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  1. being honest i would see it fit as an alternative mode you can opt in if you want faster queues/need more practice before pitting aiganist real players, if they wont give us more opportunities in form of daily quests but i dont really see it happening. but sounds nice if it takes in account the overall power of the players in the match since amplification can ever so slightly tip the scales in favor of the other
  2. omg this year was a trainwreck for me, thanks for the admins to take their time in the holydays to pass over the rewards due to my late response if anyone has any question about the game, im here... not always anymore, but im here
  3. ill be quick - stoneskin is no more the slow hitter nullifier it used to be, but a buff when getting attacked. At 4/4 40% dmg redu is good if you consider that the cooldown of the buff starts when you GET the buff, which at 4/4 is 8 secs, leaving 6 secs of off time not including blocks / talentparry, on groups of enemies or withsome luck it can bea perma up 40% dmg redu which is great - combat fury is closer to be a constant healing passive lmao - fury scream is... whatever? good to keep people from running away i guess - and now lastwish, if ur deffensive arent great (or want to be even more of a wall) and if you got points to spare you can up it to get up to 20% dmg red while its off, triggering at 40% hp left, while its active state the 95% dmg redu and 50% heal boost allows for huge recovery when comboed with combat fury or any healer drops an eye on you this opens for new builds, i might post one since it sounds fun to use and can help who doesnt have high deffensive capabilities tank harder content with weaker gear
  4. i stop completly playing for a month and THIS happens to barb????
  5. man try using a strategy tell me the side and i will figure out a strategy
  6. i got bored afther a while of not feeling any challenge in the dungeons i did, also stuff happen that drove me off the game
  7. is this the update i come back to the game to have some intresting pve challenge?
  8. how about just killing them and call it a day?
  9. im not a dk, a barb, and yes the deathknight's were the best tank option. but things have changed in pve: - the new endgame sectors have enemies based on hitting more like a truck than having a ton of hits with hordes of mobs (the deathknight's specialty) which was already undermined with the overall boost enemies got since the third sector, making barb (which is good at eating few but big hits) get on top, and we're talking easly solo the bosses whiteout needing extremely strong gear, while the deathknights gets their darkshield completely countered due to it being a flat dmg red. which scales in way to get rid of minor damage. - barb getting the ability to recover stoneskin with block, at first it had no cooldown making them straight up outclass deathknights in any pve tanking aspect, limiting them to only really shine in AOE dps(?) - as it stands now we're still in a case where the deathknight stil gets countered in pve scenarios and even with the help of blood protection which is still kinda mediocre in pvp: - ill be honest, i dont play pvp almost at all but i think everyone else can explain it to you and also this update will make it for some intresting builds around hp regen or have a supportive role in the party rather than being completely selfish on the other hand how do you feel about barb and paladin reaching new levels of high hp builds?
  10. how about more mana? but yeah as it works for not it can easly be missed out, it could be better to be something that does not require an item to work
  11. which might happen with the upcoming update, if we slightly close an eye on the talent virstuoso that the bladedancer is about to get
  12. it is been clearly shown that people have a big interest in small scale pvp along with the 1v1 pvp which happens ofthen enough in 2v2 arena my nature to become an issue. and as you mentioned yourself the class gets diminishing returns when in group combat but it still shows one point. the class is not balanced. it is a smaller case of the case the warden had at its release and for a long time of being simply too tanky to reach the point of being straight up frustating having a rock on legs just annoying you as you are doing your stuff and even be a problem if you're relatively weak/squishy enough to let it happe, ofcourse this case is EXTREME as its finest. the problem is when looking at smaller scales there ofthen these scenarios: 1. the bladedancer manages to force a 1v1 aiganist their adevsary (either be last alive or isolate from battle) which leads to an almost 100% loss for most classes whatever is the power level of the combantants as long as it is around the same. 2.1. multiple people manages to get down the bladedancer which may include related healers, which includes that there is a being capable of doing ingent damage at any moment and the ability to easly kill squishier classes (view the video) by just pushing up by himself, consider the fact that in small scale combat the healers are few if not only one and we see the problem 2.2. "then what about the rogue" the rogue as itself its a relatively squshy class which relies on rngjesus and stealth to menage to get to the healer, nuke it and leave, which would be the same capability the bladedancer has, the problem is that the rogue has very little chance to live if any of the enemies (i know lifesteal is a thing but having it strong enough cuts off many of the possible battle encounters) are smart enough to have some way to bring in a good amount of accuracy and reliably hit the rogue (this includes it still has a semi high-end dodge build), which makes the odds of each class succeedig more likely to the bladedancer thanks to its ability to eat the damage to get in there and have more suvivability to go back, making the barb the only which can get a similar case if their weakness wasnt mainly born from the weakness to multiple attackers... (which is similar to bladedancer btw) as i did mention the