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[2016.11.28] Week of thrilling bounty!

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i really really hope that the Christmas dungeons are ranger-friendly, i have not even been to a christmas dg 28 because are class is not desired :

It's a shame, rangers used to be the kings of damage for hunting and farming. I bet its due to the fact that your faction doesn't really have good tanks and its overpopulated with op offensive bladedancers.


Love to know that my drop rate hates me then. :unknw:

Maybe someday developers will consider making dungeons separate from each faction. That will be the day.

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Could there be option to enable/disable transparent chat? I mean now I cant use chat at all while healing because I cant see if someone needs link for example.


Well, I think we'll return everything to what it was before quite soon, and working on creating this option may even take longer time. 

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