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Bladedancer : The Mighty Unbalanced Hero

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В 06.03.2015 в 16:10, adywijaya сказал:
bladedancer is one of the characters in Warspear online, bd is a hero who has a high physical def despite not using a shield, bd is used to be very weak and I personally agree to balancing the powerful warlock and shaman too overpowered (past time).





but it used to be, now conditions have different, dev gone too far, now bd is op, imagine bd physiktwo could exceed 1k damage the normal hit, if a tanker is only natural to have this much damage?






then see all skill bd, ranging from the first skills "Rush", able to detect stealth rogue and a have high chance stunt and then,  shield skills even level 5 of necro shield is too weak to be compared with the level 4 bd shield, this is a shame, advanced to the third skill that sonic boom ,third dmg skill with sickening dmg if you do not have enough resilience, the skill to 4 counterstrike im spechless to this skill (tank with 4 dmg skill) , then dodge, bd now is perfect 'tanker' , great (ridiculous) damage ( flash strike + hamstring + counterstrike + sonic boom + 4% dmg)  + big defence (heavy armor + mentioned if bd was "tanker") + 2 deadly stunts (hamstring + rush) + much health power (i've seen a bd walking with 4,5k hp with "no shield") + dodge skill (parry ft dodge ? well said) . especially the less? I think no.






im not crying neither whining about bd nowadays , im just concerned , why does dev keep doing this situations with keep giving buff skill to bd in every update, compared mage, warlock ,necro , and barb which in every update getting "trash skill"






comparing to rogue ? yes rogue is killer who can take down enemy in less than 5 second (high amp rogues) , but you should realized that rogue have much weakness, rogue cant crit anymore with jump, rogue have 4 dmg skill (mericiless + poison + throwing + ricochet) but the effective skill is only jump and poison i think, idk others opinions, rogue using leather armor meaning rogue def will never more than bd (same amp), rogue pretty dead after stealth end up and all elf char have skill to break stealth except priest, so yeah comparing bd with rogue is silly stuff.






bd does not have a weakness, weakness bd is only one if it is not amped,






so what do you think? whether bd will forever op like this? or there will be a "little" balancing?



with respect to bd users, lets talk about this stuff.



comment with use your brains.






I use Google translator.

I have now been playing for the smashing of the blade, and as a representative of this class I can say one thing, smashing the blade slightly above average tank in one objective and worse of all as a tank in the crowd, it has only 3 skill for damage(making it a below average damage than other classes). Protection his not that high (average database protection 4000-5500 , and tanks with shields it reaches 6000-7500) . Skills have a long recharge . And in pvp he's still below average. So this class at this stage requires improvement rather than weakening.




Я вот уже долгое время играю за разящего клинка, и как представитель этого класса я могу сказать одно, разящий клинок чуть выше среднего танк в одну цель и хуже всех как танк в массовке, он имеет всего 3 навыка на дамаг(что делает его ниже среднего чем другие урон классы). Защита его не такая уж и высокая (средняя защита бд 4000-5500 , а у танков со щитами она достигает 6000-7500) . Навыки имеют долгую перезарядку . Да и в пвп он пока что ниже среднего. Так что этот класс на данном этапе требует улучшения а не ослабления.


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Posted (edited)

I find it funny, the purpose in a game is teamwork not blindly look at 1v1 fights, all posts im reading here is all about "im crying because i cant beat a bd 1v1", i know alot of people who can beat bd 1v1, it depends on the situation and ur skills and how you act.


Right now i feel like all you guys thinking is that by nerfing a class can make you stand on 1 spot and just spam ur skills to kill it.


Also i want to warn you guys asking to nerf a class might actually destroy the game, it have to be careful done, its not that simple, and second its so many other good classes out there, they all have different purposes, learn ur class.


third, next time an class get an skill who can do some good purposes, example: Wizard?  will you end up doing the same, asking for nerf, it compleatly ruin the purpose of a game when you start ask for nerf for everything new who comes in.

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the funny thing is that most players who ask for nerf are +10


I think there is a rivalry in terms of power

and they will do anything they can to defeat  "that bastard I can not defeat"

even if they have to resort to asking nerf to the enemy class.


I know it sucks to face someone who in a few blows leaves you like  ointment,  I play with paladin:cat2:...


remember that all classes are strong in their own way:true_story1:

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10 hours ago, Kaesarz said:

and they will do anything they can to defeat  "that bastard I can not defeat"

even if they have to resort to asking nerf to the enemy class.



Lmao this part🤣🤣

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