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  1. is Sunken Ship same as Wrecked Ship ? because i want to finish achievment underwater adventure -it says must visit all wrecked ship within one game session.
  2. 1. Please add one panels/tab that gives information on how much time is left to use potion. This is especially useful for players making decisions in the next step of the game. Like exp pot, unity pot & arena pot. Sometimes we have to guess for ourselves how much time is left from the beginning of use. 2. Please add character running speed parameters either on land or under the sea. So we can figure out what is the effective running speed. Just like any other parameters. I guess this is also needed. 3. Please add lock function against skill that is always used or
  3. I don't know you, maybe because you play elf. But i know cigma. I have him on Facebook tho
  4. I've done both and still nobody seems interested, I'm just trying to do all i can to get these done. Or maybe just bad timing. Thx for reply anyway.
  5. I gather all item for deadly artifacts achievement but nothing happens
  6. Gm will do nothing about this seriously. They'll just talk : never trust strangers. This issue is exist since guild systems introduced
  7. That's it, everybody miss it
  8. I like the magic ball because when you press play in it, it's like magic will happen when you play this game and now it's gone.
  9. The magic ball on first screen, they changed into square.
  10. why did you guys change Magic Ball ?
  11. nothing happened those char still online idk how the banning systems are works.
  12. maybe mcoin users had special place on developers heart?
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