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Nolan - A flight to new horizons

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Dear Warspear Online community,


It is with wings heavy with nostalgia, but with a heart light with gratitude, that I decided to soar towards new horizons.


For almost 4 years, as guardian of this community, I saw many heroes born, battles won and bonds of friendship formed under my vigilant flight. Each of you, with your own stories and achievements, contributed to the splendor of Arinar, which we defend so much together.


However, the adventure continues. I will still be nearby, flying over the skies of Arinar, ready to dive into new battles alongside you, now as an ally, no longer as your guardian.


I thank each one of you for your trust, for the challenges faced side by side and for all your support. Our community is a vast and rich territory, full of possibilities. I look forward to seeing how you expand and protect it, with the same fervor and passion that has always brought us together.


See you soon, warriors of Arinar. May our wings carry us to new heights and our journeys always be epic.


With affection and gratitude,

Always yours,


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с богом:hw1luv:

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