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  1. Again, I think you're over reaching one class issue into other classes. Your underlying issue is shaman heal totems and their interactions in GvG which should be posted in the shaman section. Looking at it from one point of view, doesn't justify discarding this suggestion. There's 2s, 3s, seals, crucibles mode of arena where all you have to do to beat a warlock is jack up on resist items or even mermen gear. There's also PvE where lock has plethora of useless skills and skill combinations. Works both ways. I play in sapphire. We got decent fights I'd say. Maybe it's not as active as your server but you can't say (my server > your server) so everything should be reworked in a way that should benefit that point of view. There's many other servers with many other scenarios. I believe sentinels are dominating in EU servers too. You should take a look at the Russian forums too. They're even more active than BR server I believe and the majority of warspear community there agrees that warlock is one of the weakest and most outdated classes that needs a major overhaul.
  2. By that logic, wouldn't you need to take away all survival skills of all legion classes just because shaman has heal totem? That doesn't make sense. if shaman heal totem is a concern, then it should be brought up in the shaman section. What does poor warlocks have to do about that? Its already at the bottom of the ring as it is. P.S: There are servers in which heal totem strategies are barely used and make almost no difference cause it requires many people optimizing their builds just for GvG making them pretty undesirable for arena and PvE content.
  3. I play warlock as well as other classes. In fact, I'm 1 of the 3 only full greatness warlocks in the whole server. Could you elaborate on how the class is strong? I'd love to hear rational well justified thoughts about this. Please don't state obvious and generic stuff like "it can stun many people" and " Have infinite stun cycle".
  4. Thank you. Your reply is now being circulated in the entire sapphire server.
  5. I'm a legion player mainly but even I think that's too overpowered lol. Adding silence to thrashing like Pala sounds more like a feasible option. But only skill level 4 and above, so it'll force chieftains to take out those skill points from eagle eye or bear stamina. And just like Pala fetters, it should be removable by castle purification pots.
  6. Hey I think this a question most of the warspear community has. Are the drops inside a chest fixed at the time we receive or buy it OR are they randomly decided at the time of opening? To clarify my question: If we save these till the last week of horror events, would opening these chests apply x2 drop chance to all the chests that we earned at the previous weeks too? Or is it only applicable to the chests we get during that particular week? @Nolan @Higgings @[email protected] Thanks in advance!
  7. If only you used such ingenuity to make a greatness necro, smh. But for real, good work. Rocking that Halloween theme.
  8. I'd like to talk to your prop manager please. That seems like a lot of hard work and creativity into one picture lol. That shadow image on the wall wasn't your idea was it?
  9. Hey y'all! I've had these arena videos for quite a while now and these are some of the best fights I've seen in 2s. There were so many captivating matches that I felt it needs a trailer for its own. Watch some of the best fighters in the US sapphire server go head to head. Coming soon!
  10. That looks like so much fun. You're evil!
  11. I myself don't have the time to farm neither am I being coy about anything lol. I'm asking straightforward and clearly to clarify how they've designed the tournament. Thanks for the answer but isn't the one point criteria mentioned for the survival games? It doesn't say if there's a pre requisite about the qualifying tournament reward itself.
  12. Is there a minimum amount of points that members should earn to qualify for the reward assuming their guilds are in the top of their respective troupes? Sorry for the 100 questions. Thank you for being patient. xD
  13. @Nolan @LeeLoo Will the troupes assignments be jumbled every week? or once a guild is assigned to a specific troupe does it stay that way throughout the median night event? Thank you in advance.
  14. So that means the top guild from each troupe will get 50 chests per member along with other rewards? So 3 guilds in each faction in an entire server can get 1st place every week? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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