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  1. no plan to do some changes for "deal"?ppl deal with ppl ,only show us 5 slots to select items to puti hope it can change to like put items to guild bag
  2. thx pls remind devs to pay more attention to necro's skills "connection" and "infection", almost no ppl use them ,i think their machines need to be changed .
  3. Dear Higgings,have any plan to nurf bds?the tank+dmg class ,even powerful than the pure dmg class,and the resis skills too imba.
  4. im a necro player ,now idc abt if necro will get buffed ,but care abt when will BDs get nurfed
  5. thanks a lot for reply.i just want devs can see them.i feel that many reports r like that a stone fell in the sea.i mean always no any feedback from devs or admins,idc abt if it really carry out ,but i really wanna see their attitudes. forgive my noob english my friend ,thx
  6. thx for ur tellingin fact i played almost all classes but i have more friends in mc side so i play mc in main.elf skills always much better ,always 1 skill have many important abilitirs ,such as bd's dash,aoe taunt,aoe stun,move speed,resis. Btw,what skills chief have?they look good for pve,the date of dmg looks pretty too ,just cuz they have aoe for mobs, they r noobs for any pvp battle. the resis skill now duration is 2/2/3/4s,remove 1/2/3/4 debuff ,whats that mean?u even cant close to enemies. And,chief have no any stuns,just have a root skill ,and range=3 haha,root=enemy can use any skill or pot they want ,same control skill of templar,is range 5, keep few sec on floor ,keep stuns,tbh ,root skill is nothing ,if u have no skill to stop enemey's skill ,u will be always noob in pvp.other way ,chief all skills(except Non directional skills) is range 0,u even cant close to enemy ,dnt say wolf kills +50%move speed ,u shoud to know ,any control skills have atleat range 4.and ur resis skill just 2-3s lol and all classes excpet chief ,have not only 1 good control skills. i dnt want to said too much ,jist check forum ,u will notice how many ppl want buff choef ,or u can build a chief to have a try. thx again ,my forum friend xd
  7. woww bd was reported for too imba from 2015,but in this 6 years ,they only got buffed many times ,never nerfed,,lamoo. same as chief was reported for too weak,but they got nerfed ! devs always have a strange brain xd
  8. chief 100% needs some abilities obt stun ,or other controls,now the control skill is suck ,it cant stop any skills,it should be like wl or druid ,give this skill a life ,it can be put on floor ,and keep some sec.
  9. but anything did change after we reported here?many mcs discussed here alreay ,but nothing was noticed,isnt it?
  10. Hi Holmes ,u need to pay some attentions to the point that ppl reported.nothing was changed nothing was cared even to nothing was noticed what ppl cared reported
  11. i think there have been many ppl reported the duration of the chief resis skill,so gm r gonna still ignore them?mage 3/4/5/6s,any lvl can remove all debuffs,chief 2/2/3/4s,remove 1/2/3/4,it even cant works enuf in lv 2 ,juts cuz it can add 1s more when remove a debuff? he have no any control skills to stop the ppl,that duration even cant to close to enemy.thats not only my point ,check it in forum.i hope that devs nerf skills "dnt basis on imagine or feeling",check the ppl's point ,and play it .btw,i hope devs move to another server,XD
  12. now i only wanna confirm 1 thing,were all GM play in this server?
  13. idk on what basis GM nerfed/buffed skills,but any1 reported chief resis skill too op ,even to brake the balance?i just saw many ppl said that duration too short in forum,but devs' idea is make it shorter,so u cant feel it was short b4
  14. ok u didnt say ,maybe suggestion.but what do u think abt this skills changed?i mean nurf
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