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  1. see!!! elf using ls spam. so result 0:3!!!!! see!!!!!!!! how many elf poplar !!!!
  2. you guys didnt defense. was only full offence without 20elf at flag(afk 10+ elf) need advice tactics for win? see EU how to won elfside.. seems like only cry check screen shot where 200elf?
  3. ranger can easy hit from 6yard skill. mage can hit aoe with shield. seeker can hide attack with shield. druid easy defense with tornado Dont warry elf sill strong power Better focus use LS if want win war. US server 130mc vs 270 elf always Elf can easy war if focus ls. or want back greedy globe fight? brother pls give to hope MC side. we are low population :)
  4. counterattack = mark heal + lifesteal twice work VID-20231220-WA0033.mp4
  5. @Higgings DK have issue i think shape/exhala/slience cd much long +4sec. must to +2sec if need rebalance this.
  6. This Talent was a great idea to play DK interestingly. But adjustments are needed to increase utilization value
  7. 1.The Curse skill range needs to be 1yard more : In GVG or WAR, DK often can't do anything. The reason is that the range of the Curse skill is not sufficient. As it is MGDK's main skill, its utilization should be increased. 2.The Curse Skill Fire should be switched on in any situation : Sometimes, depending on the situation, the Curse skill's Fire does not turn on. For example, when you erase Curse or when Vampire Talent is applied. Fire should be On, even if Debuff Skill is not applied. Otherwise DK will be useless for 20 seconds. 3.Threads of darkness skills should be improved for use in any location. : This skill is not work when it is near located or close position. very hard use for debuff and hold. Elfs are running or jump to me, but DK should walk to the ouside for use skill.It's a lot of attacks between them @Dr Strange @Norlan
  8. oh same text 2post repied ^^. true dk is trash. only pve tanker. really weak dmg only can tank and support debuff even 15book + octobook dk. better choice other class. this class droped from dev already. no one care about dk class. good video thank you.
  9. dk need dmg buff also DeathFace need some more goodway. sometimes really useless talent.
  10. true dk is trash only pve tanker. really weak dmg only can tank and support debuff even 15book + octobook dk. better choice other class. this class droped from dev already. no one care about dk class. good video thank you.
  11. Turnover is an abandoned job. Even with numerous rework, they are treated like garbage in pvp. Dk is can't beat the druid seeker bd warden paladin mage templer. They all have shield heal reduction etc so it's hard to kill. The reason is that dk has no damage skill. If you just need a pve tanker, you can choose.. agree all.. need more change like smart.. really useless now
  12. Blade dancer SAP UPDATED TESTSERVER If 5/5 studied CD 15sec (if cd% good will 11sec) 13sec during time physical/magic strength - 40% Attack speed -35% Is true? Must need buff more SAP? Already enough attack speed -%.. pls choice one. Com on lol @Dr Strange @Drakoknight
  13. The problem is that we live in an era where many new games are released every year, and people do not want to play unfair games. In fact, we are having difficulty recruiting guilds due to the number of people decreasing every year. The problem is that there are already many people around who are preparing to leave the game because of this BD Buff. 20bd?30bd? Want list?
  14. Isnt see? 1BD kill 3players? Many BD doing this. Its normal. Very easy. If have 10book if have full greatness Resist mean all debuff need work. Other game all same. But Why update only warspear BD UHSR?(ultra hyper smart resist) Is fair? GM make new resist algorithm For BD. Resist on but only work to controll debuff.. Really hard remove 3resist buff. When removed this will return on cd
  15. DK auro need change buff. "Accuracy" dont need.. Already enought accuracy. (Light gear buff accuracy + guild accuracy + mace accuracy) already enough Better change to penet or speed. Why try dying dk.
  16. Are you comparing the presence or absence of Resist to Heal class? DK doesn't have a heal skill.
  17. I recommend correcting the BD's shield talent. Since it's based on MAX HP right now, its absorbing very high values with low skill cd. I think this needs to be changed to work based on the REMAINING HP or increase the cooldown of the skill. Alsowhen the shield is activated, since it inflicts 0 damage, it is very difficult to survive because you cannot LIFESTEAL. The survivability of the class in GvG as well as arena is insane. 1153006654_2022_11_2116_17.mp4
  18. Cant sleep 😴😫 Need daily knowledge!!! Pls hurry up update. Cant wait horrrrorrro 😀
  19. Dk Must buff this. 1.bloodprotect add remove debuff not include control debuff Or resist like barb skill If 4/4 4sec 2. Auro buff add speed & penet up
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