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  1. Blocking is also fun at Guild Wars. Sometimes you win, somtines you lose. If you don't want war, go to the neutral Guild.
  2. Really? Event achivements are just for fun?
  3. Warlock doesn't have much relic to use. I want a defensive relic for warlock.
  4. Currently, Arena is not active in 3vs3 and seals. Almost users spam just to collect points. How about having Arena meet with users on other servers like a test server?(ex/aa-SA, bb-SA vs cc-EM, dd-EM The same team is the same server because we have to communicate.) If the ranking stays the same, not between server, it will become more active. And low levels of Arena will also be active.
  5. I'm Warlock When I meet ranker at Arena, they change into a full-resistance set and I die without even touching it. resistance need rework
  6. really? idk dextertiy is good for ranger Is it good?
  7. Hm.. lv26 ranger's armor 2pcs kornus + 2pcs Dark Outlaw good? for speed ranger
  8. I think that name's color is gray
  9. Goob guide espescially sphere's data Im looking forward to ur next guide
  10. Then, how much i need to raise 'cooldown' at least? Because accuracy, mp regen, etc.. are seem necessary Im newbie lock Sry my many question
  11. 'Cooldown' is good for warlock? Share ur experience I couldnt decide 2kronus(hood, boots) 2arena or all arena set +cooldown/steal hp rune
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