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  1. can we have the full infographics of the classes please?
  2. they do whatever they want since have the power of vpn and the chance to create such big waves of bots that becomes impossible to find what is a bot and what is not
  3. lore

    modern solutions

    this thing is kinda where almost evryone agree, like when someone dares make the dealer goin battlemode. hmm, yes in a point of view since it would also keep the world chat at it is and make the area one used. and at the same time making more ppl go in neutrual towns for talk im happy that u share my same opinion here well attualy my idea is to promote pt farm (also at low lvl) since evryone wins and the chance of drop dosent change much, also didnt the bots dont exist from the benning? for the rest im happy u shared ur opinion i know its attualy a wierd idea
  4. basicaly in a us-saphire discord server we cameout with many issues inside the server and i got this idea wich will help all the servers *i know that some of these ideas are already been suggested im just pointing out all the ideas at one the dealer very simple as many suggested, make the dealer the items from both sides to both sides in way to make it a place where u can buy n sell stuff, i case make that dealers in neutrual towns (as example nardir sard) the chat make the world chat truly a world chat were both sides can talk together even if that means have a chat with way more shit-talk but thats something better than have ppl making a hate char onn the other side, and also add a faction chat wich will be the replacement of the actual world chat parties first as my eyes them are too small, make it of up 9 players would be lead to great raid figth even if the players are weak and also allow the oppisite side party together in neutrual sides (enemy of my enemy is my friend) raid bosses and bosses first of all, make the areas of all raid bosses neutrual, same for the bosses faceless (with his piramid) and spawn also all the bosses (included mini bosses) also drop huge amounts of gold (for example if u figth kronus at his same lvl u surely loot an amount of gold equivalent of his lvl*1000 for bosses the lvl*100 and for minibosses the lvl*10 (the gold drop is garanted) and as the player goes beyond the boss' level the amount of gold is reduced by 10%*overlvl by making the gold drop limit of 10 lvl beyond the boss' level being in a party wont affect the amount of gold each players gain amping (yes like skylore) the spheres instead BLOCKS the negative effect by failing an amplificcation but the sings will have to new function of instead increase by 50% the chance of success and also allow double amplify example i amp from +0 to +1 with a sing will be succes chance: 100%+50%(from the sing)= 150% there will be 100% chance of amping to +1 the item and 50% of chance to amp it to +2 then from +1 to +2 succes chance: 90% (supposing)+50%(already know where from) = 140% there will be 100% chance to amp to +3 and 40% chance to amp to +4 directly and as the rework the droprate of spheres and the cost of the spheres and sing need be changed
  5. my vote for that idea is NO, because then why play the game if it does it by himself?
  6. wich browser ur using? and ur sure its updated?
  7. Since we are achiving higher levels and the Campion Colosseum its the "guild" dungeon i think it needs a rework for increase the lvl range now the drops of the dungeon covers lvl 20-22-24-26 and we can achive the 32th level since the ship graveyard update. the idea is to make the champion colloseum an structure with inside different entraces to different dungeons wich will be the sustitute of the usual entrance and the names will be likely the ones of the event dungeons. for example "arena of the guilds" wich drops will be same of the actual champions colloseum dungeon, in order to add an additional arena (example "arena of the coalition") wich will cover the levels 28-30-32. additional stuff: all the bosses of the dungeon drops an crimson corondums to spend at the possibe new traders with special new gear and costumes. thats all i have to say so in this way the champion colosseum will be a place to always go in any point of the game beyond lvl 20 and as the guild developes
  8. i do because when i log in the morning im deaad so i take a second to read all the stuff even if i dont care
  9. did you noticed the speed of enrgy cost it is showing is (and i've check) 5/2sec instead of 5/1sec?
  10. as a legionaire u can combo the warlock's gromoire and the necromancer's infection in combo for essentialy remove almost the totality of his armor, if also have a hunter with mark will essentialy remove the phisical armor by its totality if also want use dk's threads (if works) for make it gain even more dmg whiout requiring buffs idk about sentinels.. but i see them got seekers able to have an high armor penetration with a great dps, same for bladedancers othercase use the new piercing weapons and go with oly damagers wich bases themself on auto attacks then for the other problems i have no idea
  11. here the scroll of truth. even if im not Reivenorik also here the nerf in its face, test server announcements dosent mention an another change on this so its rigth as u can see Saturation: Increased the cost of using the skill 5 energy + 10% hp on all levels to 12-14-16-18 energy + 10% hp
  12. for the barbarian a russian boi menaged to gain the detailed description of the skils the big issue comes with attack skills and also healing skills cause has bonuses via character lvl and kill lvl too as u can see (use chrome for translate from russian to english)
  13. lore

    the memes / funnies

    evryone in town when u attack the dealer on the fourth town in irlsernorth
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