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  1. Thank you. But how is that different from the left click on the character like usual? There's also this option of (Alt / Ctrl) + (self skill). For those who prefer using keyboard on their computers, this seems faster imo. Is there an option to customize the hotkeys? My laptop got F1, F2 series keys on the top. So that means I have to press (Shift + F1) to actually go back or (Shift + F2) to access menu. Been a bit cumbersome for a while. I was hoping there could be some solution to this.
  2. Relevant guide. Simple and eleant. Runners can make or break the while guild event. Good luck mate. Is there anyone who can verify this? Is there actually a cap on underwater movement speed? If so, it makes the combination of some of these above mentioned buffs moot.
  3. Warlock with +10 sea staff. @Disney Rogue
  4. Hey. I wanted to know if there was a list of all the keyboard shortcuts in Warspear. It makes navigating the game much comfortable. I do know a few of them which I'll post here. If you do know anything extra, please add them in the comments sections. If I get enough inputs, I'll transform this into a guide for everyone's reference along with the most commonly used keys that could make your gameplay on Laptop or PC much smoother. Thanks in advance! Shortcuts Z = chat: Open up the chat window. F1 = Back / Close I think. F2 = Menu X = Society: ( X + 3) is most commonly used to check players in location when entering an arena battle. C= Character M = Map J = quests S = Skills A = All attributes I = Bag
  5. Use Discord. Sadly, I doubt ws has the team and resources to pull off this feature.
  6. Figured that I might tag all the popular peeps in here.xD If it doesn't reach the admins or devs, maybe you guys could pass it along? It's hard to gauge the status of what they're doing since admins don't respond that often to these things.
  7. Hi, While we were doing some testing for AOE skill damages, we came across this bug in the warlock skill. Pool of darkness ( Side note: Probably one of the weakest AOE skills in game) does not seem to be working as it is supposed to be. When the skill is used in a crowd of large number of players, it only procs 1 tick of damage instead of 5 ticks. We tested it with a lower number of people and it seems to be working fine there. But since most of the scenarios in game consists of mass battles, there's bound to be a large crowd when the skill is used. From our understanding of the testing, It seems to stop working when there are more enemy targets than the maximum target limit of the skill. After the nerf of warlocks at the last update, the class has a painfully low number of useful skills it can use in GvGs before dying; with pool of darkness being one of them. I don't know how long this bug has been there for but it's very easy to discern since no one checks visuals during mass battles. Do check if this is the issue or if there are any other underlying issues that's causing it to proc just once. I'd also like to request that this bug be addressed and solved promptly instead of a 6 or 9 month delay. Kindly look into it at the earliest and get back to us. Please acknowledge. @Nolan @Holmes @Hedfuc @[email protected]
  8. Clear and to the point. Very well said, I might add. The lack of response from the admin team seems to be the issue here. Did you see the post? If so, was it passed to the devs? What's the status of said complaint? All of these seem to be very reasonable asks from the player community lol. @Nolan @[email protected] I think the issue of utilising lag due to a particular skill to win wars and GvG definitely falls under support category.
  9. Hello 2022! Here's some of the best arena fights in 2s before the rebalance. It's been in my editor for a while and honestly I delayed it for a while due to the balance patches, but now seems a good time as any. Most of these fights are a showdown of player skills, good reaction times as both parties are some of the best in the server. Enjoy watching!
  10. Let's see how what the warlocks across all the servers are doing after the rebalance. Well, that is if someone sees this post. @Unkindled @afatoldman2 @Horimiya
  11. List of changes after test 1 at international forum please. @Holmes @Nolan
  12. I'm trying to save an endangered species through laughter. - +9 | 10 Pvp Greatness Lock. I'd like to think I play warlock pretty decently and understand the class well. xD Dis guy. "Don't do the forbidden" Literally poor your emotions into this troll post. I think he's actually worried that they might make these changes lol. See? He's just making sure the admins and everyone know.
  13. Um, you'll be dead anyway since there's a BD standing over you so take your time. Make some good white sauce. Send me some too.
