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  1. Sorry, I forgot to reply to this. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/28175 Here you go, I'm using this build right now. I still have to make a few improvements; amps and books mainly. I'm waiting for horror to get vamp based books and switch out hp runes for vamp ones too. I get 50% resilience with skill and 31% fero. In situations where the enemy has too much resist, I switch out stun staff for the full fero one to dish out maximum damage.
  2. Already done that part too. No more updates visible in play store. Android device. Update: It's working fine on desktop. Only got an issue with Android device.
  3. Has the equipment save slots not been added to the game? I have even Uninstalled and installed the game again. @Holmes @Nolan Could you please look into it?
  4. Hey everyone! I was rummaging through some of my folders and found a half finished video so decided to polish and wrap it up. Feast your eyes on a heated showdown in Mermen Trials many moons ago. Throwback to some competitive wars! Enjoy. xD P.S: I decided to go with a cinematic percussion theme for the whole thing. Let me know how y'all liked it.
  5. I mixed 2 pcs CD and HP greatness gear for my warlock. You need an average of 40 to 50 CD to chain stuns well. Any CD beyond that without sacrificing other stats is a bonus.
  6. Sure. I'll show what relics I've used and provide some alternatives for some of them too. Mine's based on personal preference and for arena and GvGs mostly. Castle or group relics are fixed, so I won't go into that. Arrow of Darkness Life exhaust. Dark circle: Pool of Darkness: Fear: Well, that's all of it. Compared to other classes, the relic options available to warlocks are extremely poor so we struggle a bit in that department. Relic of oppression, deceptive control, icy relic of captivity; Warlock can't use any of these top notch pvp relics. But we work with what we have. xD Let me know if you need any more info. Good luck on building your pvp warlock!
  7. It's not possible. The recharge time of the skill with 50% cd is 8s. A lock exhaust does 3 ticks of damage at 2nd - 4th - 6th second of the skill. Full of life > 0th second > skill application 2nd > 1 stack for 2.5% for 4s. 4th > (1st stack for 2s + New stack for 4s) : Total 2 stacks only 6th > (1st stack expires + 2s of 2nd stack + 4s of new stack) : Total 2 stacks only. Without grimoire, it's not possible to stack more than 2 buffs of this at any given time for any warlock unless they focus entirely on CD gear; which is again not feasible cause of the extreme mana consumption of power of relaxation. Even with grimoire, stacking it to 5 times occurs rarely, for like 2 seconds tops. Sincerely propose some changes to these duration numbers and removing the interaction with grimoire.
  8. Evil is the strongest person as far as pvp goes in the Sapphire server right now lol. Tbh, you can't compare him to normal DKs. His book combinations is what makes him an anomaly. Normal DKs are not really that strong as compared to other classes in game rn.
  9. Higgs is the best conspiracy theorist on the east side of Arinar.
  10. Pvp warlocks specialize in full stun cycle. You can go for fear 5, dark circle 5, Arrow 3, Fading 4, weakness zone 4, power of relaxation 4/4. (Assuming you're level 32) To be honest, you don't have to follow this to the dot. Some pvp locks prefer using hex and shadow sphere since there's too much resist in game right now with castle scrolls, resist pots, resist gear and mermen gear. It took me long time and a lot of frustrating losses to discover my own playstyle. It's a class which is heavily reliant your skills, timing, positioning and hand speed. One mistake and you can easily die in the current game conditions. But that's what makes it so exciting to play in my opinion. At least for me.
  11. Nolan being coy. Give us something more.
  12. It seems like a sort of currency to me. Gold is a resource, mcoins, crimson corundum, imperials of greatness, pirate doubloons. Something that can be obtained and spent. The interesting part is what it can be spent on.
  13. Um, but his message says Sapphire.
  14. Ah my bad. I thought you played forsaken from your message. I play on the Legion side mainly. Sorry. xD Good luck though, there are some helpful players on both sides. Try asking Yuna or Zilla from potato guild. They might help you if they're available.
  15. You can add me in game. Aconologia. Feel free to pm me when you see me online.
  16. Wow! This is just amazing. I love it. Oh please oh please, admins looks at this!! Such a well thought out and detailed suggestion. Hats off. The rewards can be increased considering the difficulty of the whole thing. The people at the top of the Harard's tower ranking can be given a passive buff until someone new comes along and takes their rank. There should be a sweet pot of gold at the end of this though. I don't think purple weapons, heroic gear, skins and costumes would cut it. People wouldn't bother if the rewards are just that.
  17. Everything seems too peaceful after anniversary ended. 2 + months to horror. What's in store in the meantime? Any sneak peeks or spoilers for us soon? xD
  18. Strongly agree with this and the other stuff you mentioned. The argument that our team is small only goes so far provided the income generated from coin purchases. Granted every company has its expenses, but after years of have a dedicated player base purchasing coins, we honestly don't see proportionate improvements in the game. After a while it gets monotonous. If anyone from the developer or admin Team is reading this, you really need to think about making some big changes to increase game popularity and spending. Other games offer a lot of versatility and we see people quitting ws en masse. The charm of being an old time game and using nostalgia to keep the players will only work so far. Honestly, most people in our server just stay cause they started this game when they were younger and made some good friends in game. For the sake of the game and the thousands of players who give their time for it, I hope someone relevant takes these comments from the international community seriously too. Good luck.
  19. Warlock, but that's besides the point lol. I'm not saying it's impossible to avoid BD rush and ham, but in most scenarios with the Resist and rush resist, BD does have a means and an advantage in closing the distance contrary to what you've mentioned. Maybe it's my perspective. I judge a BD based on its rush positioning and timing. BD resist has an ugly head though. I don't think many people have noticed this. Let's say a BD uses resist scrolls and pots while it also has spirit of resistance skill on. All the control skills hit the gear resistance % while keeping the skill counts intact which enables the BD to charge in confidently knowing that control skills won't work on it. In my humble opinion, that's the definition of too much resist. Agreed, it's very useful in arena.
  20. Ditto in the Sapphire server. We haven't seen anyone using pvp chieftains to their best potential yet. They're popular for GvGs and wars due to their AOE though. As a ranged class user, I have to disagree here. The maximum distance most ranged classes keep is 5 yards at least to auto attack save the rare few who use range extender relic on their main skill. As long as a class is within that 7 yards, a rush + ham catches the opponent (even if 5 yards of rush doesn't stun, 2 yards of ham does the job) and its kinda game over for most players. The only option is to run really really far till the BD uses rush lol.
  21. They have zero stun or silence skills. In fact it's the only class in game with absolutely no stuns or silence skills.
  22. Creative. Nice use of the animations. Good luck to you!
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