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  1. I have an general idea that all costumes droprates are between 1 and 2% (from bosses and dungeons)
  2. it is essentialy like a guild storage but instead of all members of the same guild has access to it all ur characters in the account will instead, it would have an his dedicated npc and have more space than a player (20 slots for start to a max of 500 as example, and the expanders gives 10 slots each, + for devs bread), it would also be able to store all ur stuff or use it as a midman to transfere ur items between sides whiout worrying of all the scammers. an bank system would help players alot for also organize their inventory and have a space where to leave thier extra costumes (the storage will also be able to contain "personal" items) in order to spam and farm more (more seeker's stamina will be used and bought, + for dev's bread), thier location will only be in mayor towns like wolf's dale(starter town), armor cliff(first town of irselnorth), nadir-sard(the neutrual town of irselnort), maliat (first town of avyondill) and also all the event's island towns
  3. what if a inter character stash system gets added?
  4. too high shield rate wich classes u think are the hardest to master (not just learn how basicaly play the class, but use it at its maximun power)? (one for pvp and one for pve, explain why)
  5. lore

    No Mobility for MCs

    Id not trust it as skill, many times it can send u to the other world if ur net is not well stable
  6. Ye, all members can go The one where member amount is limited its the castle battles But the issue is the amount of player online for it, this makes the case of many vs few for phalanx vs yinyang as example
  7. lore


    U need an insane amount of equipment for do that, bosses can posses AOE skills wich can hurt The most recent added bosses dagan and all the bosses of campion colloseum mithycal posses a load of deffence by making hard to have a huge selfheal, add an really high dmg, crit chance and critical damage(like 300/400% crit dmg) U surely see those situation in places like technopolis or vs most world bosses since their deffence/atk is not so huge The classes capable to do that are really fragile most of times (unless ur a tank sorrounded by lots of weak mobs) Also we are blessed that the heals also have a good deck of support skills from weakning te enemy to buffing allies, but thier role as healer is safe
  8. They are talking of members active at the event
  9. I can think of that but like 10% patk/2secs?
  10. Its cool but... CAN WE PLEASE HAVE THE INFOGRAPHICS? (as example amount of players, winners of arena seasons, mermen trials, rep maxed, classes from most to least played, basicaly l u did in 2019 end year infographics but with more stuff) Or tell me where i can find it always updated please
  11. For how long and how will be based the damage of the bleed?
  12. This thread is going to be a meme
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