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  1. Am I the only one having issue with warspear going black when I touch a part of the screen? Tried tapping on different app, the result is not the same. Simply, just warspear app. Im using iOS. Who else having an issue like this?
  2. My dmg 468 and I can't get through this stage. Do not tell me to just agro ads because I tried that already. This seems so Impossible. One more thing, why I can't log in to the game now? Connection has been lost.
  3. This is not the last week of event, isn't it?
  4. already burned one set seeker and got nothing. its better. last horror I burned more than 2sets for nothing. :D :D come on!! i think i deserve a drop for playing too hard and not paying too much
  5. sadly, my hard work didn't pay off this horror. spent so much time to get spheres, pots and cards. :'(
  6. i have two warspear accounts and two steam accounts, why can't i have costume for each account?
  7. I've waited for the horror and snow event for more than half a year, and there will be none this time, that's sad
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