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  1. Can we switch DK blood protection with Chief rugged hide :'(. Rugged hide really compensate other DK skill that require low hp, since it give DK big protection when their hp is low. Beside chieftain doesnt need that extreme tanking abilities. 8 second from blood protection is enough for chieftain.
  2. Yes you can travel to other faction island but limited to the alliance, so you cannot travel to enemy faction island. Since you are a death knight you can only travel to mountain clan starting island. You can reach mountain clan from harbor in irselnort or event npc (avalaible at seasonal event only). There are few form of pvp, first is arena pvp that you can demand from menu and it will cost you arena ticket. There are several form of arena, 2vs2 is one of them. It is a rewarding pvp that will give you arena point which you can use to purchase pvp exclusive equipment. Second form is open map pvp. Once you reach irselnort you will find some people with red name running around which mean they come from enemy alliance, you can freely attack or run from them. No meaningful reward for killing other people in open world map. As the game progress you will find lots of other open pvp map. third is chaos potion pvp. You can fight people from friendly alliance by using chaos potion, both of player must use chaos potion to be able to attack each other. People that use chaos pot have purple name. Normally this is for fun pvp between friends or rival, so no formal reward here unless you bet something. Pvp cave is unnofical name for secret cave in irselnort. In the old days people gathering in pvp cave just to talk or fight with other people. But today the cave is pretty much empty. The game is still updated regurarly so they will add more interesting feature in the future, keep in touch :) and of course keep leveling that death knight. I'll see you on top :).
  3. That magic globe is fine actually. Even if full physical chieftain is affected by the globe they dont have magic skill build ,so no, its not op at all, they suck at magic aoe. And other hybrid class doesnt get affected much, not counted as buffing nor nerfing , and that should give opponent chance to fight rather than making it a one sided fight, plus we dont have many hybrid class ,mc only have 3 hybrid class that safe from globe and 6 pure stat class that got wrecked by the globe and im pretty sure elf side have hybrid class too.
  4. Looks like vampiress costume overlap my char body.
  5. Is this sentence contradict itself? As far as i remember, grinding is the essence of any RPG game, except this game offer different kind of grind. As a RPG lover i do love grinding EXP for hours, days, and months just to reach max level, thats the real beauty of RPG game. If you want a fast and easy result maybe RPG is not your forte.
  6. Aww warlock key talent is for life exhaustion im hoping it for arrow of darkness. But no matter i wil use it anyway. gz to dev and to all of us.
  7. This is an old topic but i'll put my idea here. First. Since warlock have low hp and def, so for me the main problem of lock survival is not how long they can "tank" damage but a way to maintain a safe distance, always keep them away from damage. So damage reduction is not really helpful , as the op said above "it only delay certain death". Second as to maintain a safe distance, i agree on the knockback effect at the end of stone body and better if it also add slow. Or after effect end stone body explode and stun enemy around warlock. Its kinda reminds me of phoenix supernova skill from dota. Knockback or stun in stone body will surely give warlock a chance to fight back or run and it also make everyone think twice before they gank a warlock. It make warlock more intimidating. I hope this can make a great suggestion for lock. Ps. Sorry for bad english
  8. Congratulation to all winner i won additional prize, did i get incentive chest too?
  9. FrostFire Buddy The mischievous spirit of frost and the fierce spirit of fire meet and work together as they fight the creature of darkness.
  10. Look at those shiny and glowing skill effect and aura. Im jealous,Legion class also need a better skill effect.
  11. I though Templar is the crowd controller that Warlock needed to be. With all that extra protection to make sure they can use more skill. But yeah #RipLocks
  12. Nice update dev, can't wait to test it. I'm hoping more skill to rework in the future, especially skills that always got resisted in PvE . And also rework forsaken innate skill that give 3 point of mana regen. It's not really useful if you compared it with other innate skill that give % point
  13. Increasing hotkey panel, ui scaling, and active widget it's a nice update. As for skill, does mage skill remove DK dark shield buff? If yes, then DK wouldn't stand a chance against mage.
  14. Guys, I'm not sure I'm in the right room but i have problem with updating. It says Update Error (error 0X0dfa83ED). What should I do?
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