  14. You can make pasta in 5 minutes. No worries, stone will still be there when you get back
  15. I hope between all these rebalance tensions, this puts a smile on some faces at least if not a big laugh.
  16. Hello everyone, There have been numerous number of thoughts and opinion posts about all the class reworks around the entire forum. I noticed that there wasn't one about locks in the international forum so I have taken it upon myself to do an in-depth analysis and provide some suggestions that could benefit the class overall. Let's get started. "Developer commentary: The Warlock had problems with energy, which in a number of game situations did not allow it to fully realize the capabilities of the class. Reducing the energy cost of some abilities, as well as increasing defensive potential and survivability, compensate for the weakening of key control skills." Warlocks are controllers with very high survivability and one of the most easiest classes to play so it was really important to introduce some of these changes. Warlock commentary: The defining skill of the warlock that displayed too much efficiency especially in mass battles. Since the resist parameter doesn't exist in game, it was important to increase the cooldown. Adding onto the fact that, the other side does not have many aoe stun skills, the developers did really well in nerfing this skill. Suggested change: I personally feel that the cooldown of 20s is too low as this would still let the warlock use the skill every 15s or so. The cooldown of this skill should be increased to 40s since it's a really powerful skill that stuns so many as compared to Templar's reverse flow, paladin fetters and other sentinel AOE stun classes. This would greatly benefit the balance on both factions. Warlock commentary: As we're all aware, one of the most powerful skills of the warlock that silenced many enemies at a time while reducing their magic def, this skill was just asking for a nerf. Since one nerf of this skill wasn't good enough, it's only right it takes a hit another time. Again, locks don't have to worry because since we're losing key skills the developers have made sure there's a subsequent increase in other skills of the lock, Suggested change: Increase the duration of the skill back to 12s. But it shouldn't be used very often by locks, since warlocks never get stunned in GvGs so increase the cooldown from 30s to 50s. Reduce magic defense reduction from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 > 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. It's only fair as zero's at the wrong place could have drastic effects. It's also important to push all enemies in the zone out of it every 2s so they don't get silenced often. Warlock commentary: The best healing skill in game upto date. To be fair increasing the numbers on this skill by 10% on both sides is a bit too much in my opinion as this skill works brilliantly alone without any combinations of other skills. It's been known to heal warlocks from low hp to full hp instantly especially in arena battles and GvGs with just 1 click of a button. I have seen bladedancers attacking locks for over 10 mins but not able to outdmg this awesome heal skill. Suggested change: Decrease the range of the skill from 4 yards to 1 yard since healing so much in arena from so far is not ideal. Make a 3 skill combination of weakness zone, grimoire and exhaust. Now, the enemy must have both (zone + grimoire) debuff at the same time to activate the extra healing effect of this skill. Warlock commentary: The best talent on the warlock skill tree that's worth every grind in knowledge. I mean who doesn't want 2.5% damage reduction that stacks to 5 buffs almost instantly without depending on grimoire? It's good that there is a max number of stacks otherwise all locks would have accumulated this talent within seconds of its use making them extremely tanky with 12.5% damage reduction. It's almost a passive skill. Suggested change: Similar to exhaust change, this talent should not activate without a 3 skill combination. Warlock commentary: One of the key skills of warlock that everyone invests skill points in due to it's massive AOE damage. But still since warlock lost a little bit of their key controls, it's only fair they get compensated by 18% in this department. In PVE, this change might increase the pool damage from 240 per tick to 2400 per tick as we all know zero's work differently for locks. Not to mention in the PVP department, the skill might change from 50 to 5000 damage per tick with this increase creating a massive imbalance. Suggested changes: This skill should not just be resisted, when more than 2 enemies are in the affected area, Harad himself descends to erase this skill and increase it's base cooldown by 12 minutes. Warlock commentary: Some conspiracy theorists say that the enemy is feared so bad that they reach Mars. Suggested changes: Everytime a warlock clicks this skill, it should drain 50k mcoins. Since it always gets interrupted now, the developers should at least make some money from the nincompoops who even try to use the skill. If the player doesn't have 50k coins, the interruption chance should be increased to 100% directly. Warlock commentary: Best life saving skill. Period. There have been rumors that staring at a lock in stone body reduces the reaction time and IQ of the enemy player behind the character to perform repetitive tasks. One of the few skills that carry over it's effect to beyond the screen. Suggested changes: Pulls all enemies in a 5x5 radius around the warlock towards it. This effect cannot be resisted.. Alternatively, reduce the heal from 4/6/8/10 every 2s > 1/2/3/4 every 2s but increase duration of the skill to 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 MINUTES. This helps the player grab a glass of water or make a cup of coffee as we all know sometimes we need a break from the game and hey, why not right after stone body? Also suggest renaming this skill to "Coffee break". Warlock commentary: Another relatively easy and practical skill combination of locks. One of the most popular skills that's been rightfully buffed. There have been cases were a lock has applied hex and the enemy has waited patiently for 8s as a sign of respect so locks could apply this skill and achieve high damage reduction. Suggested changes: This skill shouldn't work at all if power of relaxation is not on. Enough said. Warlock commentary: This 1 and 2 unit reductions in mana regen cost might help locks to switch out all regen crystal on accessories with pene ones. Might want to reconsider the numbers. Suggested changes: Since warlock playstyle is too simple, I propose to mix things up a bit. If any of these skills are used consecutively, then the warlock instantly loses 50% of his mana. This will encourage the use of complex analytical and statistical models by lock players thereby contributing to the field of science and mathematics which is something no other class can boast about. VISUAL CHANGES: The :troll: emoji is sometimes not readily available for free to play players. So I have a suggestion that might make it more accessible to everyone. Every time an enemy resists a warlock skill, the :troll: emoji should pop up. With this we come to the end of your comments and suggestions. I'd like to thank everyone who patiently reached all the way here. This post would not have been possible without our developers so a big thank you to them. @Holmes I know you're flooded by tons of messages messages about the rebalance but if you could use google translate to include these suggestions too, the entire warlock community would be ever so greatful. @Nolan If this post doesn't reach the devs or other admins, please help us warlocks by making sure it reaches the concerned individuals. Last but not the least, I'd like to tag some people who I think would enjoy reading this. @Unkindled @Higgings @Jcbreff @Afatoldman @Lwn @Buuuu @LeeLoo @Revolt @Horimiya @Khrone P.S: I hope the russian members can understand through translator.
