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  1. This is truly great. The shadow behind him made elm look even better.
  2. Yes, that's right. What I said is that shamen's heal totem, castle relics, etc have effect that work only when they are close to pt members. So those skills that ignore resistance must be resisted
  3. Apparently, there is a problem. When the resist works, the skill will have to be resisted. Because there are many things that work when you are close to a party member in this game
  4. This skill looks very interesting. You can use Beastly Cunning against the enemy to do additional damage, or you can use it backwards before you enter enemy for emergency escape like Btw does teleport work when the rat disappears even if I becomes inoperable(stun, fear, etc) after using Curse of the Plague?
  5. Can I get a detailed explanation of this? It also requires accurate information of some of the skills that have been if changed
  6. Relic Synthesizing Let me introduce a new synthesis system using relics. I don't think Warspear has enough gamble contents. I want to test my luck. It is to synthesize 5 relics to make 1 random relics. This can be synthesized by repair npc in the town. I'll collectively refer to great, magic, terrible, icy and mcoin relics as great relics If you synthesize 5 great relics, you get a random great relic with a 100% probability. If you synthesize 4 great relics and 1 small relic, you get a random 1 great relic with a 80% probability. If you synthesize 3 great relics and 2 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 60% probability. If you synthesize 2 great relics and 3 small relics you get a random 1 great relic with a 40% probability. If you synthesize 1 great relic and 4 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 20% probability. If you synthesize 5 small relics, you get a random 1 great relic with a 10% probability. (If you fail, you will get 1 small relic. And castle relics are excluded.) If you synthesize 5 small relics of the same kind(ex. 5 small relics of multiple spells), you definitely get the same kind of great relic. (I don’t know what to do about mcoin relics. I need your opinions.) If you synthesize 5 small relics in the same category(ex. 5 empowering relics) , you definitely get a great relic in the same category. The probability of obtaining each relic depends on the rarity or price. This is the area devs can decide. Pros: As the price of relics rise, farmers' income increases. Cons: Many relics are used for synthesis, so people may not be able to purchase the necessary relics. If you have any good opinions, please leave them. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  7. You've already got an answer to the first question. And I know that dot skills don't damage objects.
  8. Yes, M1 Mac's performance is overflowing to play Warspear. But I heard that the architecture that runs the computer is different from the existing Mac. So I'm worried that Warspear won't be ran.
  9. Yes, warlock is good, but the chief can be a good choice because warlock generally has a weak defense and chief will be easy for new user. In addition, magic chief high demand in guild.
  10. Additional suggestion When personal storage was updated, there was something I was disappointed about. Why can't I put my personal items that can't be traded in my personal storage? If we use a personal storage with a different character in account, devs may not be able to take it out.
  11. Is there a users who uses M1 Mac to play Warspear? I'm trying to buy a new laptop, but I don't know if Warspear runs well on the new laptop. So does Warspear work native to Apple M1 Mac?
  12. Is it designed for new users to get experience easily? If so, it may not be a good idea to need gold to enter. Because they need gold to buy expert skills. By the way, I think the idea is good. However, devs will need to consider pve ability between classes. Monsters from recent updates are too painful for classes without defensive skills.
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