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  1. Of course it can be skipped, but I made a new character and six-shadow looked so strong that I didn't dare to kill them without helper. If devs make there an area where pvp is possible, and devs make the boss respawn time a little longer, and then you create a good reward daily quest, you can make the war on mc vs elf, which is the essence of the warspear. And if devs increase the reward of the main quest by adding the daily quest, it will be helpful for new players. For example, 10k gold for expert skills or a chest where you can get a skill book for your class.
  2. It's a good way to farm gold for f2p players. It will be good if you give gold to one character. I agree with them because the company has to pursue profits. p.s. I p2w player, but I am still using level 28 armor. I can't find much reason to upgrade the armor from 28 to 30.
  3. Warlock is an interesting class, but it's hard to recommend it for pvp because of the overflowing resistance. And paladin with magic is pretty cool. It is also good for GvG because it is very tanky and has aoe control and aoe damage skills.
  4. There are people who still love warlock. Most classes have pros and cons, but let me tell you what I felt among the two classes you chose. First of all, bladedancer is braindead class. Just turn on the resist buff, rush, use the shield. These are very powerful skills, but you may think your equipment is weak if it is ambiguous. Paladin has a very powerful shield. And paladin has a variety of powerful skills along with shield. I recommend paladin more between the two. And once you are tanky, it's easy to start an arena.
  5. I think it would be good to get the knowledge from the main quest even after exceeding the daily limit of 900 points. This will help new players, or players who make a second character. Also, I think devs can easily adjust it.
  6. I'd say chieftain if you want to play at mountain+forsaken side.
  7. For many Windows laptops, you might be able to change what is in the settings for f1-12. When you just press it and when you combine the fn key And in the case of the Mac I use, I installed a third-party program called Karabiner-Elements and added a rule so that the f1 and f2 keys do work as standard function keys without fn key for the warspear.
  8. That's right. I remember. I found it after a long search.
  9. I tried to provide you with this link, but you imported an image from this link. Have you read the post?
  10. Welcome smoker12 There are quests that need help, so it would be good to make good friends.
  11. Can't you just deactivate reverse flow when blessing on? If it works properly, it will all be resistant and ineffective. So it's a good idea to deactivate it for now. How long should we watch them abuse it?
  12. Do they perform their roles well on map2? If so, they will help f2p players in the beginning of the game at a low price. If they get better performance like minions that they buy with mcoin, the price will go up. But from experience, old tank minion die foolishly by high-level monsters.
  13. Two recent changes have weakened Charmer's dealings in dg. Charmer can do not bad damage in dg. However, compared to other damage classes, the process of doing damage can be somewhat tedious.
  14. I like to buy books for this reason. Books are 100% guaranteed reinforcement. Maybe I am the person who has the most books among +9 users
  15. How about try use some resist Tear cover my eyes if 5 enemies get resist when I use dark circle
  16. Warden is good tank but just tanky thats all If u want to make all-around class: Barbarian If u want to make good and funny class: Chieftain (maybe 1hand mace with good stat a bit expensive cuz many guys playing chief nowadays) If u want to make best class at soloing boss: Seeker (but I heard that speed gear are the most expensive items) If u want to get love call from lv12 guild: Templar If u want to be tank with good aoe: Deathknight, Paladin I recommend Barbarian
  17. This is truly great. The shadow behind him made elm look even better.
  18. Yes, that's right. What I said is that shamen's heal totem, castle relics, etc have effect that work only when they are close to pt members. So those skills that ignore resistance must be resisted
  19. Apparently, there is a problem. When the resist works, the skill will have to be resisted. Because there are many things that work when you are close to a party member in this game
  20. This skill looks very interesting. You can use Beastly Cunning against the enemy to do additional damage, or you can use it backwards before you enter enemy for emergency escape like Btw does teleport work when the rat disappears even if I becomes inoperable(stun, fear, etc) after using Curse of the Plague?
  21. Can I get a detailed explanation of this? It also requires accurate information of some of the skills that have been if changed
  22. Relic Synthesizing Let me introduce a new synthesis system using relics. I don't think Warspear has enough gamble contents. I want to test my luck. It is to synthesize 5 relics to make 1 random relics. This can be synthesized by repair npc in the town. I'll collectively refer to great, magic, terrible, icy and mcoin relics as great relics If you synthesize 5 great relics, you get a random great relic with a 100% probability. If you synthesize 4 great relics and 1 small relic, you get a random 1 great relic with a 80% probability. If you synthesize 3 great relics and 2 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 60% probability. If you synthesize 2 great relics and 3 small relics you get a random 1 great relic with a 40% probability. If you synthesize 1 great relic and 4 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 20% probability. If you synthesize 5 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 10% probability. (If you fail, you will get 1 small relic. And castle relics are excluded.) If you synthesize 5 small relics of the same kind(ex. 5 small relics of multiple spells), you definitely get the same kind of great relic. (I don’t know what to do about mcoin relics. I need your opinions.) If you synthesize 5 small relics in the same category(ex. 5 empowering relics) , you definitely get a great relic in the same category. The probability of obtaining each relic depends on the rarity or price. This is the area devs can decide. Pros: As the price of relics rise, farmers' income increases. Cons: Many relics are used for synthesis, so people may not be able to purchase the necessary relics. If you have any good opinions, please leave them. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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