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  1. Are you comparing the presence or absence of Resist to Heal class? DK doesn't have a heal skill.
  2. I recommend correcting the BD's shield talent. Since it's based on MAX HP right now, its absorbing very high values with low skill cd. I think this needs to be changed to work based on the REMAINING HP or increase the cooldown of the skill. Alsowhen the shield is activated, since it inflicts 0 damage, it is very difficult to survive because you cannot LIFESTEAL. The survivability of the class in GvG as well as arena is insane. 1153006654_2022_11_2116_17.mp4
  3. Cant sleep 😴😫 Need daily knowledge!!! Pls hurry up update. Cant wait horrrrorrro 😀
  4. Dk Must buff this. 1.bloodprotect add remove debuff not include control debuff Or resist like barb skill If 4/4 4sec 2. Auro buff add speed & penet up
  5. US server ELF Side x5 population better then Legion side. Op elf...
  6. почти ближний класс имеет резист бафф а у рыцаря смерти его нет Bloodprotect нужен дебафф удалить или сопротивляться баффу
  7. BD, Barb, Reaper, Warden all have resist buff. Dk need too. Its very important point. So bloodprotect must include resist buff or remove debuff. Like shaman cleansing skill
  8. Remove Sap debuff. Why changed this debuff option? Why make stupid if fight meele class all? Op debuff op resist op dmg op shield next heal?
  9. 1.Blood protect includ resist(remove debuff) 2.Auro buff includ pene & speed 3.Active attack skills need higher % 4.Magic focus skills transfer all physical support.
  10. All agree your opinions. Hope revive dk class.
  11. I've seen many people adore their DKs before. I also love my little DK. :) But abit not funny.. cuz very low active skills. Totaly same skills count. Half the skills of the DK are not usable when in different build. When I use phsiycal build some skills good works with phsycal dmg. but half usless dmg. "Curse, sharp, deathcall, exhalation, slience" When I use magical build, more than half the skills I have become unusable and can only rely on very few skills. "Thorn and Autohit dmg." Because it's not possible to autohit like magical staff user classes. The result is a lower damage for all DKs and extreme limitations. This mechanism is very 2017 style and quite outdated. As classes improve I hope you'll make the skills of the DK usuable regardless of whether it's magical or physical build. Most other class has good mechanism skills and decent damage. This class deserves a little bit of love. Here are some suggestions for a change in mechanism: 1. Magical skills support to phsycal. : Curse, shap, deathcall, exhalation, slience" When equip magic then keep special magical dmg like this now. But when equip focus phsiycal then support phsiycal 70% dmg. (Ofc cant follow dmg like magical dmg but give support phsycal) Like hurricane skill Hurricane work phsycal magical all. Just following the principle of higher damage (mdmg or pdmg) I hope the DK class can be revived and people have fun with it. Thank you!
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