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  1. Btw i just changed my character name back to Kelvzs.. I wonder if its ok cause my post said Killuazs (my old name)
  2. It's embarrasing but ok i will participate.. Hahaha !!
  3. The server keep kick player out.. it's like the 5th times now.
  4. Oh US-Sapphire also just lagged a while ago.. and many ppl die at DG cux of that also
  5. Why I only get 3 Drops in this Double Drop Rate (One of em is a Bow and All is not worth more than 150k) ? No Double Drop Rate I got 4 Drops (Worth 700k+). The Drop Rate is broken.

  6. Really, 92 runs DG Lv.28 is done and only 3 Drops... 1 Bow (Doesn't even count as drop), 1 Relic. 1 Dagger..
  7. Drop rate still bad even doubled.. its like 0,1% become 0,2%
  8. where is my drop i always get noob stuff other friend always get phys dmg accecories me no
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