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  1. You've already got an answer to the first question. And I know that dot skills don't damage objects.
  2. Yes, M1 Mac's performance is overflowing to play Warspear. But I heard that the architecture that runs the computer is different from the existing Mac. So I'm worried that Warspear won't be ran.
  3. Yes, warlock is good, but the chief can be a good choice because warlock generally has a weak defense and chief will be easy for new user. In addition, magic chief high demand in guild.
  4. Additional suggestion When personal storage was updated, there was something I was disappointed about. Why can't I put my personal items that can't be traded in my personal storage? If we use a personal storage with a different character in account, devs may not be able to take it out.
  5. Is there a users who uses M1 Mac to play Warspear? I'm trying to buy a new laptop, but I don't know if Warspear runs well on the new laptop. So does Warspear work native to Apple M1 Mac?
  6. Is it designed for new users to get experience easily? If so, it may not be a good idea to need gold to enter. Because they need gold to buy expert skills. By the way, I think the idea is good. However, devs will need to consider pve ability between classes. Monsters from recent updates are too painful for classes without defensive skills.
  7. Why didn't you reply during bussiness days? Please reply even if mod have at least checked or if this has been suggested to the developers. The day after Battle for territory is the Mermen Trials, and those are main events of Map 2 and Map 4 are affected by bugs. This is clearly a bug. Developers have not made paladin cause lags when using banners. If devs can't fix it right away, devs can temporarily reduce the number of targets for monsters in the banner. This is not a nerf. It's just a temporary adjustment. To those who claim that this is not a bug, Does the skill description say that it causes lag? Developers have not designed skills to cause lag. This is therefore a bug. And it doesn't help to toggle name, damage and etc. Did you guys check the third video of Vegeta's post? It just doesn't show on your screen. Server calculates all damages and heals. I love Warspear, but you guys are turning a blind eye to our problems. Including case that reverse flow works during guild blessing. At least as far as I feel. So if you're in the process of fixing it, I hope you can at least write down the progress in the post. I'm sorry for mentioning something off topic The later you deal with it, the more someone is suffering.
  8. Dear developers, I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible. Warspear Online 2022-01-08 12-14-51_Trim.mp4 Warspear Online 2022-01-08 12-35-56_Trim.mp4
  9. Sometimes, because of the screenberg, even though I used wolf skills and approached enemies, I couldn't attack. Enemy moves and I touch the enemy, but I can't attack. Like bd's hamstring skills, I think it'd be good if the wolf skill or frenzy skill could be extended by a yard.
  10. Yes, because we are all gentlemen, we respect each other and fight.
  11. Можете ли вы объяснить это немного больше?. Если не возрастет, то можете ли вы говорить на простом английском языке? Потому что русский язык не переводится хорошо на мой язык. Это перевод Can you explain this a little more? If you don't mind, could you speak in simple English? Because Russian doesn't translate well into my language.This is a translated
  12. I think warlock need a physical defense rather than magical. I used rare books and buffs, but bd can still kill me in 1 combe. Of course, it'll be better if get both.
  13. If you use resistance gear and buffs, you can incapacitate warlock.
  14. Is it right to get something that I bought in cash but can't use?
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