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  1. It already works like that. You get an increase to HP and Mana and both recover by the increased amount.
  2. Isn't it how it already works? Considering we have 3 equipment sets and 3 talent branches, i don't see why they wouldn't add a 3rd skill set You already have this option
  3. I've always said that, i doubt they will ever change 40K is a really dumb price for a LV 18 player who doesn't have places to farm to buy their 1st Expert Skill Even more dumb considering the power of characters isn't focused on Expert Skills anymore, it has been changed to Talents
  4. With the new changes to Threads of Darkness, is it worth leveling it up to at least 3/5 as a Damager DK? Or even 5/5? Threads of Darkness Adjusted Immobilization debuff duration: was 2 sec., now 2 \ 2.5 \ 3 \ 3.5 \ 4 sec. Adjusted Absorption by Darkness debuff duration: was 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 \ 8 sec., now 5 \ 6 \ 7 \ 8 \ 10 sec. Adjusted the strength of the increase in incoming damage to a target under Absorption by Darkness debuff: was 4 \ 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12%, now 7 \ 9 \ 11 \ 13 \ 16%.
  5. Yeah, but now it stuns enemies instead of just silencing them using a combo Also, they increased Threads of Darkness root duration Try to learn how to play with the new changes instead of just complaining
  6. It did increase Dodge with the Wolf and Rat Clans buff from Clan's Help passive, but it became Penetration instead
  7. I really don't understand why they did that Both Paladin's and DK's aggro became purely PvP skills, but at least DK reduces Secret Reserves cooldown Is it better than the other 2, tho?
  8. All negative effects in a game are called debuffs, be it a controll skill or not
  9. "While the zone is in effect, the Fetters of Darkness debuff is applied to the opponents who are in it. The opponents cannot move or apply skills, damaging them does not remove the debuff"
  10. It is literally written on the skill description An attack that deals physical damage to the enemy in the amount of P% of the character's physical strength and deals the "Stun" debuff to the enemy for T sec. The effect reduces physical and magical power by D%.
  11. If they did, it would probably be written as: Reworked talent mechanics: Now attacks performed under Stealth skill cannot be dodged, blocked or parried.
  12. Wdym, now it pratically doubles Hunter's Dodge, even ignoring the limit
  13. 75 Até onde eu sei, não
  14. I think it would be better if it increased Critical Hit instead, since more Critical Hit = more Critical Healings
  15. Of course the DK did a lot of damage, he stayed alive for more time, so he had more time to deal damage Also, he was the only one on his team, so there wasn't anyone else to deal damage to the Shaman and the Charmer besides him Using that logic, we should buff Warlock since on this print, it only dealt 2K damage compared to the other 3 classes Also, using that logic, we should nerf both Charmer and Shaman defense and healing skills since both could tank 134K damage for 5 minutes without any problems And in the end, the DK's team lost, so i don't really understand what are you complaining about, it is just a tank doing its job: receiving lots of damage
  16. I thought the talent increases your damage insted of decreasing the enemies' damage?
  17. Não acho que deixar a skill de resistência do Mago igual ao do Cacique seria a melhor opção Poderia ter algo de diferente, tipo redução de dano enquanto a skill tá ativa, sei lá
  18. Apesar de eu querer muito que isso aconteça, eu acho difícil as classes ganharem novas habilidades, considerando que agora, o foco dos desenvolvedores está nos Talentos, quem sabe no futuro Provavelmente, mas não é só isso Esss post também fala que o Cacique iria ganhar uma habilidade de movimentação + stun em área, sendo que na verdade ele ganhou uma skill que causa stun em um único alvo, e depende de um combo pra funcionar
  19. Os desenvolvedores provavelmente desistiram dessa habilidade. Do mesmo jeito que o Templário não ganhou uma constante que aumenta a eficácia dos Stuns, apenas a parte do Bloqueio foi para a habilidade final.
  20. Both could be achieved without having to turn it into a passive skill And then you would lose the control of who you want to ressurect
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