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  1. yes, take your meds was my main argument even lvl 32 only need 57k experience from lvl 1 -_-!
  2. i do help people lvl up, even in my lvl 32 character i still did not do the quest on berengar mirror to help questers. just dont be lazy, if the game became easier, it would be a boring piece of crap
  3. man do you know how much 1000 experience is ? i have made my statements clear, i dont wanna keep arguing with you
  4. hahaha, so we need to use elixir of permanence to kill mobs? just dont be lazy. because of your laziness you told people who dont wanna level up to spend money on potion just to kill mobs. ironic
  5. Change Warlocks Dark circle and Zone of Weakness mechanics so that it would be affected by Book "Magic Resistance" and Confrontation scrolls!! make it balanced! there is no reason for warlock area cc to be special !
  6. You stated above that because it is applied to the area right ? then what about druid area Roots? it is still affected by Book and scrolls, so my suggestion is to change the mechanics of warlock area cc there should not be any reason why warlock has the only special skill that is not affected by books and scroll that are created to lessen the duration of debuffs
  7. Speaking about realistic point of view, i have clearly stated why warlock Area CC is broken, now tell me the reasons why warlocks area cc should not be affected by those book and Scrolls? If your reason is it wouldnt have made too much of a difference anyway, then the only thing i will say to you guys is take your medicine regulary
  8. I give my point of view from War and GVG's perspectives. And about we bring mage to counter warlocks on seal? Well look at the bigger picture, even Dks can move people away from seal without needing go come inside the vortex, hunter also can use area cc which give fear debuff. And in 2v2 or small battle like seal or 5x5 im fine with current locks, but their skill need to be affected by Book "Magic resistance" and Confrontation scroll like every other debuff out there. But on bigger scale ? Yeh its ducked up
  9. In war you wont need to do it, because hunter skill can reach it just fine without needing to get close to the flag. Also when there is vortex just kill sentinels, when on seal you need to get to the seal and as far as i know nowadays all if not almost all cc removes your ability to take seal even if you are standing on it. And if there is vortex, kindly use fear, blind or other cc and KILL ! Especially if you are partied with ranged damage dealer. Bcs templar stun only works for 2 sec if you doesnt use any buff to lessen the duration. Or you got more question about how to do seal arena? Bcs as far as i am concerned you are experienced in this, so you must have known
  10. Why would you wait for vortex to end? Especially in seal, use fear then use circle how long have you been using warlocks? If you not stunned you just wait? ducking no you are ranged damage dealer, use it to your fricking advantage :x, and i dont hate warlocks, or every other class because well why hate them hahaha, i just point out some unbalabce in the game not doing drama, its you who turned it into drama so that you can deffend your superiority 😅 With this 2 skill 8 Hunters managed to destroy Camp Riff Flag even when guarded by 60 sentinels and 1/4 of them were templars bcs they dont need to get too close to the flag to deal damage to flag!
  11. 6.5s + All the relic? Lol thats the reverse flow time not the stun time. Man drink some water, no matter what relic you use the stun time is still the same, but the flow duration increase which return to what i say again. After you got hit by a reverse flow, would you be stupid enough to walk back there again?
  12. You keep saying templar, okay then you said that templar reverse flow time is 6.5 second but, like i said after you get pushed back will you run back to the same flow? NO!!. So even if FLOW TIME IS 6.5 Sec, You probably only get stunned BY THE SAME FLOW 2 TIMES THATS IF YOU ARE UNLUCKY OR JUST STUP..D ? 2 times with octo book? Thats just fricking 2 second !!!!, And you prolly only get hit ONCE!!! 1 SECOND? while warlock? You got hit no matter what books you have, no matter ehat scroll you use. BOOOM! FRICKIN 5 SEC + EMPOWERING RELIC + CASTLE RELIC + TALENT. Man this is saddening, before you compare to reverse flow think again. 😅 unless legion side is full of people with brain problems that keep runing to reverse flow after getting pushed back then sure they will get stunned by reverse flow longer than warlocks stun ppl 😂😂😂 да, но сторона легиона продолжает защищать чернокнижников и сравнивает их умение контролировать толпу с тамплиерами. они даже не понимают, что сравнивают. просто кучка пользователей без мозговых колдунов, которые хотят сохранить свое превосходство
  13. All stun can be resisted, and all stun duration can get lessened by Book magic resistance and confrontation scroll (except warlocks AoE cc) stop deffending and be realistic. Book magic resistance and confrontation scroll should affect Warlock area CC just like every other area cc such as Druid area root etc 😂. Change the mechanic of the skill so that it wont break the game no more And what are you talking about resist? Now the only class that will be able to resist warlock is only Blade dancers and Mage, and probably some warden because of new talent reduces 25% resistance. Pretty funny huh?
  14. All elf AoE CC is affected (Duration can be Lessened by Book of Magic Reaction and Confrontation Spells, so now im stating that Warlocks AoE cc should also be affected by it. Its just normal, i mean read the effect description. But how come warlocks AoE immune to that? I am not saying that warlocks should be stripped from their ability to control right now, but I AM AGAINST ADDING MORE TO IT
  15. Hahahaha, both similar shit? I stated above that im fine with current warlocks but the only thing im commenting is the Update now, also where is your argument about how warlock area cc is not affected by books and scroll? You dont want get nerf? Sure, but you wanna get more op cc stun? No thats idiotic!
