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  1. The situation is worse, when you know the number of players this skill affects
  2. He has some reason, although he put the wrong relic, if it is true that there are relics which only work every time you use the skill, the problem is that some are permanent active and it is quite silly to deactivate it and reactivate it only for a relic that lasts a few seconds Or that's what I understood, lmao
  3. Isn't it easier through control panel? Anyway good guide
  4. They can wait to aoe effect ends, and quickly approach to you, they arent idiots. Literally you just have to wait for some attack to fail or Get lucky and survive the combo
  5. Seeker itself isnt broken, his talent YES Every strategy goes to the drain, when he manages to stun you, 3 seconds are more than enough to tear you apart. Also, they have a stun combo, the same as the rogues, (I have played seeker too) it is easy to control the situation if you are the one who manages to stun first, the speed of both the character and player is everything here. Now, adding a talent which reduces the incoming damage, and increases the damage depending on the level of the skill, simplifies the aforementioned combo by 50%, as long as you do not fight against tanks, it can be applied and works excellent. Adding some strength (accesories + skill + soon new crystals) , each auto-attack It works as if you ignore 100% armor of the opponent, if you add some stun (it can be very little, it does not matter) you have a second chance, in case the combo fails. I know that talent reduce health to 30% But also the incoming dmg by 55% what if i use shield? Yep, the shield gets stronger 200% similar to paladin shield Adding the remaining effect of the shield you have strong defense for a while, Quite strong in the case of a class specialized in damage. In short, a class which does not require much science but a lot of money. Similar to bladedancer. Quite monotonous (braindead) Thats why i stopped playing
  6. Ok so, i need use shield, repellent strike, roots, and forest song I got it
  7. 1- yes i know im not properly geared. But c'om +8 is acceptable for a middle pvp gear (45% res) 2- i never said that i've faced full greatness +10 seekers/bds, even i know that It would be very stupid to believe that I can beat someone this armed. 3- pve seekers +6 - +8 with talent working, They hit as hard as a drunken Stepfather. Even when im supposed to have advantage by having pvp gear. 4- Blade dancers are something else, In short, they care about 1 ton of s**t, how many are you amplified, they anyways clean their butts with you. This will never change It wouldn't hurt to have reading comprehension, I'm just saying
  8. Nobody really cares, 1v1 fights are much more frequent than you think. Don't expect to always have a gang following you everywhere. And yes, even in mass fight is difficult specially when "certain" class turns you into a pinpong ball, and magically kicks you in the middle of the enemy. Well, it works how is supposed to work, The problem is that it does not hit the number of people specified in the description. You can't turn a blind eye here dude
  9. You are saying that We need to be +10 full greatness full book full steroids to face a simple seeker? Well, I guess you have some reason.. my chief is +8 full pvp gear, and im still being easily destroyed by seekers, even pve seekers (also bladedancers) with rugged hide on!! XD!! Easy 1k on me... I know im not supposed to be inmortal but c'mon... I've lasted less than a wet noodle How do you explain that? Are you going to tell me I don't know how to play chief? Now, i know seekers arent too overpowered, they are just.. A glass canon.. also that talent made them A tough nut to crack.
  10. Something funny is that, the description you just made easily fits with a bladedancer
  11. In what way exactly? If I'm not wrong only these two classes have skills that give them Strength Pd: also wardens has a skill that increase strength
  12. This means that, seekers/bladedancers, gain a considerable advantage with spring talents?
  13. ----Cc skills that helps on capture seals (elf and mc) Sentinels Ranger - scattering shot Paladin- repellent strike Mage - illusory chains Templar- reverse flow, forbiden trick Warden - switch hero Seeker - attraction Mc Warlock - fear Necro - panic Hunter - fear variation (idk the name) Dk - threads Shaman - blind -----Movement skills that also can help in capture seals Sentinels Bd - rush Seeker - Dissapearance (max) Mage - teleport Paladin - jump Mc -chieft - wolf alacrity, rat skil (talent) Reaper - otherworldy boost -----Alt movement skills that requires a target Sentinels Seeker - attraction (talent) Templar - onslaught Warden - switch hero Mc Barbarian - charge Rogue - jump It is clear who has the advantage
  14. Everyone has stun nowadays, Everyone has their own skill/gear build, This doesn't mean they are all broken. Lets take a example for uhm, wlock. Imagine a wlock that tried to reach the most cd possible, that wlock has reached a perma stun because high cd, then someone says that wlock is broken and gm proceed to increase cd of their skills or weaken their skills. Who lose?, that wlock obviously.. And guess... Yes... every wlock on the server aswell. In my opinion it does not seem very fair.
