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  1. Though i don't play PvP, i believe people who do focus on these too
  2. This is my honest opinion after reading this post and analyzing it: Please, no. These branches have huge differences between them, and most of the classes have separate ones made specifically for PvP. It's like having to buy new equipment everytime you wanted to change from PvP to PvE and vice-versa. If someone spent money to get 2 or even all the three branches, they should get the right to change freely between them without have to spend even more. We already have the option to change equipment sets and skill sets for free, why can't we do the same with Branches? There is no advantage here. Let's get the numbers from the talent above: Scarlet Blade With a 15% chance the “Exacerbation” skill additionally applies the “Bleeding” debuff to the enemy for 8 sec. when auto-attacking or attacking with a skill that deals instant damage. The effect deals physical damage equal to 20% of the character's physical strength every 2 sec. So it's 20% of physical power every 2s for 8s. 8/2 = 4 ticks of damage 4*20 = 80% of damage in total Now with Blood Ablution: 2s - 25% = 1.5s 8s - 25% = 6s 20% of physical power every 1.5s for 6s. 6/1.5 = 4 ticks of damage 4*20 = 80% of damage in total As they say here in Brazil, it's "changing six for half a dozen" I remember seeing it somewhere... It doesn't explain what the Quick Reaction buff does. Also, i'm very surprised if a Ranger manage to receive 5/3 attacks without dying. 4/4 Fortification decreases damage by 30%. With 90% missing health (that is, only 10% total health), you would increase the the damage reduction by 72% 30 + 72 = 102% So at 10% HP, you become immortal? To be honest, this talent would be better for the Dual Rage branch, since it is focused on Physical Damage and the Healing skill would be useless without Magical Power. This description is a bit confusing. So while the Moon Monster is alive, the skill Aura of the Forest will be permanently active, like the Mage's Aura of Fire? Wouldn't it be "when attacking" instead of "when attacked"? Meet the new DPS: The Shaman! I thought it was a translation error but no, even in the Russian forum it is the same. I don't understand why a support class gets a talent that increases Attack Speed. If the Electrification debuff from the Ball Lighting talent dealt damage if the Shaman attacked the enemy instead, then the name "Storm Keeper" and the effect itself would make a lot more sense. I should say, this one is really cool. You will probably miss skills but will NEVER miss an auto-attack. Another description that made me really confused. As a Magical Death Knight, this makes me happy. I believe it will be possible to reach the same level of magical power as a Warlock (i don't mean the damage, i mean the stat). Nice, now we just need the cooldown of Secret Reserves to refresh everytime we leave the arena. I wouldn't say it is exactly useful, but it seems fun, indeed. So you get a nerf to a skill which is already weak and to make it deal damage again, you need Energy? Heh, no. If you just remove the damage reduction, that would be an amazing change. Also no. It is the only talent from all classes that requires you to spend money to benefit from it. What is the difficulty of just doing something like "Increases the total Energy by X%"? It is Dark Seal, not Dark Circle. Also, it is an useless skill that nobody uses, and this talent won't make it better. What is the focus of this branch? PvP? PvE? Survivability? Pretty underwhelming to be honest. It could just be a normal effect from the skill, but considering the amount of skeletons that the skill Dead Soldier summons and including the ones from the talent Lifeless Army, it is acceptable. I mean, if an army of skeletons started chasing me because a Necromancer looked at me, i'd consider myself dead already. That is literally so cool, it makes me wanna create a Necromancer! Why is it a kanji? Isn't it an item from League of Legends lol This looks like a branch without purpose. It's just made to fix a problem created by the branch itself, which is the increasing amount of Hate consumed while in the Demonic Form. Overall, i don't have any more comments, just a single question: What happens to these talents that summon minions (like Druid's and Necromancer's) every X seconds if the minion is still alive? Does it re-summon them with full Health/Energy?
