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  1. death knights brings death to everyone and everyone includes themselves but why anyone would want to spend hp for a skill that gives a buff wich is not capable to heal you back the health you use unless you are insanely strong? i could get the necromancer using 3% of thier hp wich made thier healing and shield have a lower cost in energy too, but the heal was able to recover all and more than the health the necromancer used to cast it, same with the damage the shield assorbed
  2. you need to try enter and you will magicaly find yourself in the test server
  3. the password change dosent affect the test server log in from what i know, it will be the same if the account is new, you need to use the old password and mail
  4. i had problems with the old links too, it semmed to work once you copypasted the link on a new page, try do that if the new links still dont work note: i am on windows 10 and i use opera gx as browser
  5. so afther few testings (wich werent long for me atleast) im here i checked out the following things seen the effects of the new talents on my level 32 barbarian and on my level 6 shaman on the first impact its evident that the talents are more of an help in the start and towards the middle of the game and that the trees are expected to be expanded in future updates. the effects on the shaman were pretty great, with the extra effect applied to earth protection it showed off the be able to chip off a relatively good amount of damage caused from the druid miniboss at its first level of developement (the skill at 1/5 and the talent increased) with an about 4(?) damage decreased from the 90 of the druid, there is to also take in account that extra protection via decrease of enemy penetration in the early game is not the best option, but it shows that it can give a minor boost wich can be good in the middle of the game and then not bad at the endgame, the energy cost reduction to me is relatively too low in tendency that it might be even invisible to notice... the extra skillpoint is where evrything shines and shows its relatively amazing uses for early game, for atleast up to level 18 (wich at 20 it starts to fade) the extra skillpoint can allow you a boost that shoulnt go completely noticed if used well and the effect are more than visible at levels bellow 10 due the base stat of the skills from the skill level on the barbarian, i noticed them are a good minimal boost to lighten the game abit, and from here i say: the amount of avaible talents at the moment are clearly not eught for level 32 and them should be expanded in atleast few months in order to allow higher level players feel a bit of boost from them out of the skillpoint and the extra effects given by the 1% block boost and the extra power of the skill, even tought the boost of chop can be easly noticed, the rest can pretty much go unoticed as you go on on better and better equipment and with this i hope that an expansion of the talent tree is not too far (atleast bellow 6 months of wait) the second roar cast can be usefull in case the skill gets resisted by the boos on the first hit in order to apply or there many enemy players so apply the effect on more players (hopefully) or try again apply it on those who resist and mae easier to cycle the skill effect while having less skill cooldown speed, the skillpoint can be used to give a minor boost to a skill wich can benefit the most from it as example last wish, barbarian nature and defeat, or boost one of the skills you left at lower level to increase others as i did on my skillbuild, wich is not as effective as increasing the power of lastwish or garant extra protection from effects with barbarian nature, increase dps with defeat or give a minor boost to protection overtime by increasing scream of fury, wich sadly, is not that as effective as other skills depending on the equipment you're using, i consider the expansion of the talent tree a thing on the to do list the developers should have for atleats the world creation event update up to gaining a second skillpoint, i consider good also expanding it in way to gain multiple times certain talents (as example the ones wich decrease recived damage from monsters) in order to increase the entity of thier effectiveness, but the few minor boost now gained are already something that can be worked on the make a little bit easier run dungeons in pve on bugs level, i attualy noticed nothing since i nedded just few tests to see how it can perform over all opinion(yeah i should've placed the whole amount of talents thingy here): i like the thing, im also interested on the daily rewards thingy i noticed when i opened the test server wich can give a little help to pogress in the game if them are things such as minion caches, or even something great to atleast one sign of impershability on the 7th day but its all to see. regarding the ways for obtaining knowledge, them are nice but i will have to see how it will be out with the costs of the talents revealed along a possible edit of the knowledge gained from quests and dungeons (the daily limit from dungeon kinda worries me, it can be not recived well if not balanced propely along the gain from quests and costs of said talents, along the difficulty of the dungeon). in the few changes to the ui of character view i am completely neutrual but on the side of the quick equipment swap, please dont make that all the health given by the armor gets removed, just make in way that the health increased dosent get automaticaly healed othercase players might have to deal to see about half of thier health fade away eachtime swapping equipment for something (to me stupid) like 3 less health wich might make over the already self block of changing equipment mid fight dangerous even more, and just annoying while doing it while going around (especialy with classes with low self sustain), yes it was already existing while swapping equipment 1 by 1 but when you do it (for the game) with your equipment set (inclusidn the ones the other set has already) has a sort of impact wich can be too big/annoying for certain players for the rest the feature is very usefull and allows to save alot of time time.
  6. its the first case, for make it simple make that you have an counter that goes up each time u take damage, each time that counter reaches the amount equivalent to 40% hp, it triggers, getting heal wont touch the counter by not even a bit, even if i consider to make the skill viable it should be something about an increase of health regeneration or to decrease the treshold that it needs to go trought for triggering to atleast 20% total hp
  7. in case the first one gets resisted and while mooving it helps affect new enemies encountered
  8. jcbreff already told you about the limitation about the amount of hotkeys avaible, but the part of letting customize wich one is binded to wich key would really helpfull
  9. lore

    Skill suggestions

    yes it can be a change wich can be done in terms to rebalance for give the magic templar a bigger chance what if it worked differently depending on the weapon in use? making that while using staff it bases on magic damage and pushes back the enemy instead of moove it behind you? it would garant the templar a better place in the support by being able to keep dangerous melee classes like barbarians and rogues away, ofcourse there other with similar skills (fear, or the ranger's scatter arrow) but it would be a bit better since the isntant pushback and the stun wich might need a change or 2 for the changin of how the skill works, maybe some edit in the cast range too while using staff i think this would also make the templar more interesting to play yeah it should, it would give it some minimal extra effectiveness in pvp scenarios(protect the backline or frontline from heavy hitting skills, but the change whould be still minimal if the enemy just destroys the statue with thier aoes) too along protecting the team from aoe skills during pve, it would cause the statue to stand less due the extra damage it is deviating yes, i think no class at all should suffer of this, its frustating. i didnt play templar so i based it off what i know in general about the sentinels and also templar, and considering how it would make the templar a bit more appealing to play (and effective) on a external standpoint, but i gave low consideration on the pvp aspect of it all
  10. only if i find something challenging and fun to do i will be active again, as for now, i rarely log to do thing due the lack of pve content that requires more attention into such.
  11. i like this idea, nothing else to say
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