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[2021.02.19] Best Costume 2021 Winners


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February 19, we promised to announce the decision of our juries. The difficult path of doubts and disputes was successfully passed and we are ready to present a list of winners.

In addition to the three prize places, we decided to give additional prizes to a dozen incredible works that certainly deserve your attention. We solemnly grant
3000 Miracle Coins to:

Ragnar, Herói bárbaro - @WSouza

Ragnar, Herói Bárbaro.png



Rolfo - @Lucas WS



Simplicio - @Iasmim Davi

Simplicio o espartano.png


Calamity - @Ogull



Demon Hunter - @Diego Torrescano

Demon Hunter.png


Devastador - @Shoujo



FrostFire Buddy - @PixelSquare

FrostFire Buddy.png


Luzenoite - @Ricardo Neto




Battle Bull of the Dark Kingdom - @Zaka


Battle Bull of the Dark Kingdom.png

And, of course, there are three winners.



3rd place: Shapeless Occultist
10,000 Miracle Coins and respect for one of the coolest costumes go straight to @Brutaminos. Hurrah!

Shapeless Occultist.png

2nd place: Whisker
@Zurp deserves 12.500 Miracle Coins. This work really hooked our juries, so we are proud to present the appropriate award!


1st place: Rooted
15,000 Miracle Coins and the opportunity to see the costume in the game with the next update will be given to @Daniel Partelli Henker. The costume was to the taste of our juries, as well as the gaming community. Bravo!


Don't forget about incentive prizes! All participants whose work does not violate the rules established by the competition will receive an incentive prize in the amount of 10 Cache of the Heavenly Temple.

We thank you for your active participation in the competition. This year you presented many incredible costumes and it was not easy to choose the winners. We hope that you will also prove yourself in future creative contests, that are planned for this year. And finally, I would like to wish you success in all your endeavors and sincere joy in the process of creating your masterpieces.

See you soon!

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The rewards will be sent in a few days (today or tomorrow). 
Congratulations to everyone, you are great fellows :love1:

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Acho que faltou mais criatividade no traje que eu fiz <font style=😕"> , próximo ano eu tento novamente

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23 minutes ago, mashunecka said:

I am very sorry for this job, I thought it would be in the top three.:hopeless:  


Congratulations to all participants, well done! :vp-love:


thanks for the consideration! Next year I try again!😄

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congratulations to all of you! 😙 it must have been difficult to choose with so many amazing jobs. I fell in love with pixel art, would it be possible to receive feedback about my costume? I want to evolve!

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