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  1. Crit is kinda useless in pvp. If you have a decent amount of resi, crit never works. So moot point. 😔
  2. Yeah, increase hit frequency or base damage increase, both sounds good. There have already been a lot of calls to make this a pure dd skill in almost every forum. It can resisted. It counts as a debuff skill. Increasing its potency sounds good. And for the love of God, no more combos. Lol, can't ask for everything now, can we? I'd still prioritize for survivability and aoe dmg increase skill reworks over more control for lock. Only defensive skill a lock has. I see why everyone is plying to get some changes here lol. There are not many other options for lock. @Khrone Which server do you play in btw?
  3. Sphere already has a combo with relaxation, it would be difficult to use so many combos effectively in battle, don't you think? How making life exhaust aoe btw? And increase its potency like those bats in st normal and stackable ? (Exhaust cd would have to be reduced for this to work effectively) Those bats have only 3k hp ish but hard to kill them sometimes because their exhaust stacks, much more powerful than lock exhaust at 5/5 and they have a very good amount of dodge. (lock doesn't dodge obviously) And Dark seal can be made a passive debuff, that applies to all enemies in combat with the warlock every certain number of attacks or once every 10s or so? Works on unlimited numbers in pve but 2-5 players max from 1/4 to 4/4 in pvp scenarios maybe?
  4. Hey guys! Feast your eyes to on a Legendary Achievement today. Guild events such as these take enormous teamwork and coordination. I personally like this snorlar because there's never a dull moment in this GvG; You have to keep moving, someone is out to sneak in and get your soul, watching out for guild skills, alliances, enemies, and of course, The banter. Hats off to the developer team for coming up with this! We'd like to thank everyone who actively participated or contributed in anyway at all. We had a blast and looking forward to more in the future. Enjoy! P.S: Please don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more updates.
  5. TheCaster

    Roles "Graphic"

    Won't all healers fall into the ranged category too? Technically they are also a ranged class. I think ranged and melee would be a sepearte division altogether from Tanks, healers and damagers?
  6. I'm not entirely sure about paladin. About warlock, I would say a decent 15 + accuracy should be enough; since they don't have any skills that increase attack speed like mages. The maximum attack speed you would see on a lock would be the guild passive level 10 ( +15% attack speed ). Well to be honest, lock doesn't have many damage skills to use to miss. It's supposed to a debuffer according to the descriptions. Arrow & sphere are the only damage skills it has that can miss. Life exhaust can be both missed and resisted.
  7. Direct + & - I think. Accuracy required depends on your attack speed and the class you play. For example, a speed hunter needs at least 30 accuracy in my opinion to not keep missing attacks. The more attack speed you have, the more accu you'll need to ensure a hit in pve.
  8. Nope, very different things. The base defense of a cloth armor class is low in itself so even if you provide % amplifiers there it won't make a tangible difference in the case of warlocks. You also have to take into account the enemy's pene stat in this case and fero if in the case of players. So the damage reduction will be low when compared to an actual skill that provides damage reduction in most cases. Damage reduction works independently. Let's say you're supposed to receive 1000 damage from someone, If you have 80% damage reduction you receive only 200 damage regardless of any other stats like pene, resi, fero etc. As opposed to a mage skill that can ignore any damage regardless of the number every alternate attack whether its 1000 or 10,000, you need to come up with a stronger suggestion @Khrone. xD Don't hold back.
  9. I think you have defense and damage reduction confused. @Khrone
  10. Thank you for this. I was honestly wondering why this issue hadn't come up yet. As all other damage classes progress along the game, I think it's necessary to make sufficient improvements too to this class too and you have made the comparisons clean and neat. Kudos. Honestly this is mainly a pve suggestion and one I wish to see implemented. It takes enormous pain to bring up a hunter which only has one build (speed) and it pains me to see people stop playing it because a normal player without financial support cannot develop a speed hunter without enormous resources and level 10 and 11 guild passive buffs. It's a class that's out of reach to the average player. I'm currently working on a detailed video analysis of the new Hunter trap test and it's practicality and usefulness in different scenarios. Please Stay tuned.
  11. I think that's the point of discussion here @ Bludnuy, As an advertised magic debuffer, neither is the class able to out damage or come close to the damage of similarly amped damage chars like mage nor does it provide the versatility required otherwise since majority of its skills goes into resist and dies faster than a soggy paper. I really appreciate your passion for the class, cause in my opinion its the hardest class to play in warspear. But I think even you have to agree with the main topic of this thread. They need some upgrades in both defensive and a few offensive capabilities. I don't support some of the skill options the author provided but I agree with his general idea of the thread.
  12. May I know your amp and stats please? This is a very rare instance. Not many warlocks can accomplish this feat. 🙄
  13. The stone body and mana effect doesn't necessarily have to be cancelled if there is a pre existing stone body effect. It activates according to the conditions mentioned. The only thing is the stone body effect can't be stacked so maximum of one shield at a time but the mp regen effect still works. What do you think? @ Bludnuy 😄
  14. I really hope you get a valid response. People have jobs, studies and other stuff in real life to get to. The people who find and make time for the game are passionate about it and shouldn't be rewarded this way. Hope this reaches the concerned people. @Holmes @Akasha
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