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  1. It sure would in the first weeks/months. After reaching the daily cap in questing/TW you could demand arena to get some more. Some PvE players who ignore arena would probably demand as well. The way you earn the reputation is almost entirely PvE based, that's why I said it's a "PvE currency".
  2. If they did quests and dungeons before the update there's nothing really new for them though
  3. What do you mean? You don't like the grind? You don't find it fun? You find it boring? You have more things to do other than wasting your time on this? OMG how could you... Stop playing the game
  4. It would be nice to get knowledge by completing daily x5/crucible arena. I understand that it might be more a PvE currency but it would really help people who only focus on the PvP aspect of the game. Plus it would increase the amount of people demanding.
  5. Yeah, the favorite class. That's why it got totally nerfed in the last years
  6. Yeah that would be nice... Making a skill useful for both scenarios
  7. Yes, this is a waste of time. It is hard to change the mind of someone who doesn't think... Even the discussion itself is useless. The good thing is that the devs don't waste time on stuff like this so we can be sure that everything will stay as it is right now.
  8. Wanna elaborate on that? Because that's just seems to be another opinion of yours that is not based on anything, really. Saying that lock and necro are the hardest classes to master in 2021 just shows your lack of knowledge regarding this game. In 2013 they were indeed considered hard but this game changes and with the addition of new skills they fell behind in terms of complexity. Move on dude. You've asked for a build with stun and dodge - there's your build. It might not be the best in terms of damage/skill throughput but it is all about max dodge and max stun so stop crying about it. Their guild is heavily focused on 3 classes, it is not a good example. Just because they don't have rogues doesn't really mean anything, it's their choice. Look at the #2 or #3 guild, it has plenty of them. Dude, you're the amoeba in this situation. You're trying to justify your low skill/insecurity against BDs by saying that your class is weak even though most players agree that it is actually quite strong ATM. Want me to teach you how to play in GvG? I am starting to doubt that you can do that on your own. Damn, so offensive Let me remind you that you were the one who chose to create a rogue knowing that it is not the best for GvG. Warspear is not the type of game where every class is minimally good at every aspect of the game and it will probably never be so just accept the fact that your class is only good in certain scenarios and move on, stop crying. Just look to the older posts in this forum regarding balance. Nothing will change, you're just wasting your time. Compliments from imaginary friends (probably fruit of your inflated ego) don't count, pal.
  9. Quantas mais mecanicas o jogo tem, menos se nota o desbalanceamento.
  10. If you think that playing rogue is hard then I have bad news for you. He can even be a warden lmao, that doesn't mean anything in this context, why do you even bring it? You asked for a build with max dodge and stun, he delivered it. As I said before, you can't have everything at once, this is not how this game works. AFAIK on BR there are many strong rogues dominating arena, using full dodge builds. Probably the same thing on RU servers but I haven't played there for some time. Just because on your servers there are no good rogues on arena doesn't mean rogue as a class is bad. This shows your nonexistent understanding of this game. You don't need to try every single build to understand that rogue will never be useful for GvG with its current skill set. Maybe you're the one complaining about rogues being weak at GvG because you have no clue how to play?
  11. I have played rogue, but that doesn't really matter. This is not the type of game where you need to main a class in order to fully understand it. Every class has its limitations, there's no reason for your main class to be special. If you want to be useful at GvG then, guess what, choose a class that is good for GvG. AFAIK anyone can reply in this thread, not only the developers.
  12. Then why do you even try to play with rogue? If you want to play GvG then choose a class that is more suitable for gvg. Anyone with more than 1 brain cell can figure that out, why can't you? Someone already replied with a build that has max dodge and max stun. Cringe and (once again) wrong. That's your problem. You chose to be useless by picking that sort of skill build. If it were that easy to kill dodge rogues you wouldn't that many people complaining about them.
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