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  1. this is probably not what you are looking for but you won't find much income in the second map of irselnort, the best way that i know of is in ayvondil it would need you to finish story quests or "yellow quests" up to the 4th city in ayvondil of tom-lugu/pelion, upon finish the story quests you will be greeted with blue quests, these quest are the simplest most effective way of earning money for f2p players, Mini-bosses Quests: these quests just requires you to kill mini-bosses that have roughly 25k health, they spawn throughout the wastelands and gives reasonable
  2. why? what's wrong with the class? seems to me like a decent class to play
  3. why not just make it a passive and call it a day, after all barbarian are unjustly nerfed, it would be even more attractive to developers
  4. seeker names themselves "Rogue"
  5. while creating this costume i wanted something that scream "evil" and what better thing to portray that than the color red the Calamity costume is made from the scales of an ancient red dragon, decorated with a ruby at it center, while ancient beast horns are attached to the helmet and a cape! who doesn't like capes, the cape is made of high quality dyed silk to project the wealth and status of its owner
  6. that is correct! thank you for correction, it seems like an obvious thing that the target doesn't get rooted for the same duration, but somethings goes over my head... i should probably test how long the rooting last for each level and add it to the skill
  7. buying magical items because they are what you could your hand on is different from buying them because they are the correct thing to buy. surly anything you equip will be useful but you will start to notice the different once you go into late game content
  8. thanks for the editing... the flashing gave me a headache
  9. the skill is bad... but is it the worst the dk have? the answer is no. and that is the reason why i actually have saturation at 4/4 let me explain, as a dk who lost hope in his skills being useful for endgame content, i turned my head to the second thing a dk or a tank in general should focus on after skills, that is stats, and while most tank chose to go for more defense or more max health, i decided to go with defensive stats like parry and block and the reason for that goes back to the reason i chose to max out saturation but before i say why, i wanted to ask you a q
  10. edit: just to be clear... the skill heals 50% of ITS DAMAGE not 50% of your health For PvE? nah, the skill uses magical damage which in general dks don't have much of, and most importantly the skill is often resisted by bosses, not mentioning that fact that IF the skill landed then its damage would be reduced by the enemy armor so the scenario that would happen most of the time is, you activate saturation > lose 10% health > then sharp shadow fails and you waste 10% of your health for nothing the skill is not efficient in PvE nor justify leveling it up over other sk
  11. i am glad you like it, i worked hard on it, worked on it more than i wanted too... but people seem to liked the result so i am happy the aggression amount is permanent unless 1 of 2 things happen A - you leave the area where the aggroed monster is in B - The targeted monster die aside from that... if we are talking about identical tanks, then yes! the one who started aggroing first gonna get aggro, but on normal game scenario, its usually about who have more cooldown to spam aggro skills more and if you have aggression increase relics as well as potions!
  12. yes i was thinking about doing it that way! but still even with that you can't get good values on how the skill actually work...
  13. Important Some of the numbers mentioned in the post are the result of testing skill and may not represent the actual number of the skill. numbers colored in Purple are highly doubted and needs more testing to figure out better. special thanks to @Akasha for helping make this guide possible, Thank you very much!. if you find any spelling or number error, please do tell me to fix it. Description Death Knight is a truly flexible tank, capable of dealing high amount of physical (and somewhat magical) damage while having high amount of defense, and
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