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  1. me, on the other hand, expeirenced an increase of drops with higher rarity (out of the usual stuff) when doing solo in general drops, even when i farmed in a party, owever i noticed that while farming items such chololate hearts, skull jewerly boxes and such event chest items the rates werent were seemenly unaffected, taking in account when farming with my lvl6 shaman it was a garrantee in solo farm and was almost a constant drop while i farmed in a trio at lvl32, making it more efficient to farm in a party such items, maybe it depends on multiple factors but as we both said already it would need alot of data to verify, and since i doubt the rates will be public its best to just straight up test it ourselves if we REALLY want to know it, but i also bet my entire stash of ale that there some exception to this rule wich will make required to redo a damn ton of runs (event mob chests being the first candidate to it, item quest must be or it would be really stupid) so i think we should ask ourselves: how do we get this info whiout spending an immense amount of time, while at the same time keeping it reliable?
  2. dungeons dont care of how many people are in there, the drop is simply made with a chest with fixed chances, had no info wich could say the opposite in this case there is CERTAINLY a decrease in drops depending on how many people are in the party, owever it is not a full on division, from personal experience i can say it does divide, but not as a flat rate/members, but form the very same way it works it seems to prefer to give multiple lower drops rather than bigger ones, wich happens with a single player, wich makes more effective go in a party to farm items with an HIGH drop rate and in solo/small party with items with a lower droprate, but i would need to directly test it (im open to calculate such if someone is open to help me with it, anyone is accepted or even better, more people the merrier) in order to give an clear and true answer to that since my answer to this is 80% speculation to be simple, i dont know 100%, but we can get the answer by ourselves
  3. this can even be a basic option in the settings, just name it "streamer mode" or something like that and bam, problem sloved, this problem is not just limited to alternative accounts, it also affected to the simple change of character, you should be able to go directly to the character selection screen whiout logging out.... in short, top tier quality of life suggestion, we need it.
  4. to me it work pretty much like it should, maybe you'd better name it as a suggestion rather than working wrong, since it does what it should do. but in most cases it is not enough of a entity wich should be considered, it might give that slight boost, but meh, nothing too big to worry about
  5. these are really nice quality of life improvements the game can make use of, but there CAN be some issues implementing one of it the lifebars might cover eachother on big fights (40+ players) making it hard to calculate the amount of hp the enemies have or outright cover enemies in it, it might be an good idea to automaticaly disable in certain situation the health bars in order to keep the player still able to see (this also applies to names and guildnames), these conditions can be set up on the settings (cluster size, stacking players amount ecc) this can also help with performance, so this can also be made for some particles. out of this i would like to add something this might only be able for pc only, a quick zoom and out options for allow both an easier time in case of intense moments and also allow to focus on fewer things at a time when nedded then for help to keep on check the health there can be some form of signal (like the borders of the screen becoming red when hit with a menu open) at low hp in order to make the player atleast know they're low on hp/energy for the party, there can be some effect (similar to the one mentioned before, but limited in the small area of the screen where the party ally's info is shown) to drag attention there, this would make easier for the healers to know when someone is in an emergency and needs immediate healing, this should also be able to be modified /activated/deactivated by the player's preferences also, equipment store in avyondill along higher level versions of the nardir sard's stores equipment (or even have one with their own unique themes in maliat and their own high reputation trader in each one of the towns of avyondill) then the obvious skill point loadouts, UNBIND SCROLL, costume unbind and possibly an rework of the stores/quests in irselnort
  6. chieftain has a shield? i only remember he having an really good dr skill
  7. the fact that bleed is the basic PYSICAL DAMAGE over time effect, the strenght, power and effectiveness are based by the skill wich causes it, the fact that the barbarian is the only one being able to do such a feat as increase the damage of the skill wich applies bleed dosent make it forcefully the strongest bleeding skill. the normal, baseline, bleed came in first with barbarian and bladedancer, and since them the effectiveness of the effect were different in power, take in account wich each skill as a cost and cooldown to be taken in account, yes it is the weakest bleed skill in the game and could use a little pump up in damage to stand up the levels with the rest of the barbarian's toolkit, but it dosent has to be the strongest bleed skill. if you look at the talent, it says "increase the power of the skill from the physical strenght by the character by 5%" it says the power of the skill, the strenght of the chop skill itself, you are strenghtening the skill wich causes the effect, if you read it in this way you dont have anymore to worry about all of this, yes it is slight underpowered. but do we even need a buff to the skill? by looking at our entire skillset? is it worth to increase the power of a singular skill just because the barbarian ever so happens to be able to upgrade the strenght of the skill itself? tldr: being able to upgrade the strenght of a skill wich ever so happens to apply an effect and thats it dosent make it entitled to be able to deal more damage than all the other bleed applying skills in the game yes there is poison, but the designers are free to simply add an different effect to make it more fitting to the class (or disable the chance to combo with a certain skill of the barbarian's toolkit)
