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  1. i never seen problems with the barbarian as long u dont go to get in contact with rnjesus wich can make either god or not, it would be nice barb would be changed into a less rng reliant class in excange of minor maximun power if rng is with you (parry(i use to run it)/block/stunchance of the skills) but thats not only for the barb but with all of them in general
  2. this sounds like an slow but heavy hit killer, like stoneskin, i absolutely love it duration? or an certain amount of hits it gets before lowering? like instead of having 3% for each amounf of hits something like 1-1-1-2 stacks each hit and each stack gives 1-1,5-2-2,5% damage reduction for each stack and it loses 1 stack for each hit you take slowy decreasing the damage reduction to 0 as you dont attack and gets hits, and loosing 1 stack each 3 seconds afther not being in blattle for 15 seconds, not as effecetive as your suggestion but i liked the idea so here i say it. for clarification its not -2,5% dmg taken and one stack took away, its like you have 10 stacks (25% at 4/4) you take the damage decreased by the sum of the damage reduction of all the stacks (25% at 4/4) and then loose one stack making you have less damage reduction on the next hit if not recovered (wich will be 22,5%) ... what if instead of doing a wind slash you SPIN with the sword(or any 2h melee weapon but in this case i see no reason to not use a greatsword) giving bleed to everyone around you (maybe even in a 2yard radius due to the big weapon)?
  3. ok now go outside and take some fresh air you spent eught time on making all possible to have the higest energy possible, you dont even need to regenerate it anymore
  4. the problem i see with bladedancer is the massive boost bladepower offers wich being combined with the rest of the kit bladedancer has is too strong wich can be easly solved by a tonedown wich i cant really come up with due not having in mind right now the bonus it gives right now and i'd like someone to remind me
  5. its to say that they're gonna do a bigger rebalance update than usual later this year or early in the next, so they're encouraging to write more in the class topics in this way they can have more info to work on said that, dont touch my son stoneskin
  6. from what i see is more of a master up system for when you reach max level from a dev prospective but there is the baseling problem that the prices can only go up or stand still (repeat talent so it as same costs) but it will inevitably end up wih them will be basicaly too many to be upgraded before more gets added and then the game die(nothing lasts forever), it will all will depend on how whoever designs it decided to balance it, we can only hope they will make a sauitable system in the long run we also need to remember in this game we have players going to pay months of grinding for a small stat boost, but sadly not everyone is like that, attualy, most players attualy aims for books wich gives a type of boosts wich garants and to flip down the table as example for the books of the raidbosses of the 5th sector, Orkinus and Octo hmm i should write a full suggestion at this point....
  7. either lower the price of give more knowledge when ur further in the game along higher daily caps, it could raise every 10 levels by 400/450 (with also increase of knowledge given by quests further in the game) in order to allow players to get eught knowledge considering that them will be expanded and for what i see now them are about up for lvl 12 the talents in order to have effect, so either that or lower the price, for now the grind seems pointless for casuals and also in the long run if the costs will go up it may probaly face the cap (in game but in all cases its inevaitable) or the cap of players are willing to grind for (wich can be prevented)
  8. its the first case, for make it simple make that you have an counter that goes up each time u take damage, each time that counter reaches the amount equivalent to 40% hp, it triggers, getting heal wont touch the counter by not even a bit, even if i consider to make the skill viable it should be something about an increase of health regeneration or to decrease the treshold that it needs to go trought for triggering to atleast 20% total hp
  9. in case the first one gets resisted and while mooving it helps affect new enemies encountered
  10. jcbreff already told you about the limitation about the amount of hotkeys avaible, but the part of letting customize wich one is binded to wich key would really helpfull
  11. lore

    Skill suggestions

    yes it can be a change wich can be done in terms to rebalance for give the magic templar a bigger chance what if it worked differently depending on the weapon in use? making that while using staff it bases on magic damage and pushes back the enemy instead of moove it behind you? it would garant the templar a better place in the support by being able to keep dangerous melee classes like barbarians and rogues away, ofcourse there other with similar skills (fear, or the ranger's scatter arrow) but it would be a bit better since the isntant pushback and the stun wich might need a change or 2 for the changin of how the skill works, maybe some edit in the cast range too while using staff i think this would also make the templar more interesting to play yeah it should, it would give it some minimal extra effectiveness in pvp scenarios(protect the backline or frontline from heavy hitting skills, but the change whould be still minimal if the enemy just destroys the statue with thier aoes) too along protecting the team from aoe skills during pve, it would cause the statue to stand less due the extra damage it is deviating yes, i think no class at all should suffer of this, its frustating. i didnt play templar so i based it off what i know in general about the sentinels and also templar, and considering how it would make the templar a bit more appealing to play (and effective) on a external standpoint, but i gave low consideration on the pvp aspect of it all
  12. only if i find something challenging and fun to do i will be active again, as for now, i rarely log to do thing due the lack of pve content that requires more attention into such.
  13. i like this idea, nothing else to say
  14. lore

    Earth Protection

    in addition to that it helps to boost the solidity since it increases the physical deffense, very usefull in the endgame dungeons
  15. ok so, for short, there is this issue wich the buffs stays when entering a new round of the merman trials on first stage? i dont would call it a bug but rather more a exploit (even if its no game error occured, just an lack in the system to prevent anyone to go inside boosted). if this issue is existent, u can easly prove it by using any class wich can applies themselves an buff long eught to last beyond the period at the start of the each round where both guilds are sealed in thier camps, then, if you can show chieftans can get that effect trought, u bascialy prove that they CAN do that wich should be instantly dealt with please tell me if im describing the issue ur talking of is correct, if yes, bring proof that it is still existing
  16. exscuse me... shoulnt it be also templar's aggression skill?
  17. i am here once again for the thing wich up there i asked and i will ask again players should be able to become a crab and rave, and im not giving up
  18. kronus is already a raidboss, u can reconize them from the big crown with red background, it turns into a dungeon for 6 hours afther it being killed
  19. looks like i never noticed it, maybe its related to have priests rarely use it
  20. the range of both the totem and redemption is both an 3x3 square
  21. u can not just only heal from it but also prevent its spread by organizing accordingly, also the chance for the players with infection to die befiore that are higher due to the increased incoming damange towards them, also from what i can see, the video had an amount of players attualy low for near all aoe skills, take not that targets wich had infection previosly cannot be re-infected by someone else exploding along him, the only way u can get all of them at the same time is have an dedicated group of necromancers aiming for that pourpuse, the skill is based on screwing huge clusters of players by getting em some free dmg or basicaly put thier attack on a timer
  22. i think the "infinite" target feel comes from the infection spreading evrywhere due to player cramming during wars, making it a very good chain effect. (ps. for solve this issue, you need priests to keep it tamed or ur not gonnahave a very bad time with a good chance )
  23. lore

    CHARMER in gvgs

    so you're suggesting to have them explode dealing damage basing on how thier attacks are? as example the wolf will cause an physical damage explosion while the chaos bird an magic one?
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