearless, as if they have as many lives as they could ever need! My power was running out and my last hope are the ghosts, it can restore my power back but it can't save me forever. Defenders of Arinar! darn it! They surrounded me, attacking with all kind of weapons and magic spells, I can't handle it anymore. I hate to say that, but I must admit the defeat. Now I been defeated, and it was bloody battle, but this is not the end, my wounds will heal, and the countless hordes of my beasts are hungry as never before, and I will return! I will be back, for this is what the White Wanderer willed to fill the chronicle of times with worthy victories of the children of the spear! I swear I'll revenge for my children. Defeated, Orcinus! Ahmedic, US-SAPPHIRE
  9. So I can create a monster from imagination not just on game?
  10. To be honest Kronus dungeon already dead and none will waste time on heroic set lvl 21, so as you said they have to rework on it by adding higher heroic gears and new levels.
  11. Well, adding levels to the dungeon itself might be good idea, Nadir dungeon had 5 different levels, BG also. Just kronus have only normal level? If it will be like easy 21, normal 23, hard 25, heroic 27, mythical 29 would be good idea I think.
  12. Nice idea but everyone gonna farm it even if it was extremely hard, otherwise it might work like gvg guild event same like mermen gvg for example.
  13. Greeting, Since we have normal timing system like real time ( day = 24h ) why we don't have a timing note next to any message on game and so we can count the time left for bosses or raid bosses more easier. Here's the example: Before After
  14. Well, I'm just trying to mix between melee damage classes and using bow like assassins, it's new option tho and I don't know if it gonna work or not.
  15. Gambit Faction: Forsaken Description: Gambits are thirsty-blood assassins whose names inspire fear even in the heart of the veterans. They are fast, tricky and won't hesitate to use dirty tricks to reach their targets. Using the forbidden dark magic given by Garaan, that can become fully invisible and dealing huge amount of damage in short time. Usable Armors: Light Armor Usable Weapons: Bows Daggers One-handed Swords Skills: Throwing Daggers A fast attack with daggers dealing heightened physical damage. The strength of damage increases with skill level. Type: Active Usage Range: 5 yards Recovery Creates a magical shield that absorbs a certain amount of incoming damage. In addition, it increases the health regeneration and the health regeneration rate for some time. Type: Active Vanish Makes the character invisible and increase the movement speed for some time. Any attack made when stealth deal highest damage and have a chance to stun. Type: Active Deadly Focus Increases the character's parameters Attack Speed and Accuracy for some time. Type: Active Shadow Rage Increase the character's physical damage and Penetration for the duration of the skill. Skill with a constant energy consumption. Type: Active Expert Skills Backstab Rush towards the enemy from a distance, deals damage and reduses the enemy's Physical defense for some time. Type: Active Usage Range: 5 yards Venom Puts poison on the weapons. Poisons the target during any attack and causes damage for a certain amount of time. Type: Active Serrated Daggers You are able to throw a dagger at your enemy which will deal physical damage with a chance to stun the enemy. Stun possibility increases with skill level. Type: Active Usage Range: 5 yards Dancing Daggers A gambit throw daggers that hits a few targets at once. This attack never miss. Type: Active Usage Range: 4 yards Trap Nets Blow that deals the negative effect sleep for some time. The opponent can't move or apply skills, damaging the target obviates the effect. Type: Active Usage Range: 2 yards Berserk Decrease all incoming damage to the character and increases the character's physical power when their health reaches a certain percentage of it's maximum. Type: Passive Fatal Blow A quick sweep of two swords that creates a strong sound wave, causes damage to the opponents and enemies located nearby. Type: Active Usage Range: 3 yards Smoke Bomb Shot that deals the negative effect Blind to the target and all the enemies within a few yards of the target for some time. Type: Active Usage Range: 4 yards Pure Resistance Increase the character's Resistance parameter for some time. Type: Active
  16. When I started the game I didn't notice that there's a difference between the servers, all were the same for me. That's means I have to start all over again on other server and ignore all friends and staffs. It will be so hard or even impossible if you just set alarm at 4 am to join the event on time and whole parties already full.
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