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  1. nadon

    Indian community

  2. Yes we desperately need those valuable scrolls and potions from those precious chests.
  3. Mi no splinter yeu got wrung numbr
  4. Gaal- The Whisperer During the war of spear, Arinar saw a great upending of power. Some tasted the defeat and thus rejection whereas others rose to great heights of success and status. In them were two self seekers: KLAD -the wanderer and GAAL - the whisperer. These two didnt rose to power as they were brave warriors or some renowned heros but they had the most valuable thing at that time.Gold?Army?Unsurpassable castle? (internet?) No....... They had Information... Yes information was much more valuable than gold (or miracle coins).This was possible for them as every path in Arinar had
  5. nadon

    Indian community

    Swachh bharat abhiyan....
  6. nadon

    TheCore (EU-Emerald)

    Neku i miss u xD mwah mwah
  7. nadon

    Indian community

    Hello bhai log and meri jaanemans mwah mwah. ishh bedichod hai xD or despair teri mc bc bkl sali rand open a dictionary and see the meanings of guild and tavern. guild is formal association of ppl with similar interests and a group of ppl of a community can be classified in guild section as not every community can have their own language sections as fansites.
  8. Its kinda more like single player vs computer. updates are biased for aigrind.really miss those times when ppl used to gather to bang boss.lab was a real kick. Lab and farming was more like love affair with time more beautiful but dungeons are like going to a hooker you enter ,do the job and leave. tournys are ridiculous specially if you play in eu . We dnt talk abt you knw who. The much awaited aivondyl is an #epicfail ,aigrind would have focussed on irselnort and extended the storyline on nadir. Maybe aigrind can make control points an extension of nadir. just my views xD
  9. Its a complete joke in the name of tourny in eu server...
  10. nadon

    A suspicious guy

    Never never ever ever ever give your ID n Paswd to strangers who claim to give you free mcoins.NEVER
  11. Priest dont have any stun skill , a stun skill will do good
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