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  1. Hello, im wondering if its possible to get an report function direct in game, right now it overfloading with so called trollers. Using lowlvl chars to spread false rumours and spam worldchat and tradechat with lies that someone scam, but they cannot give proof but keep spamming it over and over. Harrasmen in my opinion is an illegal action, and doing this on purpose over and over just because someone decline selling an item for extremly cheap. Is this possible? Ignore is a solution for me to not see it - but the fact still remains the lies is still being spreeded, i think the negativ of peoples mind is killing the fun of this game. I should enjoy playing and trying to sell stuffs and buy new without needing this kind of harrasment.
  2. would be awesome if we get pictures of the costumes whos in the Spring Cache
  3. I find it funny, the purpose in a game is teamwork not blindly look at 1v1 fights, all posts im reading here is all about "im crying because i cant beat a bd 1v1", i know alot of people who can beat bd 1v1, it depends on the situation and ur skills and how you act. Right now i feel like all you guys thinking is that by nerfing a class can make you stand on 1 spot and just spam ur skills to kill it. Also i want to warn you guys asking to nerf a class might actually destroy the game, it have to be careful done, its not that simple, and second its so many other good classes out there, they all have different purposes, learn ur class. third, next time an class get an skill who can do some good purposes, example: Wizard? will you end up doing the same, asking for nerf, it compleatly ruin the purpose of a game when you start ask for nerf for everything new who comes in.
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    Topic done, found nice guys who made my day
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