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  1. Who told ya that 2-5 places will be awarded like the first player ? This is a clear example how 1 idiot confused all the rest of the people. Thats why i never read the english part of the forum. If it was like that they could just say: "1-5 places will be awarded with....". Right ? :crazy: Actually 2-5 will be rewarded only with the passive skill :) And yes the "RING" is actually "ringS" ( 2 pcs ). Yall happy now ? Learn how to use ur brains, not ur dickheads ;) Cheers
  2. I did in arena the following combo to a BD with 4k HP : 1450! / 350 / 650! Guess what - the shield absorbed all of it, only the last crit penetrated with 200 dmg :! The shield is effected by players def. The more def u have - the more it will absorb.
  3. True ! Noone of ur assholes forced u to buy books and change ur skills. Right ?
  4. Rogue cant kill 1m boss in 2-3 min.... And shaman have no shield that absorb 1-2k DMG :/ BTW have u tried to kill BD with new skill on ? No matter how much dmg ur "pro" rogue do, u will end up dead ;)

    Blade Danser

    Dear GM, i have a question for u and i will be happy to answer me :) 1-Have you tried to kill BD ? 2-Is it possible that shield (new expert BD skill) to absorb more dmg than necro or priest shield ? Because i just saw how that shield absorbed 2000+ dmg. Thank you !
  6. Am i the only one who have gift code activation problem ?


    Same problem here..
  8. Amazeus is noob by default...
  9. I have the same problem with [Novice Barbarian's Set] .... Cant be traded, cant be offered in market, cant be opened. First and last lead to dissconect :! U can make more money this way lol... U have to be super dumb to sell the set and someone more stupid will buy it ;)
  10. GM never block people for no reason ! Every blocked account is investgated before that ;) Read EULA ;)
  11. GEGATA


    I alredy did, and i wont feed Aigrind again... :)
  12. GEGATA

    lag or bug

    Shhh ! :D its good. Btw im connecting to the game hardy too, but spam the buttons to enter and soon or later u will... ;)
  13. My gear is full kw +7 all pcs +8 brigandine +7 cape. Def runes on all pcs of gear and i got 3200 def i think. For rogue 3k def is good. Dont forget resi too :P
  14. GEGATA

    Heavy Armor

    Rogue with heavy armor is better than BD.... GM will never do that :D
  15. GEGATA


    Any way, doom is the best so far for dagger class weapons. Because of penetration. The thing that asked Iuleee is simple - endless war rondel is legendary, heroic, uncommon or whateva it is (purple labels) and the Ashen is advanced type (1 step lower than the endless war). If the endless war was uncommon it wolud have same dmg like doom rondel (18 lvl). Thats why ;)
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