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  1. I'll be glad to do that if noone else interferes in what is not his affair. And, if you are a moderator, I hope you will say the same to other people I quoted early.
  2. I see here everybody wanna reply when it's not asked to ^^' However,I knew he was talking to me: very nice hypocricy, since you all saw I was just replying to those who insulted me for first. But the most important thing is that developers read what ALL players have to say, not only game's puppies It's all I have to say, I let you all having fun replying have a nice day
  3. I agree, that's why I don't like using this forum. But please say the same to those who start insulting and don't blame those who reply, thanks.
  4. And what to say about this "smart" guy... Well, maybe do you expect to be given some gift if you insult anyone who doesn't praise the developers for any mistake they do? Actually it seems you don't want this game to improve. I hope u will be smart enough to get how ridiculous you have been with your (unasked) reply to my previous post. Greetings by the dumb kid
  5. and....so? Any problem if I don't live on this forum? Use your brain before writing. Or, if you haven't anything better to do that's your problem, and keep on writing random words I wish u are happy now, this is my second post.
  6. The biggest mistake ever has been voting this as best mmorpg: always crashing while launching games, always lagging (especially, but not only, when you start arena: 3 fights out of 5 you get lag. And the curious things is: I see too mclans still in arena becaouse of lag, but I rarely see elves pt standing still). You better improve your shitty server before expecting such honor. I wish you won't win, sincerely.
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