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  1. Blizzard Blizzard is bloodthirsty creature that mad of ice, it appeared in Arinar many centuries ago. Blizzard's spells are as strong as the winter is cold, he's able to freeze everything alive. Blizzard can control dangerous creatures that made of snow, it will do anything to conquer the whole Arinar. To be continued...
  2. Thought it was my connection, now I know the real reason.
  3. I don't think it's a bug to fix it, the skill not made for that achievement but mc used it correctly.
  4. Abit not fair because chieftain is the only class who using 2x maces, so it's the only class that feel the pain of less magic dmg or am I wrong?
  5. Dual Wield Specialization already decreases the physical damage caused by the offhand weapon by 40%, is that means -30% of magical damage plus -40% of physical damage? Or just -30% of magical damage instead of physical damage?? I just can't understand! @Holmes
  6. Means what? it can't even buy 1 set of halloween chests that cost 1.5k per set
  7. 1k cc for full bp tasks, ain't it so low since I get 1k cc already every week?
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