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  1. Ganha o prazer de ver uma sugestão sua dentro do jogo
  2. Ok, so on lv 20, my DK would have 299 Phys. DMG and 237 Mag. DMG If i bought Steel Hurricane, it would deal 209 damage in an area around me each 14s If i bought Sharp Shadow, it would deal 472 to only one target with a chance of stunning it (i think the chance is 35%, idk) each 14s, also the skill is ranged Wich one should i buy?
  3. But it deals so little damage, especially on 1/4 (70%, seriously? At least it has a short cooldown) I mean, i would already have Knight's Curse 3/4, so maybe i could use Hurricane to finish the remaining enemies around me But... Since i'd have Curse 3/4, i would like to use Sharp Shadow as a single-target high damage skill (like Curse to kill weak enemies and Sharp Shadow to finish the tough ones), idk The only single-target damage i have is the Exhalation + Thorns combo that almost everytime it's just "Thorns combo" Also, there is the Stun chance. It's l
  4. I'm thinking ab buying Sharp Shadow, is it good? Does it have a high chance to deal damage or is it easily resisted lol
  5. 1.4K Phys. DMG DK We do a little trolling Also: 800 Mag. DMG DK
  6. Who says i'm going to tank? What i'm saying is that a skill made for tanks deal more damage than a skill made ONLY for damage (and that's why i think Steel Hurricane needs other effect besides damage).
  7. So wich one should i buy? I bought Knight's Curse as the 1st skill
  8. Wait, the 80% damage from Death Call is each hit or the total damage?
  9. It's funny how even Death Call that is a agro skill deals more damage than Steel Hurricane this thing needs a buff or rework
  10. I'm almost level 20 and i have 30K, should i get my 2° expert skill or new equipments?
  11. A equipe deve estar focada na Primavera, talvez entre ela e o Aniversário vejamos algo do tipo
  12. 350% Magical Damage 80% 3.5s Stun chance Heals 50% of the damage dealt if used with Saturation Ranged 14s cooldown Looks broken to me Also, why give the DK a "ranged" skill (because 3m is a joke) if it has a skill that pulls enemies? So you can use it if the enemy resist the Threads?
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