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  1. Baron Saturday wasn't fond of traditions, to say nothing of love. But Katrina changed the man. Rumor has it that the she bewitched her "Valentino" on their first date, who turned into the perfect gentleman, buying her favorite flowers, writing love poems and even serenades. Baron Saturday felt so bad without his real love, he started to singing... Oh Katrina... Quiero abrazarte y dejar que mi alma entre tus manos. Y sigue corriendo contigo hasta que no sepa dónde estoy. Desearía estar contigo y vivir dos edades mirándote a los ojos. Y olvida todo mi dolor hasta que sienta que estoy en el cielo. Nunca te olvido, ni puedo vivir sin ti, día y noche, sigo pensando solo en ti. Dondequiera que te vayas, mi corazón puede verte, donde sea que te escondas, puedo sentirte. Bebé, dime cuánto vale mi vida si no estás allí. Katrina, te estoy amando. Lucky I was walking near and listing to that romantic song, I wrote everything and now I have to deliver it to Katrina as soon as possible. Ahmedic - US-SAPPHIRE
  2. Great job, but why huge map? I have to lose 2-10kgs everytime im going dg because of walking long way! just kidding. 😊
  3. Ahmedic

    HELLO! :)

    Hello, nice to meet you all. 🌷
  4. Thanks, true we need some female costumes tho.
  5. Теперь у Сэма Хэйна неприятности, Скарлет не оставил его в живых.
  6. Never lose hope, we all have a chance. ✌️
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