  8. the problem is that not evrything is +10 and the testing might require some time in order to find some exploit or something broken in a class, and as we have seen it takes time for them to test so we would have a hell of a time having constant tests all week, also i prefer to maximun on one balance each month/season in order to dont have the team rush always the balance and have enough data to do the thing proprely depends on the developer team and their focuses, also a weekly update is not forcefully an skill balance update different dev team sizes, budgets, goals, so the game is a game dosent matter as an argument. they can be paid like gods the same way they can be underpaid to hell, also they probaly have someone dedicated to this stuff and the the rest of dev team just implements the thing welp, they should, as they can also not, also i dont see how weekly skill balances would be good, it would end up to just make it an hell and needing rushed ideas in for balance, the only ones wich would be able to run in whiout big issues is small changes. as higs said, use the new classes to balance the situation, the best option is not always the most evident one, you can also buff an underpowered/normal class to screw over an op class, you dont need to directly target the issue to solve it, the main target is not have "god" tier and "useless trash" tiers of classes.
  9. i dont think the developers consider the players having all the unique books all at once with the rates them are dropped, also it would make it too much of a power gap for the ones who haves them and who has not (especially for the ones willing to whale up for em), and a good part of the playerbase is willing to get those books from the very fact they have noone and still has free skill slots (usualy dosent happen for the f2p players due to not having the paid slots, making it even more of a p2w scenario. for short, it is still a suggestion, i think its fine how it is, i can see why collectors would want enough slots for all the skills as the same people want a way to have all costumes with em whiout invetory issues. but for skills it can cause a balance problem, but the change wich skills are active and wich are not (if done proprely) can help solve the issue while avoiding the balance issue of one single man having all the stuff and being way but WAY too strong in pvp(and pve) scenarios, since having a full set of non class books makes em already way stronger than the normal limit of the class
  10. to my eye it seems pretty regular, you simply are not able to have all the skills you want, thats a decision of the developers themselves and i dont think this has to be considered either a bug or as something broken. if you want to ask for more expert skill slots you might want to moove to the suggestion section of the forum https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/forum/34-suggestions/
  11. no, you can buy all the mcoins you want and you still need the planets to align, by getting mcoins you just increase the amount of times you roll the planets
  12. the problem is you dont need a tank in the first place if you can just melt the dungeon the game needs to make in way to prevent partys to get away with speedwipe parties in order to make em desired again, for both tanks and healers
  13. beacause applying bleed is taken as a skill, they make it different from class to class to fit in with the balance, make it equal to all of them would make them need to rethink how to handle the bleed in first place since whenever you want to change it in damage for one class you get forced to think about all the others while taking in account that levelling up the skill would now require to change the period of the effect in order to get different damage values and also levelling up the skill wich can lead to long period of effect, and having multiple stacks of it wont work too for how it works since it can block the enemy in place (wich can also happen with op duration). the developers took the choice to make it in this way, since there other effects in the game such as stun wich has differrent duration but multiple skills can do it, healing and combat healing are justified since one has a starting brust and for the normal healing they copypasted the skill from start to end. also, the barbarian can combo bleed with defeat in short just because it is an "effect" it DOES NOT have to be equal for all of them if whoever designs the skill decided so. the reason behind it? balance. it is kinda a weak skill? yes. does it about the same damage of blow in total damage? they're close. and having both the duration and damage be variable skill to skill allows it for more ways to balance such skills
  14. bleed does 4 ticks on its duration, making it 460*4=1840, wich is 126% circa of the attack, an increase of 100% in damage would make it into 3680 wich is 253% of all attack circa ove its duration, basical way too much. the skill still needs an increase since 126% of attack total damage by having the skill at maximun level along relic and talent to support it... it clearly need an push up in damage, but not a big one, since 130-140% atk is what the attack skills tend to be around for in dealing damage, but also there is the need of take in account that the barbarian is still a tank oriented class.
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