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  1. I miss you too bro, but unfortunately WS just killed the hunter class so i might be back soon with another class. 😉
  2. That was really sad, but I want to know if Danair is dead or just injured because I can still see him guarding Nadir-Sard. PS: I like it so much, it seems to be real story.
  3. Many years have passed since the moment great warriors took up arms, overcoming difficulties prepared for them by the Gods of Arinar. Day after day they discovered new lands and met new heroes and creatures, I remember my first steps upon the lands of Irselnort, and how many dangerous trials we've had to overcome to earn the trust of people native to these lands. This year was full of adventures and fights, I can remember my last fight against the mad Engineer and how we finally defeated it and saved Flying Island, now the mighty hunter needs to rest even for few days. Finally i
  4. Ahmedic


    Sort of, do u like it?
  5. That's true most of hunter users switch off to other dmg class, unfortunately hunter is useless now on pve or even pvp.
  6. Greetings, I'm just wondering why the game hates Hunter class so much, it's already many of hunters users stop playing it because it's useless now. Hunters supposed to be fast and accurate, how he will be fast if he can't reach highest speed? how he will be accurate without accuracy skill? Most funny thing that Hunter don't have accuracy skill, even the highest Hunters can't go far with accuracy so they still miss attack. . 😂 Unfortunately Hunter is dead now. Low damage (Seeker, Ranger, Rogue even Blade dancers can deal more damage than hunt
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