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  1. it still aggros even if it get resisted
  2. now that i tried these i have a question, does the the solidity of underwater work independently from normal solidity or do they stack? since i am a tank with max solidity would i get 65% overall solidity or would it be 50% and another 15% chance in underwater
  3. this seems really interesting, can't wait to test them out
  4. wait until you learn about death knight 👀
  5. and warden are complaining about not being needed in another topic it amaze me how disarrayed the elves side is
  6. i don't know if this guide still useful... but i update it to the "lastest" version of the game as much as i can anyway. bright day's are coming knights!
  7. these are all great quality of life changes! also amazing skills/talents art as usual
  8. Not "one" but rather "only". There is no other build a death knight can go for that's remotely close to it... Trust me I tried. Death knight as far as a class go relies 100% on a support healing to keep it going. looking at what our colleagues are capable of in term of healing with the barbarian healing that relies on Max health(which for a tank, Max health is a given), the paladin healing or the warden healing that requires block ( also, for a tank that's a given) their requirements to be useful, their cool down, duration and everything about them trump what a death knight have in
  9. there really isn't any other build that you could go with for tanking and any dk that try to find something else eventually comes to the conclusion that this is the only decent build to go with, its not that great of a build to being with... but its what we have dk is not a damaging class and this goes without saying that a class that meant to deal damage would do better than dk however when a class that is not meant to tank do better than dk, that's when we have a problem recovering for dk is a really bad problem, we either gotta chose between getting hit 10% of
  10. Personally I don't really know nor do I care.... I am more focused on what we have right now. Death knight current expert are good on concept but it's so frustrating how underwhelming they are, how weak they are compared to what other tank have and I believe we should focus on improve these skills instead of fixing the problem by introducing a new skill
  11. YES! it would shot fists at the target
  12. wouldn't matter, because even if lets say the max is 20% damage classes would still get like 1k heal from a 5k crit... not to mention their damage in underwater with depth fury buffing the monsters wouldn't help either but rather would make things even more difficult for other classes a "bad" way to fix this is by putting a cooldown on life steal, life steal would work every x seconds for the next hit, another way to help supporting classes is to give them some other way to support beside healing, like buffs/debuffs. reducing the enemy armor, giving them a chance to miss, redu
  13. i see no use of movement speed bonuses on a tank class in a PvE stage. also, why must the skill have a negative effect on the class? if the idea of the skill is to run around aggroing every mobs, then wouldn't those mobs hit you and prevent you from moving freely? sorry, i am not trying to be negative but the skill seems more suited for a damaging class
  14. seems like a reasonable change its really a problem that curse debuff does not stack and if 2 dks used curse one will cancel the other without it even placing the fire i get it... if 4 dk used maxed curse it will give 100% damage increase if they stack, but at least skip the debuff and place the fire immediately
  15. how far would a death knight go to be good? @Higgings i came back to fulfill my promise
  16. my suggestion is to make the wings appear covering the dk for a flash like 0.25 second when the dk get hit and the skill get triggered
  17. actually now that i think about it, maybe getting aura of hatred would be the best option, its boost damage increasing your curse damage(or any other skill you get later) as well as boost your defense, all in all a great skill if you gonna max it
  18. if this gonna give better idea on what you want, this is a video with a 1500 magical damage death knight
  19. if you are looking for PvE damage then take steel hurricane since it now deal damage depending on your most prevailing damage type
  20. again, i am not saying you are wrong, you are right. however good luck tank those monster you aggroed with death call
  21. great build guide! i understand the use of spring accessories for cd, but why use golden dawn set instead of arena set? if this build is mana hungry a combination of both mana regen PvE set and arena would be better, or crafted snow set for some resistance
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