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  1. I have 30 hairstyles in my personal hair dresser now including female hairstyles and my achievement ( Experienced Stylist II) still 21/25. is it normal ? also female hairstyles lol.
  2. I got 650 medals,I got award barber set,I used that barber set as you guys see but I have 644 medals. I haven't deleted my char and make medals again something. Why I have low medals? P.S. I just saw server restart post my bad.
  3. well I really hope chieftain get some good skill changes(nerf) cause it more cancer then charmer now.
  4. There's a saying in Turkish "Kimse ayranım ekşi demez." means nobody would show their own property/goods as bad. This game is p2w till the core. Unless you would be happy with the small things and play low. Which I know few ppl like that. But when you decide to go further it will be very difficult,cause then you will face with the ppl amping stuffs in seconds that you would amplify in months. You might think of keep farming some bosses make some golds. Dont worry them places already getting farmed by those rich ppl. Also it doesn't matter how nice you are ppl will just keep insult you keep bully you for nothing. When you decide to report them ppl you know what support gonna tell you? Use ignore button. 2 days ago one dude just kept insult me with 10 chars atleast i kept ignore he came back with another. I could say more but probably this will be enough for me to get warned here. Not like I mind tho anyway.
  5. someone already using the costume well it turns out you can pay and open them all
  6. can someone tell me how long it takes to reset for beholder,demonologis and avenger? Since theres lots of maps to search for bosses hope its not takes too long.
  7. wish that would be done for achievement skins aswell. If charecter used them skins before they could able to get them again with a cost. with gold,mcoin you name it.
  8. Drop rate is a big joke doesn't matter in which server you playing. I might miss like maybe 20 times mermen buff,I spammed 4 hours all the time I had mermen buff yet theres not even a single drop. Some ppl are so lucky drop rain to them. About books I don't think I should even start with them. Surely it's not meant for us to have tons of good drops all the time,if it was then mcoin would be meaningless. Yet like i said drop rate is a big joke.
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