  3. Actually it is written "Dark Seal" in the Russian forum. They made a mistake here.
  4. It's still 12,5% less resist, which is good Maybe just increase a bit the numbers, but the effect itself is amazing
  5. In the 11.4 update, we will get 3 different Talent Tree branches for each class, effectivelly creating "subclasses" for them. If you read the Preview post and got confused about which role will fit each branch, i will explain them. NOTE: This is not absolute truth, it's just a review based on my analysis. Chosen Paladin Retribution - Healer/Magical Damage Paladins of “Retribution” branch are both a reliable support for their allies and a fighting force that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies. Holy Warrior - Tank/Physical Damage Seeing the shine of the armor of the “Holy Warrior” Paladin, any enemy realizes that he is facing a dangerous opponent. Raising his banner, the Paladin proudly resists any onslaught. Bastion of Faith - Tank/Healer Steadfastly enduring the burden of frontline battles, Paladins of the “Bastion of Faith” branch will not abandon a weakened ally and become a reliable cover for him. Mage Pyromancy - Magical Damage By mastering the power of fire, “Pyromancy” Mages have become an unstoppable offensive force capable of crushing anyone Secret Magic - PvP Mages of the “Secret Magic” branch change reality to achieve their goals. Entering into battle with them, you should not believe your eyes. Geomancy - Balanced Offense and Defense Possessing a wide range of skills, the Mages of the “Geomancy” branch are universal combat units capable of both increasing their offensive potential and strengthening their defense. Priest Serving the Light - Support (Debuff Remover) Saving the lives of comrades is the main and only goal of the Priests of the “Service the Light” branch. Warriors who sacrifice themselves in battle can always be sure that the righteous light will illuminate their path forward. Inquisition - Magical Damage Righteous punishment with burning light will overtake the enemy, which will stand in the way of the Priests of the “Inquisition” branch. Sacred Fury - Magical Damage/Support (Additional Damage) In addition to helping the wounded, “Sacred Fury” Priests are able to enchant the blades of their brothers-in-arms with the withering power of righteous anger. Seeker Steel Storm - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Like unstoppable wind flows, a flurry of cleaving blows from Seekers of the “Steel Storm” branch falls upon the enemy. Ruthlessness - Physical Damage (Bleeding) When fighting “Ruthless” Seekers, you need to be careful, otherwise you will get mortal wounds before you understand anything. Righteous Fury - Balanced Offense and Defense Seekers of the “Righteous Fury” specialization have high combat potential and excellent defense even when close to death. Templar Stronghold of Faith - Physical Damage/Tank Templars of the “Stronghold of Faith” specialization are not only able to survive in the harshest corners of Arinar, but also to repel the enemy. Keeper of Oaths - Support Experienced warriors say that they are alive only thanks to the Templars of the “Keeper of Oaths” specialization. They are able to heal even the most terrible wounds without losing combat effectiveness. Tactician - Mass PvP Templars of the “Tactician” specialization provide an unparalleled advantage on the battlefield, with skillful control of space and gravity. Firstborn Blade Dancer Dancer on the Wind - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Like the claws of a wild beast, “Dancer on the Wind” Blade Dancers slashes through the armor and flesh of enemies in a ceaseless dance. Unrestrained Onslaught - Physical Damage (Skills) The Blade Dancers of the “Unrestrained Onslaught” specialization cut through the enemy formation with perfected maneuvers, not allowing the enemy to come to their senses. The assault power of forest warriors is almost impossible to stop. Featherlike Agility - PvP The reflexes of the Blade Dancers of the “Featherlike Agility” specialization trained over the years, made it possible to notice danger, and the skill of wielding blades to avoid it at any distance. Ranger Masterful Cannonade - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) “Masterful Cannonade” Rangers' movements are so smooth and precise that their lightning-fast shots leave enemies with no choice but to die. Massive Bombardment - Physical Damage (Skills) Rangers of the “Massive Bombardment” specialization rely on high-tech weapons in combat that can shoot far and quickly, dealing massive damage to enemies. Anomalous Elusiveness - PvP Unthinkable agility is in the hands of Rangers of the “Anomalous Elusiveness” specialization. The enemy does not really have