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  1. 80% on 4/4, and i think it is 20-40-60% on 1, 2 and 3/4 respectively. It is only reduces magical defense though.
  2. It is a literal self-revive tho However, Druid has Patronage of the Forest, so... I just think a "self-revive" skill should have another extra effect besides just "reviving" else it would be broken But there are other similar skills like Barbarian's Last Wish that does work on Arena and he also has a healing skill (25% HP lol) or Paladin's Sacred Shield that is a second HP bar. What about just healing 12-24-36-48% of the HP without any drawbacks? Depending on the situation, healing 12% of the HP is just delaying the death, and 48% is reasonable, co
  3. If you do, then why do you tell so many lies? Everyone knows the Totem does have a limit and even the administrator told you that, but you continue saying it doesn't. A lot of people said the Totem heals every 3s and you said 2s. It seems like you don't even read or care about what other people are saying, you just want your opinion based on lies to be the prevailing one. @Vinagre (the one who created the topic) gave the suggestion of putting a limit of how many totems affects the player and we accepted. @Nolan said there is no need to change the Globe s
  4. ????? Do you even read what other people say on this thread?
  5. Btw on the first option, if the enemy dealt a critical hit on the DK, all the charges would disappear or just 1?
  6. Another skill that drains character's health Both the enemy and the skill would try to kill you I'd make it "revive" the player but they would take increased damage for some time until they deal a certain amount of damage or until the debuff is over. Something like that: Bonus: You can choose a name! Type: Passive When the Health Points drops to 1, restores part of it but increases damage received for some time. The debuff can be removed earlier if the character deals a certain amount of the sum of its physical and magical damag
  7. Am i the only one who thinks that a Health Regeneration-based skill (Secret Reserves) matches more the Barbarian while a skill that makes (or used to make) the character invincible for some time after they get into a critical level of health (Last Wish) matches more the Death Knight?
  8. Not so much. They have a skill that increases health by 40%, so if the player had 6K HP (kinda easy for a tank) and used the buff, the shield would absorb 8.4K damage.
  9. I hope the next expert skill doesn't depend on any specific stat to work or depends on stats the player would already focus (like Defense and Regen), because right now, the DK is the only class with different ways to tank, while WD and Barbarian just focus on Block and Paladin on... i don't know. Nothing, i guess?
  10. Tanking T5 without a shield... You're brave But i think it's possible
  11. So... i tried to make my future DK on the Warspear Calculator And it seems like i accidentaly got 40% Critical Hit, 100+ Mana Regeneration and 8K Physical Defense. Khrone's Future Death Knight Note: The Runes and Crystals aren't even crited. However, it has low Penetration.
  12. After the equipment gets in a certain level of amplification, the player would be able to increase its level. I didn't think too much about how it would work to be honest, but it could be something like that: Up to +3: No enhacement available. Above +4: You can increase its level by 1. Above +6: You can increase its level by 2. Above +8: You can increase its level by 3. +10: You can increase its level by 4. It's written "above" because the player could choose how much levels they would like to increase. An enhanced equipment wou
  13. 12s* Please, i ask you to search at least a bit about Shaman's skills
  14. Um livro misturando 2 parâmetros especiais de eventos diferentes Interessante... Como exatamente funcionaria? Exemplo: O personagem tem 5% de Fúria, e após ativar, também ganha 5% de Vampirismo?
  15. I'll enter this thread I want swords with magical damage and i'll remind you every update Just kidding, don't annoy the devs, people
  16. I wish Paladin and Death Knight had any energy regeneration skill for the Magical Damage build like the other true MDMG classes, even though mana is a smaller problem for these 2 classes Note: It's funny how armor sets with Cooldown Reduction have no Mana Regeneration on the boots
  17. What is better for a Magical DK? Heavy Armor Light Armor with Critical Hit and Cooldown Light Armor with Critical Hit and Penetration
  18. I wonder why did AIGRIND stop to create "Under Development" topics. The last one was about the 8.4 update, but the 9.0 was all of sudden.
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