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  1. nadon

    Indian community

  2. Yes we desperately need those valuable scrolls and potions from those precious chests.
  3. Mi no splinter yeu got wrung numbr
  4. Gaal- The Whisperer During the war of spear, Arinar saw a great upending of power. Some tasted the defeat and thus rejection whereas others rose to great heights of success and status. In them were two self seekers: KLAD -the wanderer and GAAL - the whisperer. These two didnt rose to power as they were brave warriors or some renowned heros but they had the most valuable thing at that time.Gold?Army?Unsurpassable castle? (internet?) No....... They had Information... Yes information was much more valuable than gold (or miracle coins).This was possible for them as every path in Arinar had their pawns. Both Legions and Sentinels showed great valour in battle but neither side was strong to defeat other or as weak to be defeated.So each of them wanted to know numbers ,weakness (and chicks ...Hot chicks ,to change faction or even server and have their fantasy to come alive ) of other to have an upper hand.And there came our opportunists in play.They provided what the factions wanted and it turned into great battle of bloody spear. But as the war continued ,Klad started to loose his rabbit spies. (Rabbit army???? Yes .....Oh sorry i didnt mention this . Klad was the rabbit and Gaal was the jerboa.But wait they were not normal animals they were different, kinda genetically superior of their class. OK lets just assume them to be cloth wearing,beer drinking,talking animals...having an animal army ) So Klad status tumbled coz his bunny pawns were dying. ( suspicious of Gaal intentions??? that ♥♥♥♥♥ Gaal) But Gaal was not behind it as Gaal is everything but not a competition killer. It all happened coz of war ,the food supply was running out at faster rate so soldiers turned into wild and started hunting rabbits for food and thus with them spy bunnies were caught (they were valuable bunnies why you soldiers...why ) and what about rats??? They were spared for being not so delicious. And by the time war ended Klad had lost everything and unknowingly he put the blame on Gaal for his misery and Klad was nowhere to be found ( maybe he preferred an isolated cave having Bose speakers playing Mr. Lonely....I am so lonely I have nobody for my ownnnn..... ) And Gaal ???he is busy in all kind of luxuries in his cave known as Hidden Castle of Whisperer owning everything one can imagine (Dragon??? Sorry no Dragon. A rat having dragon as pet, not good ) So if you want to have information regarding you WS crushes ,you know who to ask for . ***************************************************************************************************** Once a great man said, with great money comes great enchanted +10 items. Now on topic.... Name :Gaal Lvl: 1 ( whatt??? Ok Lvl 25 seems reasonable) so Lvl : 25 HP: 400000 Energy:200 Attack:555 (the quote above???? ) Ability : (Too much pleasure and no workout made Gaal,the jerboa into Gaal,the hippo.) Swift movement(though he become a hippo but comparatively he is quick) and Stealth. Stealth works when a player is in 8 steps radius .Its only a one time activation(what kind of a spy master will he be who can be found easily ) Nature : Peaceful ,means you can move freely in his area without getting attacked by mob or Gaal. But once you attack Gaal everyone gangs upon you. Gaal have two trustworthy knights(yellow mob) serving him and 4 tenants(green mob). -Gord the blue Hp:40000 -Bord the red Hp :40000 -4 tenants Hp :6000 Skills : Whispering charm : Low frequency waves releases and stuns the staff users for 5 seconds. (a tank with no healer is just a corpse ) Smash hit : Inspects the player armor and finds a weak spot. For 1 hit player defence reduces by 90% and resilience become zero so Gaal always deals a critical hit ( you loved to show your critical hits on poor jerboa's now jerboa king will show his critical hits ) Rumbling Rats : Continuous sound waves are released in an area causing dot hits. {{{{{ Klad has been seen in ayvondil recently...So do Klad still hold grudge against Gaal ??? To be continued..... }}}}}
  5. nadon

    Indian community

    Swachh bharat abhiyan....
  6. nadon

    TheCore (EU-Emerald)

    Neku i miss u xD mwah mwah
  7. nadon

    Indian community

    Hello bhai log and meri jaanemans mwah mwah. ishh bedichod hai xD or despair teri mc bc bkl sali rand open a dictionary and see the meanings of guild and tavern. guild is formal association of ppl with similar interests and a group of ppl of a community can be classified in guild section as not every community can have their own language sections as fansites.
  8. Its kinda more like single player vs computer. updates are biased for aigrind.really miss those times when ppl used to gather to bang boss.lab was a real kick. Lab and farming was more like love affair with time more beautiful but dungeons are like going to a hooker you enter ,do the job and leave. tournys are ridiculous specially if you play in eu . We dnt talk abt you knw who. The much awaited aivondyl is an #epicfail ,aigrind would have focussed on irselnort and extended the storyline on nadir. Maybe aigrind can make control points an extension of nadir. just my views xD
  9. Its a complete joke in the name of tourny in eu server...
  10. nadon

    A suspicious guy

    Never never ever ever ever give your ID n Paswd to strangers who claim to give you free mcoins.NEVER
  11. Priest dont have any stun skill , a stun skill will do good
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