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  1. Thank you so much your insight is very helpful. English is my fourth language so im still learning. I do agree with your suggestion. Apart for original mechanic which makes hunter difficult to maximize ice relic captivity in real battle.
  2. Please add item in mcoin shop to swap out task of craft. Replacing 49 mcoin. Some of crafter like me are non mcoin player. The item could be a scroll or something. It does same job as 49 mcoin < replacing a task> this will remove dependency crafter for mcoin.
  3. Thank you for both of you. I managed to finish it with minion + pot + scroll and buff from charmer bird. The charmer gives me buff from outside. This really challenging and frustrating at same time lol.
  4. Warspear game is all about business. Miracle coins, gold, cc, and other currency. Thousands of exchanges of goods happen every day. One thing that is inevitable is resellers. I see mindset of warspear online player most think is reseller is bad. Why? Maybe because they take advantage of other people? Maybe they take profit for whatever they selling. (which ofc they had to do it in sense to make a money) and other reasons i couldn't put here. Reselling item is one of many way to make money in warspear online. Either is resell dg item or miracle shop item. Is becoming reseller morally wrong? I don't know, the answer possibly can be yes or no. Is reselling item against rules? I don't think so. Since reseller actually makes price more competitive. Why? Because more sellers mean more competitive price. And Because if economic in one certain area monopolize by one party. They can set prices As they want. Alot people refused to selling and buying from reseller. And reseller also refused to be outsmarted (they used low lvl characters to do trade so people have no idea who actually he is) But in my perspective. If you don't like it just don't buy it. And nobody force you to buy anything anyways. If you like certain item in certain prices. You can always ask world chat. So stop crying about prices. Some people think reseller really have control to certain price of item. I'd say nothing can control price of item other than supply and demand (a very basic of economic law) Also become reseller is not easy You need capital You need patience You need big inventory to store item You need good skill to negotiating prices. Etc. If you refused to buy and sell item to reseller, its okay its all your right to do whatever you want in game. Just don't cry about prices. I speak all about this as perspective of player and reseller. I used to be reseller but quit long time ago since t3t4t5 quest and bosses gives a lot of gold. I can simply easy farm them to make 100k-200k within 4 days. Is just not worth anymore become reseller in my opinion. There's alot way to make gold. (farm, craft, dg, arena, etc) but yeah people still called me reseller which irritated me, and what i can do is simply put them onto ignore list. And i dont have problem buying item from reseller as long as we have good deal. And i like to know your thoughts about reseller in our beloved game.
  5. So other classes have ability to freely spam it is balanced at all?
  6. Permanent or toggle, whatever. The relic i put there is not the main point, i put stability relic there so people can see there's few skill has this mechanism. And ofc the relic i talk about is ice relic captivity. Maybe you will understand if you playing on top tier pvp.
  7. I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say.
  8. This quest works like 6 shadow and sea witch which only allow questor only to enter. I suggest to change the portal so other player non questor can enter, so new player can get help easily. Basically you forcing player to able to solo it. It has 10k hp, it's not much but still pretty hard for newbie class with average amp and gears. Unlike 6 shadow and sea witch while there are some people farming it and you can ask help from them but this quest nobody will farm it because it drops nothing other than 12 gold. I found nothing like this quest to be found in Sentinel side <elf side>. So please consider my suggestion.
  9. You need to press the skill to trigger relic. But since the skill is permanent, you have to deactivate and reactivate in order to make the relic triggered but you lose important stats. Not only applies on hunter skill but few other classes have this kind permanent skill.
  10. This skill really need to changed the mechanics, because when pvp or gvg situations this skill need to be pressed to trigger the relic. Yes u can deactivate and then reactivate again but you will lose some important stats. My suggestion is to changed like ferocity or resil skill. It can be pressed multiple times without losing the effect. Otherwise the expensive relic we put will be a such a waste. Please consider my suggestion.
  11. Ohh, so that's how it works. Thank you
  12. I want to know how actually resilience stats are count into total accumulated in stats of characters. Helm : 3.5+4.3 = 7.8 Armor : 3.9+4.3+4.3 = 12.5 Glove : 3.9+3.5+4.3 = 11.7 Boots : 3.9+3.5+4.3 = 11.7 Belt : 3.9 Book = 5 Ring = 2+2 = 4 Total : 56.6 Result in game : 48.7 Difference : 7.9
  13. We didn't received chest reward as tournament horor, the day bp is over. 12 December 2022
  14. Which town and map for arena chest have higher drop raye for those books, iam currently lvl 32
  15. How to reach maximum attack speed with seeker? Since they don't have expert skill for attack speed like rogue and hunter.
  16. Finally battle pass is tradeable. But im bit disappointed because it shouldn't be gift, it should be in game item so it allows people to exchange. To prevent scam etc.
  17. I create this topic 7 years ago. And still relevant untill this very day, show how elf <bd> got favored so much. In each update its not only me complaining about the classes and I'm not the only one who saw this class need to be toned down.
  18. Of course, took you 12 years to realize bd is that overpowered and mcs need class like bd. Look population us server and how war goes there. Elf overpopulated because of how easy and too much advantage elf got. Even u admitted that bd is very strong.
  19. Craft experience 1 0 2 20 3 200 4 540 5 1250 6 2550 7 4700 8 7990 9 13.000 10 19.440 11 12 13 14 74.570 15 98.250 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 375.000 23 470.000 24 585.000 25 26 830.000 Anyone know how much experience points each level so I can complete my list. This information really useful for crafter,
  20. the amount of craft experience for new event craft tasks was corrected; Increased or decreased?
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