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  1. Ahmedic

    Useless skills

    Already not using it that's why I said in the future.
  2. Ahmedic

    Useless skills

    Hello everyone, I just fell that there's 2 expert skills with the same effect almost, and I doubt anyone using it even 2/4 for PVE or PVP. Yes it deals damage to all enemies within few yards but extremely low damage without any debuff like Ranger skills and most of time it fail. That skill applies bleeding to all enemies and also applies stun. This one can take the target down in 1 hit and never miss. I wish to improve those skills in near future, best regards.
  3. Totally agree, at least make next season cost 2999 coins or 820 points of last season it would be nice.
  4. Hello everyone, since we can craft weapons and gears and alot of players already maxed all craft options. Why don't we add new option about crafting costumes? There's alot of costumes on game and new players don't know how or where it come from, so I suggest to add new craft task to craft those costumes, it might work the same way like weapons or gears craft. But we might need to add new resources to game and it can be dropped like essences etc.. PS: I don't know if someone already suggested that before 😄
  5. Wow, I just found out that Mountain Instincts buffed. Long time not online in game. 😔
  6. Fabolous, I'd like to see it as a spring boss next event.
  7. Thank you all , I appreciate it! ❤️🌷
  8. Earthquake is spirit of nature, a magical creature with an unseen power. Earthquake live in hidden cave in Ayvondil forest, it takes a form of beautiful and young elf who love to sing and dance. Although of deceptive beauty, Earthquake is a powerful creature that knows no remorse. Earthquake won't listen to logical arguments or accept surrender. Earthquake had very strong horns and claws that can shred a shield to pieces with ease, and it's incredible strength belies their slender and fragile stature.
  9. I miss you too bro, but unfortunately WS just killed the hunter class so i might be back soon with another class. 😉
  10. That was really sad, but I want to know if Danair is dead or just injured because I can still see him guarding Nadir-Sard. PS: I like it so much, it seems to be real story.
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