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  1. Historia versão PT-BR: Enraizado Tudo começou quando um grupo de magos sedentos por conhecimento e sabedoria ouviram um caçador de frogol em Zeneth-Haf nos Pântanos de Norlant enlouquecendo afirmando ter visto um castelo surgindo em meio aos musgos e lamas do Pântano. Como o grupo era formado de experientes aventureiros que já viram de tudo em suas aventuras, resolveram se aproximar do velho caçador que estava indo a loucura. Chegando perto, os magos fizeram uma proposta que se o caçador levasse o grupo no lugar onde ele afirmava ter visto o castelo, levariam o velho para longe
  2. by: Magistral TU-Tourmaline Rooted It all started when a group of magicians thirsting for knowledge and wisdom overheard a frogol hunter in Zeneth-Haf in the Norlant Marshes going crazy claiming to have seen a castle appearing amid the moss and mud of the Marsh. As the group was formed by experienced adventurers who had seen everything in their adventures, they decided to approach the old hunter who was going crazy. Getting close, the magicians made a proposal that if the hunter took the group to the place where he claimed to have seen the castle, they would
  3. The sentry side has lately revolted at the unfair fight in the dominions over territory that take place every Tuesday and Friday. The reason? Death knights are simply earning capture points without being on the spot using a low level account on the enemy side as an aid, this gives legions a big advantage as they do not need to leave their positions to capture the points, please analyze "knight's curse" skill
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