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  1. Unfortunately that's true. I am one talent away from maxed all talents specially preventing talents are so useless. Monsters have like %200 chance to apply bleeding,hydrophobia,poison,stun and you have %7 resist to prevent them.
  2. Well,I was expecting a big update before Horror. Tbh expecting to see lab floor 3,its been so long since kronus lab update. But this one look promising even forsaken got one of the best hero "again"
  3. Could you guys add a marker for Torch in Descent Into a Grotto guild event aswell.Like in "Trials of Mermen" am sure there is guilds who struggle to keep up with the Torch carrier..
  4. I don't understand. is ranger faster at max level of point shooting or slower now? since when it was reduce the physical defense of the target? as I know it was increasing the physical defense of the target. finally something good about support for ranger.. a seeker or a rogue can make more damage then ranger or hunter now since they can easily reach max speed as ranger and hunter.. but now ranger and hunter users will do bad damage compare to these classes while they shouldn't. also ranger suppose to be best damager class according to stats that be
  5. Thank you @Akasha for helping us to fix this dg. It would be way nicer if Scorching Solar had less respawn time or kill 3 times instead 4 for to activate portal. But still got decent time to succesfully complete it in 1 stam. Good job. Also thank you @Peony and @Holmes and our devs for doing great job!
  6. Wish devs look at myth level of this dungeon so maybe they could do something about it. Cause as far as i see nobody can do it in 1 stam (doesn't matter your party strength) and since its an old dg it shouldn't be that hard or should I say shouldn't be that long. Looks delicious
  7. I am quite busy with guild stuff or else I would done the video at first day. But I am glad it did helped you. 🙂
  8. Well I was searching topics about myth tree and see if anyone else had same problem about this dg and I found this topic that exactly speaks about my feelings. I know this is not English forum first of all sorry about that. I just translate what he said. Like him I've tried all the way I can think but there is simply no way I could find to do this dungeon in acceptable time. It doesnt matter about party strength,mobs just takes too long to respawn. Yellow portal always takes 2 stam. Red portal takes like 16-17 mins to complete. I am guessing theres also blue portal but I never seen it. Maybe t
  9. Hope will be helpful
  10. Everyone would join a lvl 6 guild then. Cause it's even hard for lvl 11-12 guilds it's myth dg its how its suppose to be,hard and long dg.
  11. What exactly is gonna be improved here? yup,thats what I wonder tho
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