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  1. @Holmes The guild systems haven't been updated. Can't see number of members online, and all the sorting mechanisms. Please look into it.
  2. Lol, this is such a tricky change. If you look at it carefully, it can be either a buff or nerf. If you don't have adequate CD to cycle eagle eye, it's a clear nerf. If you have enough CD to cycle it, then the rate of bleed application increases, providing a minor buff. Wonder who comes up with stuff like this. RIP chieftains. Still no stun or silence. Waiting to test the values.
  3. Haha same. I've been refreshing the site a lot. @NolanWhere's our list of skill changes?
  4. Food for thought for all forum writers. P.S: I just want to buy a drink to whoever adopted the spring costumes! They're amazing.
  5. Zone got nerfed last update. I don't understand why we're back tracking for warlocks. Just last update, it was decided that sphere needs 0 mana so that it can effectively recover mana. And now immediately at the next update, we're back where we started. What is the purpose of this? And the damage of lock sphere isn't that great too. I pumped all the way to 500 mana, sacrificing all other stats and I'm doing barely 3k sphere on dummy. It's nothing phenomenal. Keep in mind I'm a +9 lock, 4/4 relax, 4/4 sphere with energy buffs almost everywhere (food, sc
  6. omg why?! Just when you think there's some hope for the class. This is really unnecessary. The point of spending skill points into this skill was to manage the mana cost while increasing the damage potential of this skill.
  7. I'll post here since the bugs section is not working. It says grimoire only reduces the defense by 1%. This is grimoire 4/4. Please look into it and correct the numbers based on different skill levels. Thank you! @Holmes
  8. @Holmes We post reports on the found bugs here: https://bit.ly/3rOeS6b The section to report bugs is not available.
  9. I just want to say that this is a brilliant initiative. Effective and direct communication of issues from the player base during the test server. It's a great step towards showing that the team is interested in listening to the players. Seems like our mods are gonna be be working overtime. xD
  10. Wow, That was an amazing read. So excited for these changes. 🥳 I'll just keep my reviews to the classes I play. I can't wait to test this out. An innovative way to increase the damage potential of the warlock while tackling the energy regen issue. Fingers crossed for them big numbers. I'm so happy to see an increase in warlock survivability even though its a small one. But I don't see much practicality to this skill if I'm being honest. I sincerely recommend a change to this skill. Increase range from 4 yards to 5 yards AND increase its effective duration. OR
  11. TheCaster

    Login issues

    @Nolan @Akasha @HiggingsWe're facing server wide login issues at the US Sapphire server. Please look into it and do the needful. Many people have been unable to go mermen dg because of this issue. There's only 4 hours of it.
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