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  1. Hello, I would like to bring an issue regarding the new level bracket of Levels 29-34 for the following categories: 1. 2x2 Arena 2. 3x3 Arena 3. Temple of seals Arena Since the level bracket has been expanded to include the new levels, you can see that there are 6 levels in the bracket but the problem is that a party will not meet 3 or more levels higher or lower than it's lowest level member. PROBLEM: Since the mainstream characters are level 32-34, they will not meet the lower level characters. While the competition and arena fights are going on in the higher levels, the lower levels in the same bracket will party even lower levels out of the bracket and free spam. So at the end of the day, the one who hides and spams will be the winner rather than the one who fights for it. For example, A level 34 will keep fighting with the 31, 32, 33 and 34 characters. Meanwhile a level 29 will party with a level 26, completely avoiding the fights while hiding and spamming. Since there is no competition in the lower levels the one who can free spam more will eventually end up as the winner of ranks. This ruins the reason we fight in area as well as the integrity and rewards for why players fight. SUGGESTED SOLUTION: 1. Close the arena level bracket: The simplest solution would be not to allow any part to demand out of the level bracket. This is already active in warspear in other arena modes like 5x5 and crucibles. This prevents the concept of hiding away but at the same time preserves the reward of fighting. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. No underhanded hiding away and abusing the level restrictions to secure arena rank. Example restriction in effect in 5x5 / crucibles: 2. Seperate the level bracket further: Since the levels 33 & 34 are new, I recommend making a new bracket 33-34 which could later be expanded into 33- 36. This would increase the potential to earn imperials given the increase in greatness items and grind across warspear. I request you to consider any of these solutions that prevent hiding away and spamming. The first one being the ideal once since it's already a system that exists in the game and just need to be implemented. @Nolan @Dr Strange @Holmes
  2. So 29 - 34 will be the new category level for 2s, 3s and seals 3x3? 6 levels span? Isn't that too much when there's a restriction of 3 levels for meeting in arena?
  3. Can you elaborate this please? @Nolan Does it mean that 33 - 34 will be a new level for each category? Or that 29 - 32 will expand to (29 - 34) ?
  4. Cooperating how? Can you explain? His actual position is something different but the server and "My device" areThi desyncd by this corner shuffling? So it shows his earlier location than the more recent one where he's closer to me? This doesn't help ngl. Any other way to fix this other than relogging?
  5. I wonder why this happens though. What's the reason? I can also confirm that this isn't an issue because of internet. My internet speed is very high as well as low ping but it happens to me often too. Is there no way to fix this? @Nolan
  6. Doom extension : Increases the duration of all negative effects inflicted by the character by 50%. :)
  7. I don't think it's anything impressive for the amount of buffs the lock has. And the amount of debuffs the dummy has. It's nice to see ofc. But highly unrealistic of it happening in normal game scenarios.
  8. True! That's a better idea. But since we all attend mermen, ship and grotto anyway, might as well get some knowledge from there too. It takes 10 runs of dg to just get daily knowledge cap and then arena or quest on top of that. Elite mob is a good plus. Everyone will get burned out at this rate trying to open talents.
  9. @Dr Strange Petition to add knowledge to ship, grotto and mermen trails please. The grind we see ahead of us is abysmal and little disheartening. Kindly increase the avenues in which we can gain knowledge. As well as knowledge from dg per run.
  10. Yo Paizan. Watch this. This is the new reverse flow talent. The dome duration is not affected by octo book and lasts for longer than lock circle. It's cooldown is lower than lock circle. Stuns 9 people for 8.5s Normally in mass battles.. Not taking into account castle relic. This is why I asked you to read the new talents before shouting in caps lol.
  11. I give up. Just wait for open test server tomorrow. You'll understand what I mean.
  12. The new talent doesn't push people away. It pulls enemies in. So until 6.5s are done, you'll get stunned by the same flow. It's not. Once you're in the new flow, the stuns keep re applying themselves. You should really read the new talents or talk to someone in the closed test before you write these things. Your bias towards warlocks is clouding your judgement. 6.5s + all the relics you mentioned works the same for templar also. I think it's better you wait for the open test server to understand how the new flow works before writing anymore comments lol. I'll record a small video from open test server so you understand better.
  13. This is going to be super broken. In GvGs, Just having 1 priest in pt means passive cleanse 1 debuff every 2.5s?
  14. Lol what're you talking about? The new talent doesn't cut flat 25% resist of an enemy. If you have 50% resist, it cuts 25% of 50 = 37.5 resist still on enemy. If you have 10% resist, it cuts 25% of 10 = 7.5% resist still on enemy. I'm not sure if this new talent works against 100% resist skills like BD or chief though. Yet to test. Also correct me if I'm wrong here: This is the templar flow stats rn: Stuns for 1.8s every 1.3s and the flow lasts for 6.5s at 5/5. Now this is the new flow talent branch: It stuns for 2s every 0.9s for 6.5s? That means that with this talent, a templar flow will effectively stun 9 enemies for 6.5s flat which is even better than a lock circle of 5s. Even if you have an octo book and the 2s becomes 1s stun, it will still stun for 6.5s flat. Since the duration of templar dome is not affected by octo book since it's an area skill. Please correct me if my math is wrong somewhere.
  15. Why're is everyone worried about 1 outlier though? It's not as if everyone in running around with an octo book. Warlock circle and zone is not affected by octo book because they're area based skills. In arena you can have option for it to be resisted, lock circle can get removed by horror stun talent, lock zone can get removed by horror vamp talent on top of it being resisted. Plus you can always walk out of zone. That's 3-4 whole ways to for an octo book user to by pass lock circle and zone. I think the new templar done with force inversion talent will also work like warlock circle? Any templars here? What's the stun time and duration of each stun, how often does dome stun after new talent and how long does the dome itself last?
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