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  1. Reducing gold rewards can be hard. But still, many users haven't even tried t5. A lot of users stay in t3, t4 and farm only gold. I created an character in emerald and leveling it like new player, but most people don't invite newbie. Because the party is filled with their alt characters. Devs can increase the rewards of t5, almahad while reducing the rewards of t3,t4. Also, t5 is now coming down from the end content, so you can lower the difficulty level. Especially, I think it's necessary to reduce the difficulty of guild events of t5. Need to adjust according to guild level.
  2. Developers need to lead high-level players to t5 and Almahad. As part of that, devs can give almahad rep to lv34 player instead of t5 rep as a daily bonus, or devs can make it choose between them. Also, t3 and t4 still give them a lot of gold, so many people do quests by rotating multiple accounts. For level 32 and above players, reducing the gold rewards at t3,4 is one option. I don't agree without the Pvp zone.
  3. Us sapphire, cosmos guild
  4. Because I'm korean and korean gamers are serious about the game. I posted a guild recruitment for new player on discord and many(at least more than before xD) people are asking to join
  5. Food sounds like a good idea. Potion and scroll are very diverse within the game, but I'm only eating rum (at Arena). Also, I hope it doesn't take too much effort like craft.
  6. I'm still waiting for this. Because it's one of my favorite forum posts
  7. I'm playing on the US server and sometimes post on various korean communities. And after the official Discord server, accessibility seems to have improved. Young people are friendly to Discord
  8. I personally post advertisements on community from time to time
  9. Bladedancer also has a lot of shields, stuns, and heal. In the pvp of warspear, tank means he has aggro skill and can equip shield. That’s all
  10. Many typos have been made as they have recently changed the translation smoothly xD
  11. This appears to be a simple translation error. Have you tried using skill and checking your stats? If it raises your resistance, it's definitely a translation error. If not, it's probably a bug. I think I saw a channel on the official discord server where they accept feedback on translation issues.
  12. It's a great assassination
  13. - fixed a bug where the drop chance of a book was missing.
  14. Guild for Beginners - Cosmos Hello, this is the Cosmos Guild. Our guild is dedicated to supporting new players in the MC faction, and we welcome all beginners. After collecting 1000 guild points, everyone becomes a challenger, which gives you free access to experience buffs. Rules: 1. Enjoy the game. 2. Respect other players. 3. Don't kick other members. 4. All items in the guild warehouse are public and free to use. Don't sell on the market. 5. Feel free to join and leave. If you've been kicked out, you can rejoin. 6. Rules are always subject to change. https://discord.com/channels/761911215232385044/1076049558586535966
  15. Hail of Arrows: An attack that deals physical damage to an opponent in the amount of P% of the character's physical strength and 50% of this damage to all opponents within a radius of 1 yards. It is impossible to evade the attack. Maximum number of player targets is Y, the limit on the number of monster targets is X. Blood Lotus: The "Vengeful Shot" skill cannot be blocked or dodged. Streamlined Shot: The "Pathfinder Arrow" skill cannot be blocked or dodged. And the bleed effects. Mage's barrier absorbs all dmg. In conclusion, Mage's barrier is better. Yes, the excessive duration can be problematic, but it needs to be improved.
  16. It is true that the first map is not very populated due to the lack of newbies. Did you manage to clear the second map, town 5 of Irselnort? I think the quests in this town need to be adjusted in difficulty, and the chance of meeting Vitold in the swamp should be increased. No longer having to earn reputation to unlock dungeons in Ayvondil was the best update of the year. Bags have actually increased considerably along with personal storage. However, it can still be small for new players who have a hard time distinguishing between useless items in a bag. I wouldn't mind seeing a bag as a reward for the final boss quest on the first map. As the max level increased, the arena was split into too many level ranges. The lv31-34(or lv18-34 5s and crucible) arena is always active. It would be nice if this could bring back the glory of the old PVP cave in the event area. As for guides, it often helps to look at the Russian forum with a translator. Even with the translator, the translation is not smooth, but there is a lot of information there.
  17. Can this make the new craft listings invisible in info chat? I like to see the kill logs while in combat, but it interferes with my gameplay when it comes to info chat, which is a very large number of new craft listings. Also it obscures other chats. @Dr Strange
  18. I agree with this idea. I have so many costumes that if I don't have one I want to get, I don't buy Battle Pass anymore. I think it'll be easy to solve if devs change it so it can be put in a personal warehouse. However, since it's attributed, it can't be taken out of the warehouse with other characters.
  19. I'm sorry this may be excessive because I am in the enemy's position. Those who have played Templar can leave constructive comments. The problem is that harad's tech works very much in mass combat, whether skill get stuned or a resisted. I think it would be good to just increase the time interval without reducing the amount of heal. Then there will be little change in pve. Wisdom of overcoming Now the healing from the skill "Harad's Teachings" works even if the "Stun" effect was ignored.
  20. The developers nerfed all the aoe of warlock last year. Increase cooldown duration, decrease duration, decrease effectiveness. On the other hands templar received 40% skill cooldown with a recent update, allowing them to use their aoe skills faster. Therefore, adjustments are needed. I propose to make the adjustment as follows. Reverse Flow: Creates a vortex zone in the specified area for T sec. Every 1.3 sec., the zone throws all opponents in it 2 yards away from the edge of the zone and applies the Stun debuff to them for N sec. Opponents cannot move or apply skills, damaging them does not remove the debuff. The maximum number of player targets - Y, the number of monster targets is unlimited. Increase the cooldown duration: from 16 seconds to 22 seconds. When the maximum number of targets is reached, excluding the resisted players, the skill will become inoperable. Harad's Teachings: Each time an enemy is stunned, the Baptism by Fire buff is applied to the character for T sec. The effect instantly restores the character's health in the amount of P% of the character's magic power and the group member with the lowest amount of health in the amount of H% of the magic power of the character within 5 yards of the character, and also deals additional damage to the enemy at D% of the character's physical power or A% of the character's magic power on the next auto-attack. The type of damage depends on the prevailing physical or magical strength of the character. The effect is triggered no more than 1 time in 0.5 sec. Reduce the healing amount by 10 ~15%. The effect is triggered no more than 1 time in 1 sec. Branded by the Sun: Applies the "Aggression" effects to all enemies for T sec., as well as the "Stigma" debuff to Y enemies within a radius of 3 yards from the character for R sec. Every successful auto attack on target with the "Stigma" debuff restores an amount of health equal to P% of the character’s magical power to the character or their ally, removing debuff from the target. Reduce the healing amount by 10 ~15%.
  21. That's a great idea. But I can't see the writing very well. Did you use dark mode?
  22. The bad guy is charging a whopping 11x ship fare for MC only
  23. Firework quest in Almahad is broken
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