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  1. @Dr Strange does death call have player/monster limit? if it does can it be added to description. after the new changes to the skill they were removed this is still not fixed thank you for listening
  2. can the guide include these numbers? @Dr Strange also what does it mean by "the effect is triggered no more often than once every 5% sec."?
  3. dark shield is one of the skills dk have for defense, you can't except it to tank everything for you, specially considering that its a basic skill. as well as you... as a dk you are not excepted to tank everything solo, or at least shouldn't be. a healer could remove some bleeds or heal you and shield you among other things secret reserve heals you for its duration then gives you 20% damage reductions for its cooldown. sharp shadow gives you 20% of ur max health as heal each time you use it with saturation try investing some in defensive stats like parry, resist and block if you have mermen special skill life would be much, much better for you don't relay on 1 skill or 2, use every sliver of death knight you have in you
  4. ^ this suggestions seems for what you like and/or want for your dk. baptism by darkness from the face of death path should be used for 2 handed maces with magical damage as primary attribute (not spears like you mentioned), and the talent main point is to make use of the secondary physical damage that a dk have. more often than you think do we see knights with 1k magical damage and 600 physical damage.
  5. how about a totem that randomly spawn one of the three totems the shaman has for few seconds
  6. well done my undead friend
  7. all of this is great and all but hopefully it will be reflected ingame with updated skill description to all skills instead of the current vague description
  8. regardless whether all elf chars have aoe stun or not, it is a fact that around 10 warlocks and 10 shamans with healing totems and some chieftains can clean any amount of elfs thrown at them. besides most classes nowadays have some form of resistance so i dont know whats the "aoe stun" is about...
  9. i always thought templar were the equivalent of mc charmer. warlock are one of the best classes for GvGs and large scale PvPs, go check the guild description of every major guild in mc side in eu. i bet most, if not all have "recruit warlocks" as their descriptions, the class used to be weak sure but after small buffs over the years and talents, it became a really great class, same as magical damage death knight. besides while mantra does heals the templar, it also make it useless and 1 less target to worry about, the exact same as stone body albeit able to walk slowly. all this said is from the perspective of a GvG/large scale PvP player. idk about arena but i don't think its any different
  10. Ogull

    Who's still here?

    the forum is quieter than before for sure
  11. Ogull

    Visual bug

    yes, steam version and the website version. this video was recorded today
  12. Ogull

    Visual bug

    this visual bug happen to me when i play reaper and only reaper, another visual bug that sometimes happens is that text wont show when checking dropped loot ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).mp4
  13. that's one fine dk. good job my friend so you replaced ferocity and resilience for octo and cd book🤔 quite nice, do you have other arrangement for PvP? or using the same
  14. generally speaking, classes with a healing ability are much easier to play with and level up. so healer classes(shaman,druid,necromancer,priest) are the easiest to level up and that is simply because of their healing ability unfortunately dk falls off as a tank in lategame stages compared to other tanks like paladin and barbarian, we still got secret reserve to heal us but that ability has a 2minute cooldown, regarding vampirism we have an ability that give us 25% of it so even if you dont put vampirism on your gear you could still utilize it
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