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I want to buy/sell/exchange items


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Buy Fallen angel dress/barber set/hair colour at Us Sapphire Elf/chosen side. wanna trade with wolverine claw + fury demoness + sun crystall. contact wit me on forum.


I can sell u except Barber i had one but i used it, n sry i dont want to trade xD only gold
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Опубликованное фото

Price: 15k


*Note*: Ill add dexterity crystal to my Jackboots when you pm to buy the item.



My chrs r in my signature, you can pm here or ingame.


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Eu Legion side

  • selling Heroic Endurance Armor

    must unbind, so reasonable offers only pls

  • buying Book of Oblivion

Eu Sentinel side

  • buying Book of Oblivion
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US-Sapphire/Elven Side

Buying : Wrought Mantle and Light Gloves - Moon Equips lvl 13

PM : In forum or my active chars written below in game


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The auction giant eBay makes it very easy for anyone, even someone with no technical know how, to start to sell. That's great news for you if you want to sell items online, because it won't take a long time or a lot of effort to set yourself up to start drawing in the profits.


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Sapphire sentinel:

Trade/sell wedgehead harvester

Trade/sell pumpkin head jack

Trade/sell scarlett vampiress

Trade Pink nurse for other event outfit

Trade/sell inferno arrowshooter

Trade/sell inferno bow

Trade/sell ripper scythex2


Buy ripper's daggerx4

Buy werewolf daggerx1

Buy ghoul's bladex2



Accept payment on sentinel or legion, pm offers in game hamstring/eldhrimnir or here on forum

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BUY in Emerald server el side Weapon lvl 18 for mage and other for druid. SD staff. Pm here or in the game with your offer. My active chars: Wassy, Diosita. Tnx..  :give_rose:

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LEVEL 13 items


+3 Light cape

+3 Light boilersuit

+4 Light Baldric

+4 Light Shoes

Excellent Signet

Graceful amulet



EU elf side


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EU emerald server - mc side


Trading event costume(s) for a pumpkin costume.


(+) Forest werewolf for pumpkin costume


(+) Copper minotaur + big fellow for pumpkin costume


PM me here on forum if interested.


These are my tradeables and as a bonus info I might add my experience 1% of pumpkins give a costume (on avrage).





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EU emerald.



I want to trade my forest werewolf at elf side for rare outfit/gold at mc side. Pm here or ingame. Nicks in signature.


how much gold? Or if you want, I trade you my forest werewolf on mc side for yours on elf side...


or if anyone can help "transfer" items from mc to elf,.I want to "transfer" black vampire, wedgehead excecutioner and dragon charmer..pm :)

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sorry ani, wedgehead costume has been claimed!

now I have a red one and a black one :tease:

If I get another, I promise to sell/trade it to you

But I still have that werewolf if you still wanna buy it!

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Trade Inferno Arrowshooter for inferno bow



Emerald Elf side

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