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  1. frostmourne


    Öh en kyl ole mitää muutoksia havainnu grafiikkojen suhtee (s5 android)
  2. frostmourne


    onko mitää suuria muutoksia tullu tähä paskaan? tullut pelattua yli vuosi sitten viimeksi..
  3. Ragedeleting characters, (due to amplification fails) -frostblade
  4. I have pokemon y and the graphics/gameplay are way much better than they were in black/white but in my opinion its the shortest pokemon game ever made lol(nothing much to do after pokeleague) Also i dislike most of the new pokemons in the newest generation (look at klefki for example) If you ever played the third generation, then id suggest you getting upcoming omega ruby/ alpha sapphire instead.
  5. That was sarcasm lol Most of healers have more crowd control spells with a short cooldown (compared to most melee classes)
  6. Yes and give them more kiting abilities to balance the game
  7. Could you change my name into BlackWizard? Thx
  8. This and they need to lower it's cooldown too..
  9. Damn. Gonna miss old karma war times...
  10. I have it 3/4 and dealing 593 dmg to mobs it heals only 59 hp...(with 0% leech)
  11. I think it would be great making "saturation" skill dealing some (dark magic?) dmg on each hit too Just like warlock life leech skill.. It's just way too shit as it is now
  12. Yea death call might be a "very good taunting skill" witch makes lose targets vs afk,noobs, newbies or multiboxing players Vs experienced ones its a totally waste of expert skill slot lmao
  13. Most of the suggested skills are fine but i totally dislike the ones for barbs/dks They are so useless nowadays and the most easy classes to kite due to their lack of crowd control skills
  14. I think they should remove the stun effect too lmao Most classes have 1-2 disabling skills (like dk /barbarian) while others keep getting more and :facepalm:
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