  16. 3. You keep saying templar this and that, again if templar vortex is that big of a problem, templars reverse flow only stun you for small period of time like in Mermen gvg, after you got pushed back you can just run a little use pot, kill sentinels etc (Why would you walk back to vortex when you already hit once?). And the thing about templars flow is They are affected by Book of Magic Resistance as well as confrontation scroll. Warlock Dark Circle and Zone of Weakness SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY REASON TO NOT GET AFFECTED BY THOSE BOOK AND SCROLL. and now what? THEY GIVE DARK CIRCLE+, Which increase the duration of Dark Circle by 0.5 second? They give Fading +, which in the description said that Increases the duration of the “Stun” effect from a skill by 0.5 sec.? And again? THEY FRICKING GIVE Overall Nightmare and Inevitability of Death? DAMN YOU LOCK USER NEED TO SHUT IT, i know its hard to agree with me when it can cost you your superiority, but it doesnt mean that u can just spewing bulshit. Why do i even bother explaining this to a close minded lock user. I wont entertain you no more
  17. 2- templar aoe stun keep kicking/stuning only if you go to that area again once you got pushed back which is pretty idiotic, lets say in merman gvg, why would one wanna go to that area again? 3- you keep saying being resisted once and its done, you only think from 1v1 view, how tf are we supposed to resist all 25 circle at once? Once u got stunned by locks, thats it. Nothing can lessen the duration of cc and you get stunned for the whole time. 5- as i said the last comment was just being sarcastic because if you think templar skill is better why tf you dont want to swap? Ofc bcs you know warlocks cc are lightyears better than a templars on gvg, stop deffending warlocks and saying this and that, that class already too overpowered nowadays in massive fight, and now wanna add more cc? Man just end this game and close all the server And, you also forget to respond about how warlock area cc doesnt get affected by Book Magic resistance and confrontattion scroll
  18. The last thing there is just a sarcastic comment, i have no problem with current locks, but after new talent unlocked, sentinel chance of winning wars and gvg is almost zero Necro also have aoe cc like mages
  19. I wont continue to respond on your ironic statement then, you say one thing but your action says otherwise. Better take your medicine <3
  20. List of reasons why Devs shouldnt gives warlocks more area CC : 1. Cooldown stat nowadays can reach up to 200% ! 2. Book "Magic Resistence", Palm Scroll of Confrontation, and Mangrove Scroll of Confrontation DOES NOT REDUCE Dark Circle and zone of weakness control duration! 3. Warlocks Dark Circle and Zone of weakness works immediately on cast! Which is absolute nuts. They dont need to time it unlike templars! 4. GVG and WAR is already dominated by Warlocks even before they got MORE CC!!! 5. To anyone who thinks its not big of a deal i suggest you to take your medicine My suggestion for the change in warlock ADD 0.2 SEC MORE TO WARLOCK CC, BUT CHANGE ITS MECHANIC SO IT WOULD BE THE SAME AS TEMPLAR, ALSO THEIR ZONE OF WEAKNESS TO BE THE SAME AS TEMPLAR. Then we are on the same page, change that talent to other things, not cc especially. Right?
  21. Ok then lets agree its better to not give the 0.5 sec ? If u said its not much difference? Or its too big of a difference that u didnt want to agree?
  22. Man you sure cant read. Read back! Unlike warlock area silence, templars silence need timing they cant just spam it if u missed the timing then no one got silenced, what about warlock circle and area silence? U use it on area and POOF it works immediately, you seem like a newbie, you cant really see the difference on the skill mechanics. Templar stun is not 0.2 sec more than warlock. Its the duration of the flow, which when u got pushed back u can chose not to run back to that flow and keep killing sentinel side. Not like warlock, once u got hit u stayed there until eternity unable to do shit, so funny i have to say this many time, man you are not that stupid. Just open ur mind to it, i know its hard to give away ur superior position for balance
  23. To summarize, devs should think again before giving more CC to warlocks or maybe even nerf them unless you guys wanna break this game. The way that area stun works combined with normal relic + castle relic and talent? And to make it worse octopus book and pacifist scroll can not lessen its duration time? Damn legion side need to open their eyes if they are comparing it to templar flow. If templar flow is that great, just swap the skill so this close minded guys learn by action
  24. Does templars silence work like warlock? NO ! they cant just spam it like warlock does. And 0.2 more stun? Read back what i said to you. If templar stun is as great as you said it is, There will be no chance for 8 hunters destroy a flag that deffended by 60 elfs with more than 1/5 of them are templars. while we lost attacking on a 70 elves waves just to take 1 flag? I forgot to add this, templar reverse flow is different than warlocks, Its 0.2 Second more but thats the reverse flow time not the stun. Once you got hit you can just not go there anymore and start killing elves, unlike warlocks, you get stunned the whole time. Also to add to it the stun u get from templar flow and Silence can be reduced with octo book and pacifist scroll, while WARLOCKS area stun and silence cant !!!
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