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  1. U know what im saying or u want me to explain everything?
  2. you both(jamie and sindy) do stalk someone .-.
  3. Is tree dungeon normal difficulty bugged? they spawn 11 mobs when we enter the dung
  4. So i was testing out shaman tribal's ritual skill and i noticed that ws maths is kinda off without skill im at 14.4% cooldown and my blind is at 13.1sec which is wrong already it should be 12.8 , but later when i used skill it boost me to 44.4% cooldown and my blind was 10.3 it should be 8.3 sec . Other skills are with cooldown skills lighiting ball 4.8 > 3.8 heal 6.9 > 5.6 earthquake 10.3 > 8.3 earth protect 9.6 >7.8 lighting shield 62.3 > 50 fire totem 27.6 > 22.2 tribal's ritual 20.7 > 16.7 energy field 34.6 > 27.8
  5. 3 sec is quite good and thats only on blind and earth, totem goes from 40 secs to 30 and shield about 20 secs less u just need to learn use those skills test out and try make them if u dont like them just go 3/4 totem 3/4 shield i find shaman skills good but bit unfair vs casters
  6. 3/4 cooldown is 25% and 5% from staff if u use cooldown one its 30% and like 3sec on blind which did help me alot of times vs druid ik its unfair with that sleep also hate it but u can kill druids
  7. shaman is not noob his skills are mostly for support and dungs not pvp but u can use them for pvps too like cooldown to kite aster blind and earth quake u can use faster with them also shaman mana regen skill vs priest is nice and some druid
  8. hi xd wanna see what i did?
  9. sure wait for scroll sale with 50% mc xd
  10. Goodbye and goodluck irl
  11. i sold ethereal one in eu for 30k ;D
  12. sell full barb lvl13 set eu mc side pm at forum
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