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  1. but anything did change after we reported here?many mcs discussed here alreay ,but nothing was noticed,isnt it?
  2. Hi Holmes ,u need to pay some attentions to the point that ppl reported.nothing was changed nothing was cared even to nothing was noticed what ppl cared reported
  3. i think there have been many ppl reported the duration of the chief resis skill,so gm r gonna still ignore them?mage 3/4/5/6s,any lvl can remove all debuffs,chief 2/2/3/4s,remove 1/2/3/4,it even cant works enuf in lv 2 ,juts cuz it can add 1s more when remove a debuff? he have no any control skills to stop the ppl,that duration even cant to close to enemy.thats not only my point ,check it in forum.i hope that devs nerf skills "dnt basis on imagine or feeling",check the ppl's point ,and play it .btw,i hope devs move to another server,XD
  4. now i only wanna confirm 1 thing,were all GM play in this server?😁
  5. idk on what basis GM nerfed/buffed skills,but any1 reported chief resis skill too op ,even to brake the balance?i just saw many ppl said that duration too short in forum,but devs' idea is make it shorter,so u cant feel it was short b4😁
  6. ok u didnt say ,maybe suggestion.but what do u think abt this skills changed?i mean nurf
  7. higgings said that will give chief resis skills 2s more in 4/4,but now reduced 2s,i just want to say LOL
  8. bd was always buffed,even it has been powfull enuf,no wonder "firstborn". btw,druid same😂
  9. 在大多数时候,死灵的骷髅技能没有任何作用。首先需要有尸体才会产生骷髅,但是可以轻易杀死敌人的话,我就不需要骷髅。然后,骷髅有自己的AI,不会跟着玩家行动,所以不要指望骷髅会和你一起去攻击下一批敌人。并且,打boss几乎没有用,竞技场也几乎没用。我的意见是,使用图腾可以直接获得2个骷髅,然后每个尸体产生1个骷髅,间隔是5/4.5./4/3秒。
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