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  1. there is a reason why u have the master of arts title and i am seeing it here right now
  2. wow great job man, also about the other damage values i suggest u to try em with insanely low attack wich can be obtained with an combination of sap (bladedancer) roar (barbarian) and mental pit (necromancer) with the weakest weapon possible, cause there can be flat dmg adds from the skill and character level
  3. this is my 420th post nothing thats all
  4. the ones wich have near to 0 hopes in their luck, its mostly about the chance of getting the item + dungeon difficulty/repleyability/lenght vs the quality and value of the item itself, showing the rate is better than leaving it to guess since pepole can assume the rate is way lower than it is in reality.
  5. i think it still better than having noone, yes it may keep pepole away but its better than directly giving up assuming the rate is too low cause ur unlucky
  6. it ignores the enemy's deffence only, resislience will still work as protection. nope, it wont affect on any poin, the effect that penetration haves on piercieng is cause the boost of dmg u get from pierciend triggering less due all ur hits already ignores part of the deffence of the enemy as for now it seems fine since in the long run players will have an huge amount of it and by so causing it to be higly effective on classes that are higly based on auto attacks and add an buff would make those classes probaly insanely good, so i doubt about that
  7. indeed, an timer for the peps around can be an great idea to prevent the ones that are like snipers waiting u to open the chest
  8. probaly on wich one appears more in a range of top that starts to 1 to an certain point over the year in each season and arena gamemode n level range. as for dungeon in wich ones appears the most in most dungeon or in the one wich just appears the most in overall this would explain why the rogue is there since it appears almost always as dps in the parties and even multiple times (even more before the release of the chieftan), as for mage well, pre nerf u would make dungeons with just 5 of em togehter, valid aoe, but i have no idea of how them beaten the seeker and bladedancers....
  9. the charmer performs well in all dungeons wich there targets with massive deffence due its weakness skill, the single target healing is strong too along an accuracy boost (and deffence) wich used on an dps class can make an good boost in the going trought it(and maybe save that one dps from getting critnuked in endgame dugeons....). so u can safely say that its help its great in the technopolis dungeon wich bosses have huge deffence along on fighting enemies like the 5th sector raidbosses and oldinker, or in general any enemy with an huge amount of deffence, the controll of the class can also
  10. thats about 0,1% chance to drop AN mermen equipment piece, counting that there 3 categories with 8 pieces in each aka in total 24 pieces, it makes that an WAY lower chance that the item you need will ever pop out. may u be blessed on the next dungeon runs
  11. oh wait i didnt notice it and neither saw the notif of it, thats great thanks for the reward and all the rest idk what else to say its almsot past the year here and i did only randomly opened the forum for see how it was going due not looking it since the holidays started for me (the 25th).... gratz for all the rest of the winners
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