  15. I didn't know skills had to line up to do damage One by one.
  16. Anyway it sounds very exaggerated. No chance to stay alive? C'mon man we aren't mages Broken? C'mon We aren't bds Our only launchable aoe is broken? C'mon we aren't templars
  17. I don't think this affects sentinels. Why suddenly poped up with that trouble after long time? Sounds more like a personal trouble than a real "disbalance" trouble
  18. 50 chiefs, dude... 50!!! While 10 mages do the work of 50 chiefs.... 1 mage = 3 chief (literally, you can Check) As a owner of a paladin, i can agree that swooping army works the same as paladin banner but a bit faster (and a bit stronger too, gm pls buff banner a bit xd) I really don't see the difference, I've also been in wars/gvg and it's exactly the same with sentinels, i died in 0,1 sec after unity mostly from mages and rangers, also being under stun for almost 10 seconds, also random relic debuffs pops up mostly the snow-stun relic etc.
  19. Demon form: Well well, this is supposed to be a "berserk" version of the reaper, Why not make it more intimidating? - using demon form remove all debuff. -add a decrease incoming dmg maybe by 10/15/20/25/30% each lvl -demon form can be used even under stun/silence effect. -Delayed death > blood shield Surrounds the reaper with a strong shield that absorb dmg with the equal of 50%/60%/70%/80% of player max health, after the shield ends, the player health is reduced by 20%/15%/10%/5% -Chains of the underworld: Tie to the ground, Negate the use of skills and decrease dmg by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% by 3/3/4/4/5 seconds, in demon form works as aoe -otherworldy boost Jumping to the area instanly applies bleeding debuff for 6 seconds (20/30/40/50/60% of dmg) and increase movement speed of the character for few seconds., in demon form does not apply bleeding but apply stun for 3 seconds. UnravelIng will: Every 5 used skills (any) the player receive 1/2/2/3 buff that ignores any control skills (I couldn't think of anything else xd) Finally i also suggest on increasing the "hate" maybe to 20
  20. Well, I've seen that this is somewhat dead, so I'll leave some ideas. Skill name: earth force [active skill] Effect: pushes everything around the player(3x3 area) for 3 yards away, and apply silence for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds Cd:18 seconds ------------------------------------------------------------- Skill name: stone shield [Active skill] Effect: surrounds the player with a shield with a chance (40%/50%/60%/70%) to avoid damage dealing 0 dmg on the chieftain and returning to the attacker (30%/40%/50%/60% dmg returned) Does not trigger more than once in 2 seconds Duration: 12 seconds Cd:20 seconds ------------------------------------------------------------- Skill name: intimidating [passive] Effect: the chief receive the effect "Intimidation", Every attack to the player, reduces damage and penetration for (10%/15%/20%/25%) for 5 seconds, but reduce the player max health points by -10% -------------------------------------------------------------- Skill name : Combat art [Active with constant enegy consumption] Effect: increase the parameter parry for 10%/13%/16%/20% and the power of critical damage for 10%/15%/20%/25% Based on my own experience, skills that I feel can be very useful 👍
  21. The classic, 4/4 sacred shield, 5/5 heal, 4/4 banner, The rest, you apply it as you want, doesn't matter. As for phy build, The only thing that varies, is to add points to repellent strike In magic build everyone expect that u can heal, do aoe, or shield the tank.. (yes of course, not even you are the tank) In phy build, you rarely is going to be invited, And if they do, they expect you to be able to tank. Or simply collaborate with something, either with damage or simply dedicate yourself to applying shield to whoever can tank Yes, the paladin can act as a tank, but for that you lose points in useful skills, only to add to the aggression, and maybe to inner forces, and add all the possible life points, this means building a false warden If it is possible, buy mermen gear, for the skill that it gives, And surprise, you get a tank
  22. This game isnt p2p, everything is free (except bp But this does not interfere with progress.) Money only makes it a little faster to advance in the game, But only that, the difficulty is the same for everyone. While an f2p player has the same chances of being as powerful as someone who uses a lot of money, only a little slower. Money It's just for: skins, costumes, quest stuff, And some necessary things on offer like seals, crystals, etc, This can also be achieved with gold, so it is not a problem. pvp : the pvp nowadays based on stuns, But they have been adjusting this for all classes, the disadvantage is that there are some things that, despite being scarce, some players have, and this makes them incredibly strong, to the point of being almost invincible, this is reason for fights in the forum by nerf x class only by this player. Pve: I think that in this area it is relatively good, each class fulfills its function, (some more than others), but this is not cause for fighting, they are different classes, therefore each one works in its own way. Guilds: Uhmm... Personally this is the subject that I despise the most, in short, there are guilds much stronger than others. Unfortunately there will always be a guild that stands out from the rest, almost always elfs, (in EU emerald, there is a guild becoming tyrannical and toxic that dominates both sides elf and mc) Leaving aside the bad, the game is fun, I recommend playing on both sides (mc, elf) do not tie yourself in just one It doesn't hurt to expand the experience
  23. More than speed and strength, I think it needs to increase critical damage by at least 20%, this automatically makes all skills strong, if what you are looking for is outdmg And maybe some penetration for both users 1h-2h
  24. Sadly, paladin needs the same skill build he has used for years, there's really no way to vary this, at least in my opinion.
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