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  1. trade +9 / +8 sword lvl13 mc side , if want pm rapterorr :3 Buyyy pm rapterorr :yahoo:
  2. What happen to sms payment in malaysia? I came back and played .. I noticed the sms payment were gone :facepalm: Answers dev?
  3. Ruberius give personal item ;D the best reward bars! :lol:
  4. Today i cant buy mcoin :facepalm: Sms payment cant work , It said Unvailable ~ Need help!
  5. When hang out with friend & Do crazeh thing ;D
  6. Snorly can change My name to PrimadonnaElaine ? :blush: Thanks~
  7. LOL ,Zeth u beat ginis druid xd
  8. Welcome to ws :good: where alot of drama happen :facepalm:
  9. :shok: lol hes 40 and play with his son , Addictive :wacko:
  10. Ofc they buy using gold or earn free mcoin :facepalm: We will never know maybe dev will make it posibble ;D
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