barb has similar capabilites to the bladedance, then why there arent people coming in hordes to complain about barb? it has to sacrifice a good amount of their survivability in order to get the ingent damage the bladedancer gets, making them squishy enough to dont be a massive problem, especially in 1v1 due to their fights being more fair by being able to be countered and a certain skill which leads to immense 1v1 survivability being negated by... hitting fast and it cannot be much of a problem if the barb sacrifices their shield for the nuke strenght. so as a combination of things it makes the bladedancer both an extremely effective ganker similar to rogues and seekers in capability to do such but by having lower costs in general (and being tanky enough to tank some of the quick counters the victim may get, including crowd controll skills to escape). so the problem is the bladedancer's power is so onesided that it enters in a state where getting an encounter that feels fair almost impossible. therefore the class yes it needs their duelist capabilites to be mooved for ones that could be more effective in grounds that could dimish the negative effectiveness in mass combat, which i consider still fine. OR give the other classes skills to better handle these cases since as you can see, there was and there multiple people that have problems with the class and are extremely vocal about it
  13. there lots of players that voiced out their problems fighting the class. the point of the class is being a semi dps class which takes into the battle a bruiser that can eat some crayon for the party, as a single strong summon. maybe it could be intresting if they could be interchangable? be able to choose between the 2 of them and keep the tiger as it isand the second one be more support focused as it heals a given target with specific skills but now its getting too much in i should make a forum thread with the full darn suggestion territory
  14. best of luck to the applicants, i will wait for when the update to release to check it out
  15. on which side do you play? depending on which one there different tattics that can help you ge across it (in general use some minimal cc to rush across mobs and have a full on single target dps party if possible)
  16. make it an inward pull than an outward pool. one of them can already lead to intresting results, i never want to see in mass
  17. lore


    as drako said, people in the past already suggested it, and they were met with negative response. even if there people who appreciate it as it seems by now the devs are not intrested into adding mounts into the game (please correct me if i am wrong), the best we got to such is the travel form.
  18. indeed, but i tought it having would bring it more value and make it more of an hp tank than a dmg red. tank, which would allow to gain value from their teammate's healing power more tha other classes to fuel their increased healthbar rather than having their most valuable use is to wombo combo with the barrier or a mere pocket heal
  19. maybe the paladin could instead have an healing recived buff on the target rather than healing, making it different from shaman's but still being an valuable tanking skill due to the extra healing recived along with the bigger health bar, making it more effective (the extra healing recived allows for a faster recover and counters the fact that more health is just some more thing to burn trough), possibly instead of being able to cast on allies make it an active skill on self? which would increase their value as a tank, the hp will give a good boost regardless of the presence of an healer and the boost will help the paladin make the extra health just to dont make the skill an "extra stuff to burn trough" skill but instead one that actually increases the survivability of the paladin, it could also come with a minore buff to another skill to allow a combo but im going off topic now
  20. i think the skill duration over the cooldown at max level is to allow to cycle the buff like the armor deffense boost does, which can be fine if the health boost is propely tuned, the problem is being how much more capable how living the affected people be. but i will give off my personal idea which is rather than having the hp increase as a main course have the hp regen being boosted up toning down the hp boost to 15% at max level but giving off 30% more hp regen along with decreasing the tick distance between each regen by 40% (making it 3secs/tick) making it only that builds which includes hp regen in their kits to gain a true value out of it (making it an extra hp regen source like the passive heal, take in account by the skill alone on a tank with a lil hp regen in their kit can take it to 220hp/3sec not taking in account additional boosts) with the deathknight having the best combo with secret reserve which would turn it into an extra life. but it has 2 problems 1. pvp strenght (most 2v2, phoenix dk combo) 2. no pve content that would require that much healing boost (not even raidbosses are being threathening anymore) but it can work as an alternative to the healing totem in exchange of effective area and being single target and working as a second passive heal buff. remember that there a limited amount of skillpoints and therefore the skill will require something else to be taken down.
  21. people will always complain about something they cant handle how effective and loud they're depends on the person but in general i dont see why the warlock would be strong on 1v1 in either paper or pratical point of view, the class is and shines for group combat and i dont see where it would need a nerf for it i do agree that the priest could use of some love (some rework that could make the class more intresting) but this is not really the place for it? also please use normal characters
  22. it absolutely is, warspear is loosing so much value by not having such feature. like the feeling of reward it gives the player is beyond infinite, there is litteraly no loss of adding such a feature to the game
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