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  1. 5 bosses killed in gvg and gvg isnt done. can you guys please fix this?
  2. Also activity log for castle warehouse as we have it on guild warehouse would be pretty.
  3. First of all do not bring game problems to forum,nobody cares about your drama here. Second I am one of the person uses tons of castle stuff in arena. Even in this case I say it would be nice to ban castle stuff on arena battles cause we all know they are powerful.
  4. I think all of the castle potions should not able to use in arena battles. Even it's %30 it will still give more heal.So for to have fair arena battles I think this is the way.
  5. Cyber bullying won't end in this game. Cause theres many ways possible to do it and support isn't helpful enough to prevent that. Alliance has been made beetwen mcs and elves which is against this game story. In other MMORPG games if you do that you get ban for it. When you want have few hours of game and have some fun after a tired day at work and when you log game you see some lifeless ppl already been gone too far in the game and most possibly with illegal ways. Which is turn your fun in to a nightmare. But still it's a good game in it's category. It's just wish we could play a drama free g
  6. Bu dediğin bu oyunda hiç bir zaman olmayacak malesef.. Bunu bilerek oynamakda fayda var.
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