time to aim and strike, as the agile elf is already standing behind him. Druid Forest Generosity - Healer/Support (Buffs) The elders of the Elven forests have strengthened the bonds of their people with the forests of Melvendil, deeply worshiping the power that dwells there. It was the Druids of the “Forest Generosity” specialization who had the honor of passing this power on to their brothers. Angered Spring - Summoner (Magical) Elven waters can both heal deadly diseases and be a formidable weapon in the hands of “Angered Spring” Druids. Discharged Sky - Healer/Magical Damage* Heaven is capable of both taking life away with raging hurricanes, and giving it away, washing the dry earth with moisture. Druids of the “Discharged Sky” specialization rule both states of the untamed firmament. *You could also think of it as PvP, due to the buff to Punitive Roots, Power of Water and "AoE" Lighting Bolt. Warden Unbridled Will - PvP Wardens of the “Unbridled Will” specialization are ordered to move only forward, steadfastly take the blow and protect their brothers even under the threat of death. Guardian's Axe - Physical Damage Wardens of the "Guardian's Axe" specialization have chosen the path of brute force, making it clear to the enemy that the elven measurement is easily replaced by a violent frenzy. Scorching Fury - Tank/Offense What is the wrath of the forests of Melvendil will learn elven enemies when faced with the Wardens of the specialization "Scorching Fury". Beastmaster Guardian Unity - Summoner (Hybrid) The spiritual balance between the elves and the forests of Melvendil was embodied in the harmony between the Beastmaster and the Moon, opening up new facets of the mastery of the “Unity of the Guardians" specialization. Dual Rage - Summoner (Physical) Not all Beastmasters use magic in battles with enemies, some of them are used to relying solely on brute force. The Beastmasters of “Dual Rage” specializations have devoted much of their time to melee battles and beast training, turning claws and blades into deadly weapons. Forest Inspiration - Magical Damage Incredible secrets are hidden in the most ordinary inhabitants of the forests. Thus, through the lotus flower under the moonlight and the flapping of the butterfly's wings, the most ancient wisdom is transmitted by the Beastmasters of the “Forest Inspiration” specialization. Mountain Clan Barbarian Defense - Tank Barbarians of the "Defense" branch have increased even more steel layers on their uniforms, which are able to more confidently hold back the onslaught of opponents and take a hit on themselves. Berserk - Damage When looking at Barbarians of the “Berserk” branch, you can only see bloodthirsty eyes and the gleam of a huge ax.You will not envy those who will meet with this fury in battle. Reinforcement - PvP The “Reinforcement” Barbarian is ready to fight side by side with his brothers in arms, covering them with his shield. And the piercing battle cry will sow panic in the heart of any enemy. Rogue Versatility - Physical Damage Rogues of the “Versatility” branch are able to be effective in any combat, using both basic attacks and deadly skills. It is the competent combination of all means of attack that allows you not to leave a chance to the enemy. Lethality - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Enemies will face a relentless onslaught of fast attacks as they encounter “Lethality” Rogues on the battlefield. Few can resist a flurry of such dangerous blows. Liquidation - Physical Damage (Skills) Destroy the enemy quickly - the main task of the "Liquidation" branch. Combinations of the most powerful skills allow to inflict colossal damage to any enemy in a few seconds. Shaman Spiritual Patronage - Support As the eldest ancestor, the Shaman of the "Spiritual Patronage" branch is obliged to protect his brothers and pass on the secrets of amplifying magic to the next generation. Fury of the Skies - Magical Damage (Auto-Attacks) For thousands of years, the magicians of the clans took away all the sorrow and pain from the warriors, which no longer have a place in their hearts. Offenders will be struck with deafening thunder and lightning, feeling all the hatred of the Shamans of the “Fury of the Skies” branch. Occultism - Mass PvP The secret rites of “Occultism” Shamans have unlocked an ancient power that can cast spells on enemies and heal entire squads of allies. Hunter Skillful Shooting - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) There is no hiding from the attacks of Hunters of the “Skillful Shooting” branch - they always reach the target. Even the strongest armor will be broken, because with each new attack, the Hunter hits the most vulnerable places more accurately. Self-propelled Artillery - Physical Damage (Skills) The improved design of ranged weapons allows Hunters of the “Self-Propelled artillery” branch to continuously bombard enemies with powerful attacks, without letting them take a breath. Spirit of Ancestors - PvP For their long-standing adherence to the traditions of the ancient ancestors of the Mountain clans, warriors are rewarded with wisdom. Hunters of the "Spirit of ancestors" branch are capable of using ritual magic that purifies their body and suppresses the will to live in their enemies. Chieftain Rat Horde - Physical Damage It took a lot of training to tame such cunning creatures. Now the Chieftains of the "Rat Horde" branch are able to unleash a ferocious fanged malice on enemies. Eagle's Nature - Hybrid Damage Like eagles soaring overhead, the “Eagle's Nature” Chieftains inspire hopelessness in the hearts of enemies. You can’t hide from them and you just have to wait until the red veil obscures your eyes. Puma Agility - Magical Damage Even looking into the void, the enemy will always find the eyes of a predator there. Not fangs and claws, but the tip of the weapon will be the main danger to the enemy, which has become a target for the Chieftains of the "Puma Agility" branch. Forsaken Death Knight Death Face - Magical Damage Death Knights of the “Death Face” branch have one single order - to burn to the ground all opponents of the Legion with a dark flame. Dark Fortitude - Tank Death Knights of the "Dark Fortitude" branch are able to confidently hold back the onslaught of the enemy - the real advanced power of the dark forces. Vampire Essence - Vampirism Death Knights of the “Vampiric Essence” branch gained power in absorbing the life force of the enemy. These warriors of the Legion are ready to arrange a bloody feast time after time. Warlock Occult Spell - Magical Damage (Energy) Countless rites and offerings to the dark forces opened up a new round of black magic for the Warlocks of the “Occult Spell” branch. Inevitability of Darkness - PvP Above the heads of the Warlocks of the “Inevitable of Darkness” branch, the darkness thickens with renewed power, plunging the hearts of enemies into the inevitability of death. Two-Faced Filth - Mass PvP/Balanced Offense and Defense Warlocks of the "Two-Faced Filth" branch have fully mastered the power of chaos and learned how to use it both against enemies and for the benefit of the Legion army. Necromancer Breathless Patronage - Magical Damage/Support (Additional Damage) Necromancers of the "Breathless Patronage" branch have gained unprecedented magical power, which they use to increase the combat potential of the Legion's warriors. Life After Death - Summoner (Magical Damage) The earth-shaking tread of the inanimate Legion will unquestioningly destroy all enemies, because thanks to the Necromancers of the “Life After Death” branch, the fallen enemies will certainly serve the dark forces. Frozen Heart - Healer/Mass PvP Powerful “Frozen Heart” Necromancers are capable of both awakening life and stopping it. No matter how strong the will, the cold enveloping the soul will not spare anyone. Charmer Triforce - Summoner (Hybrid)/Balanced Offense and Defense Demonic ties firmly bind the “Triforce” Charmer to his Dark Wolf and Night Bird subjects. Only side by side, these fiends of the underworld with their master will be able to unlock the potential of the dark magic of summoning. Ferocious Horde - Summoner (Physical) “Ferocious Horde” Charmers prioritized the enraged strength of the pack of wolves, leaving behind only the gnawed remains of their fallen enemies. Fiend of Darkness - Summoner (Magical)/Healer Demonic knowledge and power over the most dangerous monsters of the underworld have opened a new path for Charmers of the "Fiend of darkness" branch. All this power will certainly be brought down on enemies. Reaper Demonism - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) The embodiment of a demonic essence is not always a complete transformation into a dangerous monster. “Demonism” Reapers draw a different kind of power from the sources of chaos, becoming no less dangerous to their enemies. Infernal Hunger - Hate Generation The insane pursuit of victims will destroy everything in its path. After all, it is impossible for the Reapers of the “Infernal Hunger” branch to quench the thirst for hatred even with the suffering of thousands of souls. Abyss Watch - PvP Higher demonic forces are not destined to set foot on the lands of Arinar, so they implement their plans through their adherents - Reapers of the “Abyss Watch” branch. All the forces of chaos will be directed to protect the adherents of the higher will.
  6. Probably the next (and last) expert skills will be released with Almahad
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