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  1. 这个技能现在太弱了,相比其他的职业来说,算的上最弱的新专家技能
  2. 在大多数时候,死灵的骷髅技能没有任何作用。首先需要有尸体才会产生骷髅,但是可以轻易杀死敌人的话,我就不需要骷髅。然后,骷髅有自己的AI,不会跟着玩家行动,所以不要指望骷髅会和你一起去攻击下一批敌人。并且,打boss几乎没有用,竞技场也几乎没用。我的意见是,使用图腾可以直接获得2个骷髅,然后每个尸体产生1个骷髅,间隔是5/4.5./4/3秒。
  3. a class ,with super high burst dmg,enuf control skills,heavy armors,resis skill ,now we r gonna add new resis skill to it.what is this class😂
  4. why minion skills r allowed use in arena?its very Unscientific,for example hunter or ranger no need too many skills in hot key, and they r pro dmg,so they use minion skill can get many rewards.but such as necro,there r already full skills in their hot key,and minion will wake up their nightmate,and they have no huge dmg,they cant get many rewards i have a question,no other players reported this problem?
  5. stop buffing some classes which already too strong such as shaman charmer bd druid,too many stun or control skill is bad experience for other char in pvp
  6. plz delete necro,pvp necro will be (maybe have been useless among 16 class
  7. Wongs

    amp block?

    tell me r u kidding me?50set=500pcs sign past ,my weapon still +7,plz tell me wts the CHANCE of +7 to +8? i dnt want go +9 or +10,just want +8,why block me?i asked many ppl,they all +9 in 30sets...just want me quit?
  8. after update,enemy still can use normal attack whey they be hypnotized buy necro!
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