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  1. My main class now is DK lol i just use the Warlock to get money
  2. Khrone

    Dumb Question

    What happens if a Rogue (or a Blade Dancer too) uses 2 weapons with different attack speeds? Like, for example, a Dagger and an Axe?
  3. Ok, i have a Magical Damager DK and after this update, i need Saturation in my build. So i'll use: Knight's Curse 4/4 Saturation 4/4 What should be my 3rd full skill? I was thinking between Sharp Shadow and Steel Hurricane Or maybe even a defensive one if i'm gonna be a oof-tank or something
  4. Now we just need a "anti-overlap" effect for it to be perfect But i'm not gonna wish for the death of all my enemies after defeating my first one (translation: i'm not gonna ask for too much) I LOVE THIS CHANGE
  5. I'd make it ignore all auto attacks during 3 seconds or 1 instant damage ability lol
  6. Is it the new effect?
  7. I'd rather use Sharp Shadow Better than nothing lol Banner debuff works in like 6 enemies while Curse works in 1 (and both have the same effect), but Curse deals A LOT more damage However, if the enemy resists the Banner debuff, it still gets damaged.
  8. Here i'll give my opinion about the changes made on the Death Knight on this update. Death Knight Saturation In my opinion, it is the best change on this update. Maybe not everyone is gonna actively use it, but everyone is gonna buy it. I mean, it is + 25% Vampirism "for free", it could help even if you're a tank. Like i said before, not everyone is gonna actively use it. Why? Tank DKs probably won't use it for a very simple reason: There's no damage. Of course you would have a bit of damage from Death Call, auto-attacks, etc, but not a huge amount of damage. And using the same logic, maybe this skill would be too useful for damage dealers DKs. I can see a lot of players using Saturation and Knight's Curse, both at 4/4. It's gonna hurt for our enemies. But i still think we need to test to see if it deserves a nerf or not. Again, in my opinion, if enemies weren't able to dodge/block/parry Sharp Shadow, then i agree with a nerf on Saturation. Steel Hurricane I don't really know what to say. This skill still seems bad to me. The only advantage i can see against Knight's Curse is the lower cooldown, the hit chance and how easy it is to use the "skull". Well, we still got our buff on two-handed mixed damage weapons so... meh. Secret Reserves I never used it before since i'm a full magic DK, but 20% damage reduction sounds really good Knight's Curse I gotta agree that it needed a nerf (220% damage on each hit), BUT, it still have a lot of problems. If the enemy resists it: Congratulations, you lost your chance! If you use the skill on a enemy that already has the Kiss of Death debuff: Congratulations, you lost your chance! Like i said before multiple times, the debuff and the damage zone should be independent from each other. It is a really good skill with a huge risk of using. After reducing the risk of using it, we see if it still needs a nerf.
  9. Plot twist: The water is actually flowing upward
  10. No final, o gasto de mana vai ser igual ao que é hoje Vai ser até melhor pro Seeker, por que mesmo que a mana acabe, a habilidade não vai desativar.
  11. Bro, it is just a joke I mean, look at this: It's funny how the more you read the post, the more absurd it becomes
  12. I'd wait until the final version of the update (that is, after the tests) before adding some info, like the one about Otherwordly Fire Besides that, amazing guide!
  13. No final, o gasto de mana vai ser igual. Usando um cálculo que o próprio Nolan usou, atualmente, os sets do Mermen gastam 8 de mana a cada 2 segundos, ou seja, 4 de mana por segundo. Multiplicando por 5, dá 20 de mana a cada 5 segundos (ou seja, o tempo que demora para regenerar a mana) Não é tão complicado assim
  14. Now that it got nerfed, you could make the Kiss of Death debuff and the Cursed Flame zone totally independent, so the zone would appear in the following situations: The Kiss of Death debuff ends by itself. The enemy dies before the debuff duration ends. New Effect: The Kiss of Death debuff gets resisted. New Effect: The player casts Knight's Curse on a enemy that already has the Kiss of Death debuff.
  15. Sounds interesting and all, but sadly we don't have Passive/Active skills in the game
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