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  1. Hi Higgs, How are you? πŸ˜„ Oh, we did a small race underwater with 2 classes. Both buffed the same with movement items, similar talents and minions. One class had a lot more % of speed that the other but there a barely a 1 yard gap between them. Are you sure about this?
  2. Hey there.βœ‹ I just wanted to know if underwater movement speed has a cap? It seems to be an important point for mermen trials nowadays. @Higgings @Nolan @Akasha Would really appreciate it if someone from the admin team would provide an answer. Thank you.
  3. I'm a warlock player I disagree with this idea. Granted everyone knows warlock skills need considerable improvement compared to other classes, but this isn't the way to go.
  4. I know right? People gonna be spamming ls on top of flag lol. 2s to target flag. Do mage and paladin shattering stones and banner affect the flag in territory wars? I really forgot with all the reworks.
  5. Hey guys! Who isn't interested in turning into a beast, getting clones and turning people into ducks in warspear rn? Here's a short video of the Mermen Trials event in the US Sapphire server. I would like to specially mention each and everyone who makes the time for this event. I understand for some it might be during work, sleeping time zones, universities but still you guys make the effort. Special thanks to all the heirs too who make it happen. I'm not gonna thank everyone by name cause there are too many people who assist in the background. Looking forward to an even better perfo
  6. For a moment there I thought there was a server like that lol. πŸ˜‚ So few people in sea pearl. It's surprising. you play on US? char name bro? 😳
  7. Very informative. At the same time, it's short and to the point. Very pleasant to read. xD I've not had a good idea of DK skills until I read this guide tbh. Compared to other tanks, the defensive skills seems to be on the weaker side. I have a question: Let's say that 2 tanks are competing for aggro for a raid boss. Both having 5/5 provocation and 5/5 death call. DK uses provocation 30k + 80k = 110k aggression points are generated. Does this aggression point only last for the skill duration or it stays permanently? Does that mean between two tank clas
  8. yeah, the percentages are based on the entire population of all the classes otherwise the numbers wouldn't be so low. We have total of 18 classes right now. So it should be the percentages between those. So it would be like legion top classes make up around 30.03% of the total population. Meanwhile Elf top classes take up 41.12% of the total population. ( You can see which faction is more popular from these lol. Psst - It's the do gooders ) The rest 28.85 would then be divided between all the other classes that have not been mentioned here. When divided, their percentages would be
  9. Warlock is the most popular arena class for legions? Since when lol. How? We can barely find 10 or 15 active ones on the whole server.
  10. That's a very fresh perspective. hm. If this event is indeed being used as a test to quantify balance and activity of factions across servers, that's a very impressive idea.
  11. You won't get any reply from anyone in charge here drako. Some of the admins and mods are really nice and involved here, but I don't think they're in a position to reply to this. All you'll get is players who sympathise with you. Nothing will be done about it. Your comments will be lost in the wave and 2 days later, no one will even remember it. When a event is created that causes a predetermined bias of a faction across almost all of the servers, it just makes for a bad gaming experience and gameplay. Just 1 star it. Already 30+ reviews have been done from our s
  12. Playstore > Warspear Online > Reviews > 1 star > (describe your experience - optional)
  13. Plenty of people have given so many valuable inputs and counterarguments about this skill. Idk if devs don't care about the international forum or they're turning a blind eye or maybe our comments here are not being conveyed properly to them but I'm done talking about this. Merry Christmas to y'all.
  14. He didn't say anything like that. It was his suggestion. None of the admins replied with anything concrete or replied.
  15. I don't think our thoughts and reviews here at international forum are passed on to the developer team when they consider skill reworks. You'll have to learn russian and tag Holmes. I'm tired and disappointed. I don't wanna write anymore about this.
  16. I think its on the lower side too for a melee class. A 5 to 8% increase at 4/4 is justified. You have to compare the damage difference and attack speed interval to check its single target damage potential when compared to other classes. Maces have the longest attack speed interval on any 1 handed weapon. But everyone keeps saying " But they have way more damage than an axe". Please take a look at this -> 672 - 616 = 56. x2 = 112 Damage difference at +10 amp. That's all. Now, its obvious any chieftain who maxes the speed skill does so for the purpose of a full physical damage s
  17. That's my whole point. Why should it be hard and next to impossible? What makes them so entitled while everyone is satisfied with a mediocre resist skill for chieftain? you need 3 warlocks and shamans to remove the resist off just 1 BD and even then they wouldn't be able to stop them from rush stun. I'm not saying chieftain should be the same. But the legion as a whole lacks resist. Only barbarian has one skill. When an entire faction is hopeful for something and ends up with this, its a tad bit disappointing to say the least lol. πŸ’© As for my comment. Mr. Hourai over he
  18. They do have their perks of course. No doubt. ofc. As a warlock who can only win by outplaying I strongly agree. I was just pointing out one of the many scenarios where they can lose out due to a resist skill without a practical duration. My main concern would be in many vs many scenarios and arena like 5s/ crucibles. Another suggestion from my side would be to reduce the % of the resist and increase the duration to make it more useful. That's the issue. We maybe able to remove the BD resist count by weakness totems and dark circles but they would have already do
  19. Forgive me for being blunt, but that's cause you're biased. No sir, resist is not fine. You talk a very good game but where is your chief? In fact, we have 2 more days of test left. Instead of being a keyboard warrior saying everything's fine and dandy just because you think so, I invite you to bring this fine chief of yours into arena and pve screnarios. Prove it practically. In fact, I'll record for you if you think chief has such an abundant and versatile use of resist skill. You forget that a physical build chief has to sacrifice its entirety of magic skill
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