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  1. x

    X's farewell

    Good luck!
  2. x

    X's farewell

    Thanks Jake, gl for you! Go get em all!
  3. x

    X's farewell

    Thanks! I will do great in school with no online games to play on anymore. I will miss you too. Not you, I won't leave u easily. Go get em dude! Thanks. Lol, thanks I needed this. Won't ever forget you bro. Thanks great leader!
  4. x

    X's farewell

    Goodbye everyone! If I want to start with my farewell message I won't finish 5 years of playing easily. So goodbye easily from now.
  5. Necroposting started. Lol, joking, let's start again....
  6. x

    Traveling Merchant

    Those answers explain everything.
  7. Let's stay in one topic and give it all our questions, shall we? The new Ayvondil territory and some questions And about skills,
  8. You want to know where to send a report about banning someone or you want to know the rules of banning and blocking?
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