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  1. Hi, he was looking for the real owner to give it back, please contact him
  3. +Set of extra pockets +10 sets arena tickets +Rare costume ;D
  4. 30 minutes in ws forums = 120 minutes in real time 8)
  5. Nooooooooo mcoins sale :'( i bought many mcoins 2 hours before this announcement :'( damn i was waiting this sale for a week :cray:
  6. Havoc and SiThLoRdS members got the same rewards twice from this and the old tournament! y u didn't change the prize as u mentioned on ur announcement?
  7. Congratulations Pern @}- Another tourny for the elves ;) Mc guys u should take the race :clapping:
  8. Its unfair to increase only 10 members for each lvl :facepalm: the amount of gp needed to lvl up from lvl3 to lvl4 is 5x the amount needed to lvl form 2 into 3 i guess lvl5 will take around 10 mil gp to reach :wacko:
  9. I was thinking it will be a guild skill to increase the dmg.
  10. Its normal to get attacked by random ppl without a reason at the pvp areas. but this case is a bully. they keep making a wars at a pvp zone, how stupid :snorlax:
  11. yes yes, scammed chars are a disaster :wacko: but my case was a betrayal, golds make ppl blind :snorlax:
  12. Jordan

    Your ranger stats!

    I live on earth! :blush: i'm talking about cbow users. i updated my pot :good:
  13. For me scatter 5 is a way better, i can scatter all opponents while i can't trap all specially pro players who can evade traps :nea:
  14. Since snipe is helping elfs at the pvp cave vs gankers so he is not another pvprange :good:
  15. I go with the cbow for arena and pvp, and with bow for farming.
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