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  1. Sounds interesting and all, but sadly we don't have Passive/Active skills in the game
  2. Sempre achei que o Druida que deveria ser uma classe invocadora, e não o Encantador
  3. Honestly, this update made me so frustrated with the game that i stopped playing (again). We literally didn't need these talents, everyone was waiting for rebalance, new classes or new skills, but AIGRIND gave us Talents. Ok. At first, they seemed useless (1% Critical Chance, Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, etc), but there were also Lesser Class Talents and Key Class Talents that made up for the rest of the update Then, here comes the update in the original server: That's the first level of the first talent. Players already had to get gold for Expert Skills, equipments, T5 talents, and now, these new talents. Despite the Knowledge cost. Warspear is taking too much time from players to get basic things done.
  4. If Wars also gave resources like Arena Points, Gold and/or even the new Knowledge (i'd say Guild Points but i think the War already gives GP), maybe people would get a bit more interested
  5. I'd make it ignore damage for 0,5 - 1 second, not only 1 hit But the talent the way it is right now seems reasonable to me, considering that in a dungeon, the Death Knight would have a healer in the party
  6. I know it's too late now, but here's what i think that could have been done to the Key Class Talents of the following classes: Priest Druid Shaman (i had no ideas for it, sorry) Necromancer C'mon, AIGRIND, you literally copied the talents for both sides. Priest Harad's Blessing If the target under the effect of Armistice attacks any ally, it receives magical damage equal to 10% of the magical power of the Priest. This effect has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds. Additionaly, decreases its physical and magical power by 5% for 3 seconds. Druid Bee Army Insect Swarm also affects enemies near the target and decreases their Accuracy by 5%. Necromancer Sleepwalking (I couldn't find the icon but the skill is Nightmare) The target receives periodical magical damage during the skill duration. If it gets hit (not affected by the talent itself), the target will receive magical damage equal to 20% of the Necromancer's magical damage and the negative effect Fear for 2 seconds.
  7. C'mon, Bloody Barrier is kinda good after the buff
  8. Obrigado, senhora AIGRIND, nós te amamos Você precisa ver todas as circunstâncias: antes, só os Encantadores físicos se beneficiavam desse talento, agora os mágicos também podem usá-lo Com o máximo de stacks que é 5, você pode reduzir 12,5% de dano (2.5% × 5) Bem que poderiam aumentar a redução de cada stack pra 3% para a redução total ser 15%
  9. In my opinion, Bloody Barrier should activate after receiving total damage equal to 30% of the character's HP, and not 40%, so players could activate it 3 times before dying instead of 2 After all, it only ignores 1 hit, no matter how much damage it does, so it's pretty much the same as Parry/Block/Dodge
  10. Não, o efeito do talento só acontece quando a invisibilidade termina Mas o talento do Druida (e do Xamã, já que são os mesmos) é defensivo, não ofensivo Os talentos menores não podem mudar o efeito da habilidade, só melhorar
  11. Talents: not even released yet Me and my suggestions: Wait for it, dudes
  12. By "total damage", does it mean that the character needs to take a certain amount of damage (equal to 40% of its health) while the Dark Shield effect is active even if the character gets healed? Example: Or the character gets a stack of the buff when it is at 60% of HP and another one at 20%?
  13. Como disseram em outros fórums, você pode se reposicionar com a Investida para que o 2° Rugido afete mais inimigos E talvez o 2° Rugido ative efeitos de relíquia, mas não tenho certeza
  14. I mean like maybe each new stack will refresh the timer of the previous one
  15. I'd change it to: Bloody Barrier Dark Shield skill adds an additional Bloody Barrier positive effect to the character for 15 sec. every time the character suffers total damage equal to 25% of its maximum health. The effect ignores the next damage greater than 10% of the character's health. The maximum number of effects is 2. I still can't understand how we are supposed to stack this buff.
  16. You can use the skill again and keep refreshing the buff timer lol
  17. So... for the effect to activate, you need to lose almost half of your HP (and as a tank, if there's something that deals that amount of damage, you're pretty much already dead) Also, the maximum number of effects is 2, so you would need to lose 40% more HP in the 2nd hit (wow, look, now we have 20% of HP we're closer to see Garahan's face), but the 1st effect would activate (since it protects you from burst damage), so this "the maximum number of effects is 2" will never actually occur? Does it work for minions summoned by skills?
  18. What about Templar's Mantra? I don't remember if it depends on magic damage or HP, but... You can also increase both of them with potions, scrolls, etc
  19. I think it's a "basic skills upgrade" or something like that (you can see Paladin's basic healing skill affecting more than 1 character)
  20. I'd make it the same skill as it is rn, but instead of increasing the Life Regen stat, i'd make it heal a % of the max HP or lost HP every X seconds.
  21. Mas as maças de 2 mãos já têm dano mágico igual aos cajados, e ao amplificar, o dano também fica igual, pra quê aumentar mais ainda?
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