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  1. Thank you @Akasha for helping us to fix this dg. It would be way nicer if Scorching Solar had less respawn time or kill 3 times instead 4 for to activate portal. But still got decent time to succesfully complete it in 1 stam. Good job. Also thank you @Peony and @Holmes and our devs for doing great job!
  2. Wish devs look at myth level of this dungeon so maybe they could do something about it. Cause as far as i see nobody can do it in 1 stam (doesn't matter your party strength) and since its an old dg it shouldn't be that hard or should I say shouldn't be that long. Looks delicious
  3. I am quite busy with guild stuff or else I would done the video at first day. But I am glad it did helped you. 🙂
  4. Well I was searching topics about myth tree and see if anyone else had same problem about this dg and I found this topic that exactly speaks about my feelings. I know this is not English forum first of all sorry about that. I just translate what he said. Like him I've tried all the way I can think but there is simply no way I could find to do this dungeon in acceptable time. It doesnt matter about party strength,mobs just takes too long to respawn. Yellow portal always takes 2 stam. Red portal takes like 16-17 mins to complete. I am guessing theres also blue portal but I never seen it. Maybe there is just 2 portals. I killed red mobs and thought its gonna open red portal but it didn't,tried same with yellow mobs and blue mobs. I assume it's random.Comparing to other myth dungeons,its weird to see this dungeon is that hard to complete. I just hope that you can help us about that. I atleast would like to know if theres any tips about it.
  5. Hope will be helpful
  6. Everyone would join a lvl 6 guild then. Cause it's even hard for lvl 11-12 guilds it's myth dg its how its suppose to be,hard and long dg.
  7. What exactly is gonna be improved here? yup,thats what I wonder tho
  8. I am more in to changes that done with interface then skills in this update. These are really great features and help game to be smooth. But I had one problem that my screen was shaking when i walk left and right directions aswell as some ppl I asked had same problems. Hope that be fixed or I will be blind
  9. It's nice to see features I was thinking on it for so long,coming to live. As far as I see updates getting way more better compare to past years. But I think we should still work more on the skills. Giving attack strength to warden looks weird. What's next for warden become new blade dancer? Ranger get's a stun skill but it works with condition. I hope that doesn't work from melee yard cause it's enough disappointment that it works with such condition. Cause am not really fan of Hunter's Cage while it gives defence to my opponent aswell as they can still use skills while in cage. I find pointless to use it mostly times. A question tho if we will get any more expert skill slots?
  10. I think if he were know English he would go to English(International) forum.
  11. looks delicious It would be nice to have some gift tickets and maybe a gladiator elixir at the beginning of the seasons,maybe not to all players but atleast ppl that that did go arena last season or could be in reward for top 50! What I mean is game should give bit more gifts to players to courage them to do something.
  12. like they have chance when they face higher level and higher equipped players ^^
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