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  1. hi peter, including buying in mole point as well? or google play store are 75%?
  2. Hay Rolland bug warspear log-in update instalasi... why no updates in the play store? I can not go into games
  3. roland hay respectable why in my android devices not updating 5.6.1 version? if not yet available ? thanks roland
  4. roland hay Hello I did not find updates on my android device 5.6.1 version .. if Keith is available ? thanks roland
  5. No problem roland I understand and I waited until the server is really ready to start
  6. n peter roland hay please correct me daily quest because in my android each quest 1 quests why can? Whteher it's bug?
  7. Roland hay sorry disturbing you why mcs can kill a guard and guard market in town elf quest 4 T3 new folder . please stop it very disturbing because we
  8. Hai roland versi 5.0.2 that you distribute for android version? If true thanks roland has improved its problems.
  9. Thanks roland i understand Hopefully small problem that can be solved
  10. Roland hy pas why i downloaded version on my android V5.0.1 no music or sound Why is that roland ?
  11. The new arena and new wepon? I'm happy updates come but I'm still confused peter
  12. Thanks peter & roland Nye beautiful cat... Godluck warspear
  13. How much longer gm server will be available ??? Already 3hours i waited for her
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