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  1. That was really sad, but I want to know if Danair is dead or just injured because I can still see him guarding Nadir-Sard. PS: I like it so much, it seems to be real story.
  2. Many years have passed since the moment great warriors took up arms, overcoming difficulties prepared for them by the Gods of Arinar. Day after day they discovered new lands and met new heroes and creatures, I remember my first steps upon the lands of Irselnort, and how many dangerous trials we've had to overcome to earn the trust of people native to these lands. This year was full of adventures and fights, I can remember my last fight against the mad Engineer and how we finally defeated it and saved Flying Island, now the mighty hunter needs to rest even for few days. Finally it's the summer with bright sunlight and hot weather, means it's the time to relax. Now I have to be ready for the sea, wearing my diving set and holding some oxygen tanks. I can't believe myself I'm on ship graveyard finally, from here I can see the sea and smell it, oh that's great! It's amazing sunny day and the birds happy singing, it's the best time for diving. Few minutes later.. What is that? A huge blue monster, ohh it's injured mermaid, I'm sure he needs my help. I: What's going on? And why your body bleeding overall? Tell me I can help you! He answered: He is coming, very powerful, he stole my book. I: Easy easy, what do you mean? I can't understand you. He answered: Captain Giant Octopus, he has destroyed innumerable seamen who got in his way, he is bloodthirsty monster and those who managed to survive his pincers are still afraid to come near water untill now, he's coming to destroy everything could stop him, we need help. I: And what about your book? He answered: Magic Resistance book, without it we all in danger. I: Haha, danger? Seems you don't know who you talking to, what's your name by the way? He answered: Menelad. I: Alright Menelad, you can rest now and I'll get your book back, nothing will ruin my holiday. It's time to fight back, no time for rest since Arinar needs my help. Now I got my crossbow back and went towards Captain Giant Octopus, I just met some sharks, jellyfishs and weak sea monsters, a sunk ship just appeared, I'm coming for you captain. A giant octopus with many young Octopuses guarding him, I started to slay them one by one until I reached the giant octopus, it's more powerful than I thought but I can handle it still, finally it's dead but there's no books with it, I'm going back to Menelad. Once I met Meneland he said: Good job but it wasn't the Captain Giant Octopus, it was the Old Inker, it had been nuisance to us for many years, but it was hiding somewhere and we couldn't find it. It was a shock for me, I was talking to myself, this strong sea monster was just octopus, so how about the Captain Giant Octopus itself!? I just smiled to Menelad and said: Ok don't worry, I'm going for you book. This time I went to east side wishing to meet the Captain Giant Octopus. Finally hidden cave, I hope I'm right this time. A huge pirate ghost appeared, he looks really strong and grumpy, I started to shot him with my arrows, very long battle but i won it after using some supplies, I have to admit that ghost was so powerful, now I have to report for Menelad. I know it wasn't the Captain Giant Octopus, but I want to know who was that strong ghost? Menelad answered: the Drowned Admiral, he's the most loyal soldier to queen Valaria, only she could free the commander from the oath he took. I: Alright, I will continue searching. Jumping into water again but this time I will go to west, I can see a hidden cave again, sure I'll enter it. Oh what's this? Another sea monster, it look really dangerous but I won't give up, the fight started and I'm almost dying, too many health pots I used, but finally I won the battle. Going back to Menelad, I wanted to know about that strong sea monster tho. Menelad said: Levadis Bloody? You defeated it alone? I answered (with honor): Yeah, that was easy. Menelad in shock: Levadis Bloody is the leader of blood fanatics, it's very powerful monster, it was defeated long time ago but we don't know how it back to life again. Anyways I think you're more powerful than I thought, but you still need more help to defeat the Captain Giant Octopus. I answered: Don't worry, I can defeat him. Menelad said: It's up to you, you could try it, but remember that Captain Giant Octopus won't pay attention to lonely warriors, only a bunch of souls to interrupt his sleep, you will need a group of the greatest warriors of Arinar, beware, bloodshed can't be avoided. The real fight will begin, only south way left, I'm sure I'll meet Captain Giant Octopus this time. I got more supplies and went towards to south way, and finally it's the Captain Giant Octopus. I closed my eyes with a long breath, starting to focus and getting back all my strength. I started to shot him but it was the shock, the Captain Giant Octopus summons tons of deadly sea monsters that I couldn't handle, unfortunately he defeated me without even touching him. Now I remembered what Menelad said, I'll get the most strongest warriors of Arinar, time to defeat the Captain Giant Octopus and bring the Magical Resistance book back. Ahmedic, US-SAPPHIRE
  3. Ahmedic


    Sort of, do u like it?
  4. That's true most of hunter users switch off to other dmg class, unfortunately hunter is useless now on pve or even pvp.
  5. Greetings, I'm just wondering why the game hates Hunter class so much, it's already many of hunters users stop playing it because it's useless now. Hunters supposed to be fast and accurate, how he will be fast if he can't reach highest speed? how he will be accurate without accuracy skill? Most funny thing that Hunter don't have accuracy skill, even the highest Hunters can't go far with accuracy so they still miss attack. . 😂 Unfortunately Hunter is dead now. Low damage (Seeker, Ranger, Rogue even Blade dancers can deal more damage than hunter) Slow damage class (Top hunter with guild level 12 and full speed bonus and great charms on speed and full speed accessories can't reach full speed anymore) King of miss attack, hunter supposed not to miss attack because it's hunter (How come hunters missing attack? 😂) Quick look at this please Why all classes has 2 buffs in 1 skill and only Hunter had just 1 buff? So I suggest to add accuracy buff to Mountain instincts skill and so we might bring Hunters back to live again. Buff Hunters please, thanks!
  6. Thanks for ruining my dreams, just kidding. 🤪🤪
  7. May I have a question about this, I just used my 35k mermen reputation on talents and now I don't have 5k anymore, so I can't enter the dungeon?
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