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  1. pretty much. title should be changed from "skill work wrong" to "skill change suggestion"
  2. that's a really nice dk! considering that it is not +10 yet. what type of enchant do you have on your rings and belt, if they are mana regen then you shouldnt have problem with mana i'm gonna share my dk as well (all without buffs) hp 7600 energy 120 hp regen 260 energy regen 120 Offensive Stats Defensive Stats Skills Life steal 37% Parry 20% Thorn 3/5 Provoc 5/5 Accu 21.8% Block 24.8% Dark Shield 5/5 Crit 21.8% Physical Defense 12k Reserve 4/4 Pene 13% Magical Defense 10k Death Call 4/4 Physical dmg 970+ Saturation 3/4 Blood Protection 3/4 Magical dmg 180+ Gears Double Block Shield Craft(lv30) Cape parry magic deff mana regen Guild buff +12 Weapon Parry Accu Craft(lv30) mermen helm/glove, lv30 phys deff set bonus armor/boots Belt max hp block accu craft Ring hp hp regen block Amulet hp phys dmg Lifesteal cheers fellow undead
  3. exhalation of darkness behaves like sharp shadow. a level 32 death knight would deal more damage with the skill than a level 20 death knight even if they both have the same amount of damage and skill level. all testing in this guide were done with a level 32 death knight so the guide will make more sense for a level 32 death knight. i am working on better skill numbers but this is what we had to work with until then, still im not saying that this guide is 100% accurate its just as close as humanly possible without knowing the skill actual formulas
  4. i would really love if you actually said what is bad with death knight and how, in your opinion we could fix it so that we could discuss it and figure out how to help you manage death knight better. other than the "reserve damage reduction should work on players" you have no actual complain to the class besides "dk bad"
  5. Throughout time people have ventured the dry desert, some seeking treasures and richness in the runes and tombs, others found refuge in the place from tyrant governments, few called the place home. But as people walked in the hot, dry plain, rumors started to spread, that when the sun reaches peak noon and when the heat is at its highest, a mirage forms around those who are stranded in sea of sands and from that sand immerges him. Few lived to tell of what they saw, but who had made it back speaks of a being with immense dread, a being so terrifying that you can't help but stand still and hope for the best, with eyes glowing red like those of a wolf in the darkness of the desert, and an expression so soft and kind that it confuses those that encounter him, wearing cloth made of silk that you could only see on royalties, nobles and some times rich merchants. Walking aimlessly in the desert. But what terrifies people the most is what he speaks of... With a husky and dry voice like the dryness of the desert, he speaks words of forgiveness, asking... or more like begging for salvation, he speaks in resentment and agony, some witnesses descripted it as a subject asking their creator for mercy... others said that it looked more like a creator asking for forgiveness from the subject they had abandoned Some people though of the being as a Jinn, a demonic being that lures kind people into their inevitable death, some fanatics created cults and started worshipping him as some sort of heavenly being, most people though of it as merely an illusion created by the heat of the desert. regardless of what it is, names started appearing, labeling him as "The King of Sand", "The Desert Soul", "Sandman" but no name resonated more with the people that saw him as "Eminence of the Desert" a being acknowledged for their superiority within a particular sphere. Original Size x4 Size
  6. gonna take a while I'm not an artist like you
  7. it depends on the skill really. lets take sharp shadow for example, the skill obviously take your magical damage as parameter for determining what amount of damage the skill takes, but the skill also takes what level the skill is actually at, a level 4 sharp shadow would obviously deals more damage than a level 2 sharp shadow also the skill takes your level into account when calculating the damage it deals, a level 32 dk would deal more than a level 24 dk. furthermore the skill has base damage so that even if you have 0 magical damage, the skill could deals some damage. right now we counted 4-5 factors that goes into the "formula" that determines the amount of damage the skill do other skill are not that complicated. for example knight's curse only takes your magical damage when calculating the amount of damage it deals. that's also the reason why knight's curse shows you how much damage it deals in the skill description while sharp shadow doesn't
  8. it would be nice if you specify which "values" you are talking about exactly. i did disclaim that these data(that are not provided by game or devs) aren't 100% accurate but are as close as it could be to accurate
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