  17. I really feel that the energy consumption for this skill is not appropriate compared to the cost of skills from other classes. I mean, what do you guys think? To compare and contrast: Warlock has power of relax which gives 25% mdmg and 10% crit. I'd say a 30% increase in auto attack in class like BD would warrant the same mana regen cost, if not more. Even combat stance too. It provides 15% Pdmg and 13% crit. I'd say 30% auto attack is better than this skill without a doubt but somehow stance costs more. I believe this is 20% auto attack but the regen cost is higher than BDs here too. I think this is also 30% pdmg and 20% accu? Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not very familiar with some classes. In retrospect to all the other buffs skills of other classes, it doesn't look like this mana consumption matches the buff provided especially considering all the other skills BD has. Honestly 30% itself still feels too high imo. Even the best damage classes out there don't have such a buff skill and BD isn't even supposed to be a full damage class. Food for thought.
  18. Very very disappointing. That's a harsh cut. I don't see similar cuts to templars aoe stun potential. Kindly reconsider this number. No other class in legion has AOE stuns. This is still more understandable. With these 2 nerfs, you have effectively reduced the AOE stun potential of the entire legion side but added nothing in return to complement the class. What kind of weak buff is this? To pacify warlocks for namesakes? I see no changes to the forgotten skills like bloody tribute. No one has even bothered with it. An impossibly restricted combination that's not used by anyone due to it's harsh combination requirements. You have taken away the classes AOE stun potential, okay. But what did you put back in return? That's what I'd like to know. I see nothing that makes playing this class easier. Exhaust + grim, Hex + Dark seal, Fading + pool; All these complex and inefficient skill combinations have not been touched at all. Extremely disappointed to the kind of attention given to warlock despite the promising replies from admin team at the Russian forum. Waiting for the test servers to see how this affects the entire situation overall. @Holmes
  19. Lol, this would just defeat the whole stun or silence parameter itself in the entire game. If the anti stun skill mechanism is changed in such a way, barb and chieftain would also be able to use their resist skills to break out of stuns anytime. I wouldn't say mages are best at 1 vs 1, but in group fights they're really good in the hands of someone who can play well, especially a well timed ennoblement, catching someone who's kiting from far. Barrier looks strong enough to me too. I mean, I'm a warlock and I think you guys take for granted how much this skill helps you as a caster. If you lower it's activation requirements, there's no point of putting skill points in there. They'd just put the skills elsewhere creating an imbalance in the class imo. I won't comment on the their other skills since I'm not very familiar with them.
  20. Again, I think you're over reaching one class issue into other classes. Your underlying issue is shaman heal totems and their interactions in GvG which should be posted in the shaman section. Looking at it from one point of view, doesn't justify discarding this suggestion. There's 2s, 3s, seals, crucibles mode of arena where all you have to do to beat a warlock is jack up on resist items or even mermen gear. There's also PvE where lock has plethora of useless skills and skill combinations. Works both ways. I play in sapphire. We got decent fights I'd say. Maybe it's not as active as your server but you can't say (my server > your server) so everything should be reworked in a way that should benefit that point of view. There's many other servers with many other scenarios. I believe sentinels are dominating in EU servers too. You should take a look at the Russian forums too. They're even more active than BR server I believe and the majority of warspear community there agrees that warlock is one of the weakest and most outdated classes that needs a major overhaul.
  21. By that logic, wouldn't you need to take away all survival skills of all legion classes just because shaman has heal totem? That doesn't make sense. if shaman heal totem is a concern, then it should be brought up in the shaman section. What does poor warlocks have to do about that? Its already at the bottom of the ring as it is. P.S: There are servers in which heal totem strategies are barely used and make almost no difference cause it requires many people optimizing their builds just for GvG making them pretty undesirable for arena and PvE content.
  22. I play warlock as well as other classes. In fact, I'm 1 of the 3 only full greatness warlocks in the whole server. Could you elaborate on how the class is strong? I'd love to hear rational well justified thoughts about this. Please don't state obvious and generic stuff like "it can stun many people" and " Have infinite stun cycle".
  23. Thank you. Your reply is now being circulated in the entire sapphire server.
  24. I'm a legion player mainly but even I think that's too overpowered lol. Adding silence to thrashing like Pala sounds more like a feasible option. But only skill level 4 and above, so it'll force chieftains to take out those skill points from eagle eye or bear stamina. And just like Pala fetters, it should be removable by castle purification pots.
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