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  1. Можете ли вы объяснить это немного больше?. Если не возрастет, то можете ли вы говорить на простом английском языке? Потому что русский язык не переводится хорошо на мой язык. Это перевод Can you explain this a little more? If you don't mind, could you speak in simple English? Because Russian doesn't translate well into my language.This is a translated
  2. I think warlock need a physical defense rather than magical. I used rare books and buffs, but bd can still kill me in 1 combe. Of course, it'll be better if get both.
  3. If you use resistance gear and buffs, you can incapacitate warlock.
  4. Is it right to get something that I bought in cash but can't use?
  5. I got [Tin man smiley] three times in a row form [Magic Mood's Chest] This isn't the reward of the effort you get from quest, it's the reward you get from using cash. I don't think what already have should come out because I bought it in cash, not in-game goods. And it's useless to receive [Magic Mood's Chest] if you already have them all. I suggest two alternatives to this problem. Makes emoji from the [Magic Mood's Chest] interchangeable Or if you get emoji that you already have, you will receive it as a useful item (only for [Magic Mood's Chest]).
  6. I think it would be more helpful to apply Stone Body.
  7. if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. I just saw it. It's only when the silent effects of Hex are in operation. Hex's silence doesn't happen immediately..
  8. Life Exhaust I don't know about this. Because once I use it, I don't really see if dot damage is dodge or block. Shadow Sphere This is a definite buff, but we've already received the damage nerf. But I think we can expect better damage to the new mechanism. Grimoire It's very sad that the extra healing effect has been transferred to this skill because I don't use this skill. Dev said he'd save the unpopular skills, but I don't think I'll use Life Exhaust because no more extra healing at Dark Seal. By the way I think its good for pve user Dark Seal I've used the Dark Seal - Life Exhaust combo before, but I didn't feel like I could guarantee a better viability. To increase the viability by this skill, must first use Hex and then use Dark Seal. And this applies only to one enemy. I don't think this is good for increase Warlock's viability. Because there's a lot of potential for resistance. Warlock needs skills to survive, not to be bound by resistance.
  9. this skill must be nerf already bd using resist set and guild scroll have enough resistance n tank
  10. It was very difficult to kill because of resist before this new skill. But ever since this skill came out, every time I see bd, I can only sigh.
  11. In the past, Warlock was very strong at pvp. I admit it. But with a recent Resistance update, Warlock lost power in pvp. Plus, this update has a magic resistance skill book. It reduces the duration of the debuffs, including control effects, in proportion to the character's magical defense. Of course, Warlock wasn't the only one who got nerf on these two updates. But other classes will be less affected than Warlock because they have heel or shield skills or do not rely on a 100% control effects. Then say Warlock have Stone Body, but heel and shield(e.g. mage's ethereal barrier) boosts vitality. But Stonebady is only extending life for a moment. If opponet is healer, he'll be full of hp, and if opponent is dealer, he'll wait and kill Warlock. Do you think Warlock has a future in pvp?
  12. Blocking is also fun at Guild Wars. Sometimes you win, somtines you lose. If you don't want war, go to the neutral Guild.
  13. Really? Event achivements are just for fun?
  14. Warlock doesn't have much relic to use. I want a defensive relic for warlock.
  15. Currently, Arena is not active in 3vs3 and seals. Almost users spam just to collect points. How about having Arena meet with users on other servers like a test server?(ex/aa-SA, bb-SA vs cc-EM, dd-EM The same team is the same server because we have to communicate.) If the ranking stays the same, not between server, it will become more active. And low levels of Arena will also be active.
  16. I'm Warlock When I meet ranker at Arena, they change into a full-resistance set and I die without even touching it. resistance need rework
  17. really? idk dextertiy is good for ranger Is it good?
  18. Hm.. lv26 ranger's armor 2pcs kornus + 2pcs Dark Outlaw good? for speed ranger
  19. Goob guide espescially sphere's data Im looking forward to ur next guide
  20. Then, how much i need to raise 'cooldown' at least? Because accuracy, mp regen, etc.. are seem necessary Im newbie lock Sry my many question
  21. 'Cooldown' is good for warlock? Share ur experience I couldnt decide 2kronus(hood, boots) 2arena or all arena set +cooldown/steal hp rune
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