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  1. My simple suggestion is: Decrease it's damage a little, but add a new effect: After casting the skill, a Mage's shadow/clone will appear at the place you where. You can click the skill again to return where you were before casting the skill. Why? It would allow the Mage to do his combo (Distortion + Shards + Chains) and instantly return to a safe place, where you can use ranged skills (after all, you're a caster) And also it makes more sense to the name of skill (it's a Temporal Distortion, you can manipulate the time foward and backw
  2. Necro (or even Shaman) Rogue Mage's Skill lol Druid Lock Necro/Lock Barbarian/Chieftain Then your enemy is with 1 HP and you click it
  3. Khrone

    Initial Maps Lore

    It would be very cool if they added Lizard Boi as a Forsaken NPC or something like that
  4. Wait, now every character created will have these items (bag, revives, TPs, etc)? Or only during a little time after the update?
  5. There is any part of the forum that says all of the Initial Maps lore? (Example: Who were DKs before entering Moraktar, who is Fat Torar, what are the Undead Elves on Langasard, etc) Basically, i want to know the lore of all the initial maps without doing all the quests of the 4 maps xD
  6. Not on Arinar ;) I was thinking that in the lore, the Vampires could be Rogues that started Blood Magic, or people killed by the Vampire leader (the one on T5 of Moraktar) or something like that.
  7. One more new class for Forsakens because their theme are cool and their optionr for classes are infinity: Vampire Uses: Same equipments as Rogue. Role: Physical Damage, Life Steal, Single-Target Damage. PvPvE Skills: Stab: Physical Damage skill. Blood Enchanting: Enchants the weapon, causing 100% of the Physical Damage as Magical Damage. Disappearing: Teleports to a place (don't cause damage). Dancing Blades: Creates 5 swords around the character, that will attack the enemy when the Vampire do basic attacks. Each sword deals 20%
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