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  1. elfspear i will never change my standpoint too
  2. we look the same style skills . templar can move ,beastmaster aoe heal and buff (for himself and moonpet and other 9 ppl),warlock only stays here ,it get killed fast when stone end
  3. balance is difficult ,but is not impossible,devs always did something make playes strange ,for example, bd need to be nerfed ,but always get buff😂necro need to be buffed ,but always get nurf
  4. i dnt want to say more ,pls dnt forget the data from devs 2022
  5. many years later,my grandson plays the bdspear,and one day he find out a staff in the bag of the alt,he strange what is it and he try to solve the puzzle and began to investigate,then he find a horroble thing :this game was named warspear and had 20 classes befor
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